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Kenwood XD-251 Instruction Manual

Xd series compact hifi system
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This instruction manual is used to describe multiple models listed above.
Model availability and features (functions) may differ depending on the country and
sales area.
B60-3879-08 00 MA (K,M,T,X,Y) OC
99/12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 98/12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5



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  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

    COMPACT HIFI SYSTEM XD SERIES XD-A3 XD-251 XD-301/XD-351 XD-371S INSTRUCTION MANUAL KENWOOD CORPORATION This instruction manual is used to describe multiple models listed above. Model availability and features (functions) may differ depending on the country and sales area. B60-3879-08 00 MA (K,M,T,X,Y) OC...
  • Page 2: Before Applying Power

    Before applying power Units are designed for operation as follows. U.S.A. and Canada ... AC 120 V only Austraria ... AC 240 V only CH01 Safety precautions WARNING : TO PREVENT FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Preparation Before applying power ... 2 Safety precautions ... 2 Contents ... 3 Special features ... 4 Demonstration ... 4 Accessories ... 4 IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS ... 5 Handling of discs and tapes ... 7 system connection ... 8 AM loop antenna connection ... 8 FM antenna connection ...
  • Page 4: Special Features

    Special features Demonstration When the power supply is restored after a power failure or the power cord is unplugged and plugged in again during use, this unit automatically starts the demonstration function (display only), During the demonstration, the display changes in sequence but the audio does not change. The demonstration can be canceled with the following procedure.
  • Page 5: Important Safeguards

    IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS Caution : Read this page carefully to ensure safe operation. XD SERIES (En)
  • Page 6 XD SERIES (En)
  • Page 7: Handling Of Discs And Tapes

    Handling of discs and tapes Disc handling precautions Handling Hold compact discs so that you do not touch the playing surface. Label side ÷ Do not attach paper or tape to either Playing the playing side or the label side of side Sticker compact discs.
  • Page 8: System Connection

    System connection AM loop antenna connection AM loop antenna connection The supplied antenna is for indoor use. Place it as far as possible from the main sys- tem, TV set, speaker cords and power cord, and set it to a direction which provides the best reception.
  • Page 9: Connection Of The Speaker Systen

    Connection of the speaker systen BEAT CANCEL SPEAKERS (6–16 ) – – – – Connection of options (Optional parts) Audio output MD PLAYER Do not plug the power cord into the power outlet until all of the required connections have been made. ANTENNA FM 75 AC 110 –120V...
  • Page 10: Controls And Indicators

    Controls and indicators CD unit 1 Skip (4, ¢) keys 2 DISC SKIP key Used to skip discs. 3 Disc selection keys The disc number is selected directly and playback starts. Receiver unit 8 ON/STANDBY ( ) key 9 INPUT key Key for input switching.
  • Page 11: Cassette Deck Unit

    Cassette deck unit RECORDING/ PLAYBACK ¶ A deck 1 Cassette holder Press the § § § § § key to remove and insert the tape. 2 REC (¶)key 3 Play (3) key 4 Fast forward and rewind (1, ¡) keys 5 Stop/Eject (§) key 6 Pause (8) key Display...
  • Page 12: Operation Of Remote Control Unit

    Operation of remote control unit POWER SLEEP/ OPEN/CLOSE CLOCK LIGHT EX.BASS DISPLAY CLEAR CHECK P.MODE RANDOM REPEAT DISC SKIP ¡ TUNING ¢ CD/TUNER P.CALL BAND INPUT VOLUME MUTE Loading batteries 1 Remove the cover. Operation Plug the power cord into the mains power outlet and press the on/standby ( POWER) key of the remote control unit to turn power ON.
  • Page 13: Preparation

    Preparation CHANNEL SPACE setting (Except for the U.S.A., Canada, U.K. Europe and Australia) The space between radio channels has been set to the one that prevails in the area to which the system is shipped. However, if the current channel space setting does not match the setting in the area where the system is to be used, for instance when you move from area 1 or area 2 shown in the following table or vice versa, proper reception of AM/FM (SW/MW/FM) broadcasts cannot be...
  • Page 14: Let's Put Out Some Sound

    Let's put out some sound Basic use method ON/STANDBY INPUT To increase volume DOWN To decrease volume CD/TUNER 1. Switching the power ON (OFF) The power can also be turned ON by pressing the play key of the CD player, or the BAND key of the tuner.
  • Page 15: Muting The Sound Temporarily

    Muting the sound temporarily (Remote control unit only) MORY PROGRAM ESET MUTE AUSE ALL DISC MEMORY STOP ÷ Press again to resume the original volume. ÷ The sound muting is also canceled when the volume is controlled. Listening through headphones Insert the headphone plug into the PHONES jack.
  • Page 16: Playback Of Cds

    Playback of CDs Sequential playback from the first track The tray opens when the key is pressed and closes when the key is pressed again. To pause playback ÷ Each press pauses and plays the CD alternately. Caution for Disc Handling Do not use a disc with exposed adhesive from attached cellophane or a rental CD seal, or from which such a seal etc.
  • Page 17: Playback From The Desired Track

    Playback from the desired track Skipping tracks ¢ To skip backward Pressing the 4 key once returns to the begining of the track being played. High-speed search in forward and reverse directions (Remote control unit only) ¡ TUNING Backward search ÷...
  • Page 18: Listening In The Desired Sequence (Program Playback)

    Listening in the desired sequence Any titles on the discs in the tray can be listened to in the desired sequence. (Max. 32 titles) Preparation ÷ Insert a CD. ÷ Set to stop mode. P.MODE DISC SKIP ¢ P.CALL P.MODE (program playback) CD/TUNER 1.
  • Page 19: To Add A Track To The Program

    Start playback CD/TUNER To stop playback CD/TUNER To add a track to the program (Operation in stopped condition) 1 Select the disc. DISC SKIP CD/TUNER 2 Select the track. CD/TUNER 3 Press the P.MODE key P.MODE CD/TUNER ÷ The added track number is added to the end of the existing program.
  • Page 20: Receiving Broadcast Station

    Receiving broadcast station It is also possible to receive them by one-touch operations by storing up to 30 stations in the preset memory. BAND To increase frequency TUNING To decrease frequency Remote control only ¢ P.CALL Select the tuning mode. AUTO/MONO CD/TUNER 1.
  • Page 21: Collective Presetting Of Stations (Auto Preset)

    Collective presetting of stations You can store up to 30 stations in the memory and recall them with a single touch of the key. Press the AUTO PRESET key Main unit only AUTO PRESET For memorizing after already stored numbers Remote control only ¢...
  • Page 22: Playback Of Tapes

    Playback of tapes With the double deck of A and B, relay playback is possible from deck B to deck A. INPUT Relay Play After playback of deck B ends, playback of deck A can be started automatically. (only deck B to deck A) 1 Bring deck B to 2 Press the Play (£) key of playback condition.
  • Page 23: Recording (Deck A Only)

    Recording (Deck A only) With the double deck of A and B, dubbing is possible from deck B to deck A. Beat cancel function There may be cases in which beat noise interferes with recording of MW/LW broadcasting. Before recording the desired program, make trial recordings with both positions of the BEAT CANCEL switch on the rear of the unit, and then record with the setting with less beat noise.
  • Page 24: Enjoying Karaoke

    Enjoying Karaoke MIC VOLUME MIN. MAX. MIC 1 MIC VOLUME MIN. MAX. MIC 2 MIC VOLUME To decrease MIN. MAX. microphone volume (Except for some areas) MIC VOLUME knob MIC 1/2 jacks 1. Connect a microphone. 1 Turn the MIC VOLUME control fully counterclockwise. 2 Plug the microphone into one of the MIC jacks.
  • Page 25: Timer Operation

    Timer operation When the ON/OFF timer is used, the CD or the tuner will start to play when the set time is reached. Setting the ON/OFF time (only on the main unit) First, set the volume for the timer playback. $ 1 Press the TIMER SET key.
  • Page 26: Playback Start By Timer/Timer Setting Confirmation

    Select the input for the ON playback. Perform this operation after the ON/OFF time has been set. 1 Select the input with the TUNING keys. 2 Press the TIMER SET key. TIMER SET Only when the tuner has been selected 1 Select the preset number.
  • Page 27: Important Items

    Important Items Maintenance Cleaning the head section Cleaning the heads and peripheral compo- nents For maintaining the best condition of the deck and Cotton swab for longer service life, always keep the heads (re- cording / playback / erase), capstan and pinch roller Capstan clean.
  • Page 28: In Case Of Difficulty

    In case of difficulty What seems to be a malfunction is not always so. Before calling for service, check the following table according to the symptom of your trouble. Operation to reset The microcomputer may fall into malfunction (impossibility to operate, erroneous display, etc.) when the power cord is unplugged while power is ON or due to an external factor.
  • Page 29: Remote Control Unit

    Remote control unit Symptom Remote control operation is not possible. Cassette deck Symptom Sound cannot be produced by pressing the play key or no operation occurs even when an operation key is pressed. No operation occurs even when an opera- tion key is pressed.
  • Page 30 CD player Symptom A CD is placed in the player but it cannot be played. Sound is not produced. Sound skips. WARNING NOTICE: IN MOST CASES IT IS AN INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT TO MAKE COPIES OF TAPES OR DISCS WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE COPYRIGHT OWNERS.
  • Page 31: Specifications

    (12-5/8”) D: 405 mm (15-15/16”) (XD-351 for Europe and U.K.) 6.9kg (15.2 lb) (XD-351 for other countories) 9.1kg (20.1 lb) (XD-371S) 9.1kg (20.1 lb) XD-A3/XD-251/XD-351 ( Europe, U.K. and Russia) H: 320 mm (12-5/8”) D: 295 mm (11-5/8”) XD-351 (other countries)/XD-371S H: 320 mm (12-5/8”)
  • Page 32: For Your Records

    For your records Record the serial number, found on the back of the unit, in the spaces designated on the warranty card, and in the space provided below. Re- fer to the model and serial numbers whenever you call upon your dealer for information or service on this product.

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