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Important Items; Maintenance; Reference - Kenwood HM-333 Instruction Manual

Kenwood instruction manual micro hi-fi component system hm-333
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Important Items


Cleaning the head section
Cotton swab
Pinch roller
Tape guides
Maintenance of the unit
When the front panel or case becomes dirty, wipe with a
soft, dry cloth. Do not use thinner, benzine, alcohol, etc.
for these agents may cause discoloration.


Caution on condensation
Condensation (of dew) may occur inside the unit when
there is a great difference in temperature between this
unit and the outside.
This unit may not function properly if condensation oc-
curs. In this case, leave the unit for a few hours and re-
start the operation after the condensation has dried up.
Be specially cautious against condensation in a following
When this unit is carried from a place to another across a
large difference in temperature, when the humidity in the
room where this unit is installed increases, etc.
Note related to transportation and movement
Before transporting or moving this unit, carry out the
following operations.
1 Remove the CD from the unit.
2 Press the CD 6 key.
3 Wait for some time and verify that the dis-
play becomes as shown in the figure.
4 Wait a few seconds and turn the unit OFF.
Cleaning the heads and peripheral
Cleaning the heads and peripheral
For maintaining the best condition of
the deck and for longer service life, al-
ways keep the heads, capstan and
pinch roller clean. To clean them, per-
form the following:
1. Open the cassette holder.
2. Using a cotton swab dipped in alco-
hol, clean the head, capstan and
pinch roller carefully.
In regard to contact cleaner
Do not use contact cleaners because it could cause
a malfunction. Be specially careful not to use con-
tact cleaners containing oil, for they may deform the
plastic component.
Memory backup function
Stored contents which are cleared immediately when
power plug is unplugged from power outlet :
Stored contents which are cleared in at least a day after
power plug is unplugged from power outlet :
Amplifier section
Tuner section
Cassette deck section
Demagnetizing the head
When the recording / playback
head is magnetized, the sound
quality will deteriorate. In such a
case, demagnetize the head us-
ing a commercially available de-
magnetizer (head eraser).
There are precisely aligned
parts around the heads, in-
cluding the tape guides.
When cleaning, pay special attention
so as not to apply shock to them.
Clock display
"on/standby" status (ON or STANDBY), Last input se-
lection, Volume control value, Tone control levels,
AUX input level, Setting auto power save
Receiving band, Frequency, Preset stations, Auto/
mono setting, Timer setting contents
Transport direction, Tape EQ., Reverse mode
Important Items



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