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Honeywell POWER PRESENTER RF Instruction Manual page 3

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Changing the Battery in the Remote
1) There are two "alignment dots" on the back of the remote
case and one "alignment dot" on the battery cover. Insert a
quarter into the slot on the battery cover and turn counter
clockwise until the dot on the battery cover is lined up with
the LEFT dot on the remote case. The battery cover will release.
2) Pull the battery out of the holder. Dispose of the battery in
an environmentally proper manner.
3) Insert the new battery with the positive side facing you. The
lithium 3.0 volt battery number is CR2032.
4) Make sure that the "alignment dot" on the battery cover is lined
up with the LEFT "alignment dot" on the remote case as you replace
the battery cover. Then turn clockwise until the dot on the battery
It is recommended that you always carry a spare battery.
Product Specifications
• Range: Up to 150 feet, depending upon operating environment
• Dimension: 2.6" (66mm)L x 1.5"(38mm)W x 0.5"(13mm)H
• Weight: 1 oz (24 g) with batteries
• Radio Frequency: 433 MHz
• Laser: Diode Laser, 5mW max output at 650NM, Class IIIa
• Power: CR2032 battery
• Battery life: 1 year under normal operation
• Interface: USB port
• Dimensions: 2.6"(66mm)L x 3.4" (86mm)W x 1.2" (31mm)H
• Weight: 2 oz (59g) excluding cable
• 3ft USB cable (A/B)
• Warranty: 1 year, limited
• Compliance: FCC part 15; Class B for U.S., Industry Canada RSS-210,
FDA 21 CFR 1040
Laser Pointer Information
Due to the potential of radiation exposure from the laser, the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) requires that any user of this product report and return
a defective unit to the manufacturer. DO NOT point the laser light directly into
the eye area or attempt to open or disassemble this product for any reason.
Tampering with the laser product may be hazardous and will automatically
VOID the manufacturer's warranty.
This product fully complies with FDA 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11.
"I'm pressing the advance button but the slides are not advancing."
1) Check the cable connections.
2) Verify that the LED on the remote comes on solid when the advance or reverse button is pushed and that
the laser pointer is at full brightness when the laser button is pushed. If not, replace the battery.
3) Verify that the transmitter has been trained to the receiver. Follow the instructions under "Training the
Remote to "the Receiver".