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Honeywell POWER PRESENTER RF Instruction Manual page 2

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Training the Remote to the Receiver
The remote has been trained into the receiver at the factory. The receiver can support up to 7 total remotes.
To train a new remote, or re-train an existing remote, into the receiver:
1) Press and release the program button on the receiver (the LED lights solid).
2) Press the advance button (the largest button) on the remote three times. On the third press, the LED will
turn off, indicating the remote has been successfully trained.
To delete all of the remotes from the receiver:
1) Press and hold the program button. The LED will light for 3 seconds then go out.
2) Release the program button.
Using the Remote
After connecting the receiver properly, simply start
your presentation or slide show software, put it in
slide show mode, and press the larger advance button
to advance the slides and the smaller reverse button to
go back to the previous slide. The advance button
mimics the page down button on the keyboard and the
reverse button mimics the page up button.
Press the smallest button to activate the laser pointer.
Changing the Remote Keystrokes
1) Turn on your computer and let it fully boot-up.
2) Plug the USB cable into the back of your computer.
3) Plug the other end of the USB port on the receiver.
4) Launch a text editing software application (i.e. word)
5) Open a blank document and display it on the front window of your monitor.
6) On the back of the Base/Receiver, press the Program Button three (3) times.
7) Keyboard commands will begin appearing on your open text window. When the command required for
your software appears, press the button on your remote that you wish to match to that keystroke.
a) For Power Point the normal commands are;
Page Down- Top Button
Page Up – Middle Button
b (blank screen) – Top and Middle Buttons pressed together
b) For Media Shout the normal commands are;
• F10 – Top Button
• F9 – Middle Button
• F6 (blank screen) – Top and Middle Buttons pressed together
8) When a command is recognized, the LED on the Base/Receiver will flash and the scrolling text will
pause. The scrolling will continue until all three button command options (top, middle, both) are
9) If you do not wish to use all three keystroke commands, simply unplug your Base/Receiver from the
cable to stop the process.
10) Close your text editing software application.
11) Test your remote to confirm the commands you have selected.



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