Kenwood DVF-3080 Instruction Manual

Kenwood DVF-3080 Instruction Manual

Dvd/vcd/cd player
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This instruction manual is for some models. Model availability and features
(functions) may differ depending on the country and sales area.
B60-5480-08 01 (K/P/E/X/Y)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 DVD/VCD/CD PLAYER DVF-8100 DVF-3080 INSTRUCTION MANUAL This instruction manual is for some models. Model availability and features (functions) may differ depending on the country and sales area. B60-5480-08 01 (K/P/E/X/Y) 03/12...
  • Page 2: Introduction

    Caution : Read this page carefully to ensure safe operation. 240 V Caution : Read this page carefully to ensure safe operation. CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK). NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REFER SERVIC- ING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y)
  • Page 3: Screen Saver

    If any accessories are missing, or if the unit is damaged or fails to operate, notify your dealer immediately. If the unit was shipped to you directly, notify your shipper immediately. Kenwood recommends that you retain the original carton and packing materials in case you need to move or ship the unit in the future.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Slide show (only for JPEG files) ... 30 To listen to music watching picture (only for JPEG files) ... 30 MP3 /WMA program playback ... 31 In case of difficulty ... 32 Specifications ... 35 DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) carefully to ensure safe operation. Operations Knowledge...
  • Page 5: Discs Information

    CDV discs (Only the audio part can be reproduced.) CD-G/CD-EG/CD-EXTRA discs (Only the audio can be reproduced.) Photo CD discs (Never attempt to play them.) Description DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) VCD (SVCD*) 12cm One side only One side only One side only Max.
  • Page 6: Region Codes

    Please be sure to read the instructions provided with each disc. When an inhibition icon is displayed on the TV screen connected to the player, it indicates that the disc being played is under the restriction as described above. DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) Inhibition icon...
  • Page 7: Video Formats

    Top and bottom edges are not displayed. Top and bottom areas are dark. Picture turbulence due to sync unmatching. DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) TV formats of major countries TV Format Major Countries & Areas Japan, Taiwan, Korea, USA, Canada, NTSC Mexico, Philippines, Chile, etc.
  • Page 8: Important Items

    "NO DISC" 3. Set the POWER ON/OFF switch to OFF. DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) In regard to contact cleaner Do not use contact cleaners because it could cause a malfunction. Be specially careful not to use contact cleaners containing oil, for they may deform the plastic component.
  • Page 9: System Connections

    Connecting to a TV with SCART input terminal (For Europe) INPUT SCART Make sure the DVD player is connected directly to the TV and not to a VCR, otherwise the DVD image could be distorted by the Note Note copy protection system.
  • Page 10: Connecting To A Tv With Component Input Terminals

    Amplifier equipped with 2-channel analog stereo or Dolby Pro Logic II / Pro Logic: Connect the left and right AUDIO OUT jacks on the DVD player to the audio left and right IN jacks on your amplifier, receiver, or stereo system, using the audio cables.
  • Page 11: Controls And Indicators

    / elapsed time track number Display 7 (Stop) key 8 (Pause) key 3 (Play) key Disc tray 0 (Open/Close) key Remote sensor DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) Indicates encoding DTS and Dolby digital of the current disc Repeat mode indicators...
  • Page 12: Operation Of Remote Control Unit

    REPEAT key £¢º A-B (A-B repeat) key ¢ 2 Insert batteries. ÷ Insert two R03 (“AAA”-size) batteries following the polarity indications. DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) MARKER key (MARKER) SEARCH key (0)OPEN/CLOSE key ( MENU key ON SCREEN key ¡∞ 4 (PREV.) key/¢...
  • Page 13: Set Up Functions

    4 Use the Cursor up/down (5/∞) keys on the remote to select the desired setting, then press ENTER key to confirm your selection. Some items require additional steps. 5 Press SETUP key or PLAY key to exit the Setup menu. Set Up functions DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y)
  • Page 14: Language

    Set to on only when a multi-channel karaoke DVD is playing. The karaoke channels on the disc mix into nor- mal stereo sound. DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) AUDIO Bitstream: Select "Bit stream" if you connect the DVD Player’s DIGITAL OUT jack to an amplifier or other equipment with a Dolby Digital, DTS or MPEG de- coder.
  • Page 15: Lock (Parental Control)

    4 Press ENTER key to confirm your rating selec- tion, then press SETUP key to exit the menu. DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) Password (Security Code) You can enter or change password. 1 Select Password on the LOCK menu then press the Cursor right (3) key.
  • Page 16: Others

    ÷ When several menus (scenes) can be selected in each level, screen switching is possible with the keys ¢ (NEXT) and 4 (PREV.). DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) B.L.E. (Black Level Expansion) To select the black level of playback pictures. Set your preference and monitor’s ability.
  • Page 17: Dvd Menu Language Code List

    Morocco Nepal Netherlands Netherlands Antilles New Zealand Nigeria Norway Oman Pakistan Panama Paraguay Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russian Federation Set Up functions DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) Language Code Code 7678 Singhalese 8373 7684 Slovak 8375 7775 Slovenian 8376 7771 Somali 8379 7783...
  • Page 18: Playback Of Disc

    This player does not memorize the scene of a disc if you switch off the player before commencing to play the disc. Note Note Various playback functions DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) Example: On-Screen Display during playing VCD Track Number (or PBC mode)
  • Page 19: Basic Play

    Cursor keys. To pause playback MAIN UNIT ÷ During DVD playback, step operation is performed each time this key is pressed. (¡) Playback of disc Various playback functions DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) 7 OPEN/CLOSE MENU 8 PAUSE 7 STOP POWRE 3 PLAY...
  • Page 20: Disc Playback Features

    MAIN UNIT REMOTE 4 : To search backward (FR) ¢ : To search forward (FF) Various playback functions DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) 4,¢ POWRE 4,¢ ÷ The chapter (or track) in the direction of the key pressed is skipped, and the selected chapter (or track) will be played from the beginning.
  • Page 21: Slow Motion Playback

    ÷ The Chapter feature won't work if the disc isn't for- Note Note matted with separate chapters. Playback of disc Various playback functions DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) ON SCREEN Numeric keys key) or SR 1/16 ( key) key) or SR 1/8 (...
  • Page 22: Various Playback Functions

    Notes 2. When you chose an audio language by the AUDIO key, you only override the audio language setting in the DVD Player's main menu (in the Language Pref- erences menu within Setup menu) temporarily. Select the Audio channel You can choose to play back only the right or the left channel of audio recorded on the disc, or you can select stereo playback.
  • Page 23: Select Camera Angle

    ÷ The display is switched off when no operation is performed for about 3 seconds. Various playback functions DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) Random play The tracks of the disc are played in random order. During playback, press the RANDOM key on the ramote.
  • Page 24: Repeat Play

    Once you insert an audio CD a menu appears on the TV screen. Repeat A icon Repeat A-B icon Various playback functions DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) Zoom function During playback, press the ZOOM key on the remote. The square frame appears briefly in the right bottom of the picture.
  • Page 25: 3D Surround For Dvd Or Vcd

    ÷ To turn off the 3D Surround effect, press AUDIO key repeatedly until "3D SUR" disappears from the menu screen. Various playback functions DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) Time Search To start playing at any chosen time on the disc. During playback, press the ON SCREEN key on the remote.
  • Page 26: Program Play

    2 "ALL" : repeats all the tracks on programmed list. 3 Goes off (repeat off) If you press SKIP (¢) once during Repeat Track Note Note playback, the repeat playback cancels. DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) Program list : Add icon : Add all icon : Delete icon : Delete all icon...
  • Page 27 The complete program for the disc is deleted. ” (Delete) icon ÷ The programs are also cleared when the disc is removed. P.B.C. on mode of VCD, the Progam play function Note Note does not work. Program play DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y)
  • Page 28: Mp3 /Wma/Jpeg Media Playback

    Note Note Folder names and file names are displayed up to 8 characters. When folder names and file names are recorded with more than 8 characters, the names will be displayed in abbreviated form. MP3/WMA /JPEG media playback DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y)
  • Page 29: Playing Back Mp3/Wma/Jpeg Files

    8 key during slide show (JPEG). MAIN UNIT To return to the playback or slide show, press the 3 (play) key or press the 8 (pause) key. MP3/WMA /JPEG media playback DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) Example of JPEG menu Preview window and press ENTER key. REMOTE...
  • Page 30: Repeat Play (Only For Mp3/Wma Files)

    (only for JPEG files) Press Cursor right (3) key on the remote to se- lect the ÷ Playback starts. The playback will continue until 7 MP3/WMA /JPEG media playback DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) (only for JPEG files) >>> : Fast >> : Normal >...
  • Page 31: Mp3 /Wma Program Playback

    Delete the complete Program list Select “ key. The complete program for the disc is deleted. ÷ The programs are also cleared when the disc is removed. MP3/WMA /JPEG media playback DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) ” (Delete) icon ” (Delete all) icon, then press ENTER...
  • Page 32: In Case Of Difficulty

    ÷ You are attempting to switch the angle in a DVD section where more than one angle is not recorded. DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) Remedy ÷ Load a disc and press the 3 key. ÷ Turn the disc over and properly place it on the disc tray.
  • Page 33: Remote Control Unit

    Cause ÷ Playback is restricted intentionally by the software producer. In case of difficulty DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) Remedy ÷ Check the viewing restriction level (PA- RENTAL) setting. ÷ Set the initial setup to the factory setup with the following procedure.
  • Page 34 OUTPUT. IF THERE ARE QUESTIONS REGARDING OUR TV SET COMPATIBILITY WITH THIS MODEL 525P AND 625P DVD PLAYER, PLEASE CONTACT OUR CUS- TOMER SERVICE CENTER. DVF-3080/DVF-8100 (EN/K,P,E,X,Y) Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. "Dolby" and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
  • Page 35: Specifications

    COAXIAL ... 0.5 Vp-p / 75 Ω OPTICAL (Only DVF-8100 for Europe) ... -21 dBm ~ -15 dBm (Wave length 660 nm) KENWOOD follows a policy of continuous advancements in development. For this reason specifications may Notes Notes be changed without notice.
  • Page 36 For your records Record the serial number, found on the back of the unit, in the spaces designated on the warranty card, and in the space provided below. Refer to the model and serial numbers whenever you call upon your dealer for information or service on this product.

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