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Using Media Player - Panasonic Viera TX-P42X60B Operating Instructions Manual

Plasma television
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Table of Contents
Update from Internet
The ETHERNET terminal is for TV's software update.
You can download a newer version of software through
the internet, if it is available.
Network connections
Connect the TV and the broadband network equipment
(modem, hub or router) by using a LAN cable.
LAN cable (Unshielded)
Use the Unshielded Twist
Pair (UTP) LAN cable.
Ferrite core - Large size (supplied)
Installing the Ferrite core
Pull back the tabs
Wind the cable
(in two places)
If you do not have any broadband network services,
please consult your retailer for assistance.
Ensure to use a LAN straight cable for this connection.
Set up and connect any equipment required for the
network environment. You cannot make settings for
the equipment on this TV. Read the manual of the
Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or
telecommunications company for further assistance
regarding the network equipment.
Network Setup
[Network Connection]
Follow the on-screen instructions.
Update TV's software
[Software Update]
Accesses the specific web site to update TV's software
and search if any software updates are available.
Follow the on-screen instructions.
Internet environment
*Less than 10 cm

Using Media Player

Media Player allows you to enjoy photo, video or music
recorded on a USB Flash Memory.
Photo mode: Digital photo data will be displayed.
Video mode: Digital video data will be played back.
Music mode: Digital music data will be played back.
Supported file format
Media Player" (p. 27)
During the operation, audio signal is output from AV1,
DIGITAL AUDIO and HDMI2 (ARC function) terminals.
But no video signals are output. To use HDMI2 with
ARC function, connect an amplifier that has ARC
function and set to use theatre speakers (p. 24, 26).
[Date] shows the date on which the recording was
made by the recording equipment. The file without
record of the date is shown "**/**/****".
The picture may not appear correctly on this TV
depending on the recording equipment used.
Display may take some time when there are many files
and folders.
Partly degraded files might be displayed at a reduced
Picture setting may not work depending on the
The folder and file names may be different depending
on the digital camera or digital video camera used.
To insert or remove the USB Flash Memory
Insert or remove straightly and completely.
Connect the USB Flash Memory to the USB port.
Check the type of terminals and devices are correct
when connecting.
42-inch model
When using USB cable, use the supplied Ferrite core
(Middle size) to comply with the EMC standard.
As for installing the Ferrite core, refer to the installing
of the Ferrite core for headphones.
Insert the USB Flash Memory to the TV
Display [VIERA TOOLS] and select the content
(Photo / Video / Music)
Select the appropriate device and content for playing
back each file.
To change the device
While the thumbnail is displayed, display the device
To change the contents
While the thumbnail is displayed, display the contents
"Supported file format in
(p. 7)

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Table of Contents

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