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Kenmore 153.31702 Owner's Manual

Point of use electric water heater.
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2 GaL
Read and Follow
All Safety Rules and
Before First Use of
This Product.
Savethis Manual for Future Reference.
• Safety Instructions
• Installation
• Operation
• Care and Maintenance
• Troubleshooting
• Parts List
GAMA certification applies to all residential electric water heaters with
capacities of 20 to 120 Gallons. Input rating of 12 Kw or lessat a voltage
no greater than 250 _L
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179
Printed in the U.S.A. 1203
Part No. 184734-000


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Owners Manual FOR POTABLEWATER HEATING ONLY NOT SUITABLE FOR SPACEHEATING Model 153.317020 2 GaL LISTED Caution: Read and Follow All Safety Rules and Operating Instructions Before First Use of This Product. Savethis Manual for Future Reference. Sears, Roebuck Printed in the U.S.A. 1203 POINT ELECTRIC WATER...
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Compliancewith suchlocalrequirements must be satisfied by the installeror end user of the water heaterwith a locallypre- scribedtemperature-pressurerelief valveinstalledin the desig- nated opening in the water heater in placeof the factory fur- nishedvalve. Forsafeoperationofthe water heater,the relief valvemust not be removedfrom it'sdesignated o pening or plugged.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Product Specifications ... Materials and Basic Tools Needed ... Materials Needed ... Basic _Ibols... Installation Instructions Removing the Old Water Heater..Facts to Consider About the Location ... Optional Wall Mounting ... Water Piping ... _l_mpemture-Pressure Relief Valve... Filling the Water Heater ...
  • Page 4: Customer Responsibilities

    HEATER. RECOVERY RATE IN INCHES GALS. PER HOUR HEIGHT @ 90°E RISE 12¾" from fuse box to water heater is more than 90 feet, refer to your local elec- The installation must conform with the instructions manual; electric company rules; and Local Codes, absence of Local Codes, with the current edition of the NEC, National Electrical Code NFPA 70.
  • Page 5: Materials And Basic Tools Needed

    Materials Needed "Ib simplify the installation Sears has available the installation parts shown below. You may or may not need all of these materi- als, depending on your type of installation. WATER HEATER INSTALLA. TION KIT WITH FLEXIBLE CONNECTORS FOR 3/4" OR 1/2"...
  • Page 6: Installation Instructions

    HEATER WIRING Instructions supply Mineral buildupor sediment may have accumulated in the old water heater. This causes the water heater to be I much heavier than normal and this residue, if spilledout, could causestaining. ACCESS OPENING copper If you have...
  • Page 7: Facts To Consider About The Location

    Wall construction at the point of the water heater instal- at on must be capab e of support ng at east 200 pounds. As an example: if the water heater is to be installed on a wall of gypsum board (dry wall) or other material not capable of sup- porting the water heater filled with water, additional bracing will be necessary.
  • Page 8: Optional Wall Mounting

    The illustration shows the attachment of the water piping to the water heater. The water heater is equipped with _" water connections. SCREW TO • Look at the top of the water heater. The hot water outlet is M[N. 12 x _Z,_' marked hot.
  • Page 9: L_mpemture-pressure Relief Valve

    Z21.22 0 CSA 4.4 and ASME, may require a valve model dif- ferent from the one furnished with the water heater. Compliance with such local requirements by the installer or end user of the water heater with a locally )rescribed temperature-pressure relief valve installed in the designated opening in the water heater in place of the facto- ry furnished valve.
  • Page 10: Filling The Water Heater

    • Check all new water piping for leaks. Repair as needed. Optional Cord Set Wiring (120Volt) There may be a cord set supplied with the water heater at the time of manufacture. If not one can be ordered through the Parts Department, see "Repair Parts" section. Refer to figures on this page for wiring diagrams.
  • Page 11: Wiring

    If you are not familiar with electric codes and practices, or if you have any doubt, even the slightest doubt, in your ability to con- nect the wiring to this water heater, obtain the service of a com- petent electrician. Contact your Sears salesperson to arrange for a professional electrician.
  • Page 12: Installation Checklist

    Product Specifications tion? ls the new temperature-pressure installed, and piped to an adequate drain? See "'l_mperature- Pressure Relief Valve" section. ls the water heater completely filled with water? See "Filling the Water Heater" instructions Instructions section. •...
  • Page 13: Service And Adjustment

    Thermostats _,WARNING This specialthermostat with ECO (Part No. 9002394) can only be used with this water heater. Do not use any other I thermostat with ECO. The thermostat of this water heater has been factory set at the mid position which approximates 120°F (Hot) to reduce the risk of scald injury.
  • Page 14: L_mpepature-pressure Relief Valve Operation

    • OPEN a nearby hot water faucet and leave open to allow for • Connect a hose to the drain valve and terminate to an adequate • OPEN the water heater drain valve to allow for tank draining. • Close the drain valve.
  • Page 15: Element Cleaning/replacement

    2. Turn off"the water supply to the water heater at the water shutoff'valve or water meter. 3. Attach a hose to the water heater drain valve and put the other end in a floor drain or outdoors. Open the water heater drain valve.
  • Page 16 11. Close the water heater drain valve by turning the handle to the right (clockwise). The drain valve is on the lower front of the water heater.
  • Page 17: Drain Valve Washer Replacement

    Before calling for repair service, read the "Start Up Conditions" and "Operational Guide of this manual. If a condition of the water heater, let a qualified person check it out. Contact (1-800-469-4663) at your nearest hardware store. For ordering a...
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting Guide

    The water within the water heater tank expands as it is heated and increases the pressure of the water system. If the relieving point of the water heater's temperature-pressure relief valve is reached, the valve will relieve the excess pressure.
  • Page 19: Operational Conditions

    HIGH The water heater has a high limit shut off system with a reset button located on the thermostat. the water heater. (This Follow the resetting instructions which refer to the high limit behind the access panel.
  • Page 20: Not Enough Or No Hot

    Review and check piping installation. Make sure that the cold water line is connected to the cold water inlet to the water heater and the hot water line to the hot water outlet on the water heater. Make sure the electrical supply to your water heater is "ON".
  • Page 21: Leakage Checkpoints

    Troubleshooting Leakage Checkpoints Use this guide to check a "Leaking" water heater. Many suspected "Leakers" are not leaking tanks. Often the source of the water can be found and corrected. If you are not thoroughly familiar with electric codes, the water heater, and safety practices, contact a Sears Service Center to check the water heater•...
  • Page 22: Parts Order List

    Parts Order List 153.317020 2 G_I. °__]...
  • Page 23 #Not Illustrated Now that you have purchased your Water Heater, should a need ever exist for repair parts or service, simply contact any SEARS Service Center or call 1-800-4-MY-HOME (1-800-469-4663). Be sure to provide all pertinent facts when you call or visit.
  • Page 24: Warranty

    This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. The price of your water heater does not include a free checkup service call. On water heater installations arranged by Sears, Searswarrants the installation.

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