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Kenwood HTB-805DV User Manual

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The HTB-805DV Holne Theatre System will make watching
movies at home more fun than ever. To connect your speakers
to the recewer follow the mstrwt~ons on this sheet. To learn
how to operate your receiver please read and follow the
instruction manual included in the receiver's box. If you're also
connecting other equipment, such as a TV, VCR, DVD player,
CD player or other source component, use the receiver's man-
ual in combination wth the manuals that came with those
Place the speakers as shown m the diagram below. While
you're settingthe speakers up, keep these points in mind:
If the subwoofer causes discoloration of the TV picture,
move it away from the TV until the discoloration disap-
* Since the center speaker IS magnetically shielded, you can
place it right on top of the TV without wori'y~ng about pic-
ture discoloration.
* You can hangthe speakers on the wall using heavy-duty
picture hangers.
* Placing the subwoofer next to a wall yields more deep bass
output than placing It away from a waii. Placing the sub-
woofer in a comer yields the deepest bass output overall.
Connecting Your Speakers
Important: Do not plug the receiver's power cord into AC out-
lets until yo" have
connected all of the speakers.
Conn&t the speakers as shown in the main diagram.
In each case, connect the colored speaker wire to correspond-
mg terminals on the speaker and receiver.
To make connecting the speakers eas~ei, we have color-coded
the speaker wire and the terrrxnals on the speakers, labeled
the terminals on the receiver, and pestripped
from the ends of the wire. DO NOT PUSH THE WIRE TOO FAR
The subwoofer connects to the rexaver using the audio cable:
- Connect one end of the audio cable to the input connector
on the subwoofer labeled L/MONO, and connect the other end
to the connector on the recewer labeled SUB WOOFER PRE o"i.
Using Your Subwoofer
Your SW-36HT subwoofer has features that make It easy to set
up and rise:
to Power On/Off
After you turn the subwoofer's POWER switch On for the first
Standby when you're not using It and turn @t On again when you use your
system. (When the subwoofer is On the ,ndicator on its rear panel glows
green. When it is in Standby the indicator glows red.) If you will not be
using your system for an extended period of lmx we recommend that
you turn the subwoofer's POWER switch Off.
Filter Switch
Since your system's receiver has a built-in crossover (circuitry that sepa
rates the bass from the rest of the sound) on its subwoofer output, set
the subwoofer's Crossover Filter Switch to Off.
Volume Control
Initially, set the subwoofer's volume knob to the 11 o'clock position.
During normal operation you wili use the receiver's subwoofer volume
control to adjust the subwoofer volume. (This is much more convenient
than hawng to reach beh,nd the subwoofer to turn Its "oiume knob every
time you want to ad,ust Its volume.) If the recelvel's subwoofer volume
control won't go loud oi soft enough, re-adjust the subwoofer's volume
knob to compensate. See the receiver's lnstiuction manual for details on
using the rece~ver's subwoofer volume control.
Balancing the Speakers
Your receiver comes with the speaker volume settings pre-balanced. If
you have positioned the speakers as shown in the diagram your systeln
will create a spacious surround sound environment right out of the box
wth no further adjustment required.
If your room is arranged differently than shown in the diagram, or If you
simply want to fine-tune your system's performance, you can easily
change the volumes of the lndlvlduai speakers to get a better balance:
1, Press the SETUP button 8 times. The display WIII read to "AUTO".
2. Rock the MULT, colvrnoi,oyst,ck forward once. The display w,ll change
3. Press the SETUP button repeatedly until the speaker you want to adjust
appears on the display. You WIII hear test noise through the speaker.
4, Rock the MULTI CONTROL joystick forward to increase the speaker's vol-
ume, rock it backward to decrease the speaker's volume.
5. Do not be concerned wuth the volume level readout on the display
while you're adjustmg the speakers-this
is for reference purposes
only. Hwe"er, once you have balanced all the speakers you should
write each speaker's volume setting down here for reference:
6. Press the SETUP butto" on the remote 5 times to exit the setup mode.
Setting the Speaker Distances
This last step adlusts the tmxng of ali the speakers so that their sound
arrives at the listening location at the proper time.
1. Measure the distance from each speaker to your seat. Write the dis-
2. Press the SETUP button on the remote 11 times. The display will read
"IOFT 3.OM", and the left and right speaker 10x1s will flash.
3. Rock the rviu~ii CoNmoLJoystick forward or backward until the dlspiay
matches the distance from your left and right speakers to your listen-
ing position.
4. Press the SETUP button again and repeat step 3 for the center speak-
er, and agal" for the surround speakers.
5. When you've finlshed setting the speaker distances, press the SETUP
button 2 times to exit the setup mode.
time, the subwoofer's Auto Power On/Off feature will put it into