Pioneer KJR-12BP-F Owner's Manual
Pioneer KJR-12BP-F Owner's Manual

Pioneer KJR-12BP-F Owner's Manual

Wire controller of air conditioner


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Thank you very much for purchasing our product.
Before using your unit, please read this manual carefully and keep it for future reference.


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  • Page 1 OWNER’ S MANUAL WIRE CONTROLLER OF AIR CONDITIONER MODEL: KJR-12B/DP(T)-F Thank you very much for purchasing our product. Before using your unit, please read this manual carefully and keep it for future reference.
  • Page 3 ● This manual gives detailed description of the precautions that should be brought to your attention during operation. ● In order to ensure correct service of the wired controller please read this manual carefully before using the unit. ● For convenience of future reference, keep this manual after reading it.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS 1. SAFETY PRECAUTION................1 2. SUMMARIZE....................2 3. FUNCTION SUMMARY................2 4. NAME AND FUNCTION OF INDICATORS ON THE WIRE CONTROLLER.................... 3 5. INSTALLATION METHOD................4 6. NAME AND OPERATION OF THE BUTTON ON THE WIRE CONTROL- LER......................5 7.
  • Page 5: Safety Precaution

    1. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS The following contents are stated on the product and the operation manual, including usage, precautions against personal harm and property loss, and the methods of using the product correctly and safely. After fully understanding the following contents (identifiers and icons), read the text body and observe the following rules.
  • Page 6: Summarize

    Warning Please entrust the distributor or professionals to install the unit. The installers must have the relevant know-how. Delegate Improper installation performed by the user without perm installation W W arning arning ission may cause fire, electric,shock, personal injury or water leakage.
  • Page 7: Controller

    4. NAME AND FUCTION OF INDICATORS ON THE CONTROLLER Operation mode indication Follow me function ON/OFF indication Fan speed indication Lock Timer ON/OFF Temperature display zone ① Operation mode indication: When adjust setting off time or only off When press " MODE " button, the follow- time is set , the "OFF"...
  • Page 8: Installation Method

    the same as setting temperature. It is speed. available under cooling, heating, auto ⑥ Lock: mode. When the " LOCK " button is pressed, ④ ON/OFF indication : the icon appear and other buttons is When is on, the icon display, unable, press again, the icon disappear.
  • Page 9: Name And Operation Of The Button On The Wire Controller

    When a wire controller is needed, a small 5-way terminal should be added,fix an infrared emitter with gumwater near the receiver on the switch board. Connect its anode and cathode to A and B,and +5V, GND, RUN to C, D, E on the switch board. 6.
  • Page 10 ⑤ Electrical heater button : ① Mode botton: If press this button in heat mode, electri- When press this botton,the operation cal heater function become ineffective. mode change following ⑥ Reset button(hidden): sequence: →AUTO → COOL→DRY→HEAT→FAN Use a 1mm stick to press in the little hole , then the current setting is canceled .
  • Page 11: Using Method

    ⑩ Swing button: 7. USING METHOD First press, start swing function;second press, stop swing. (Match to some AUTOMATIC OPERATION model with swing function). Connect to power,indoor operation lamp Economy operation button: flash. press this button, the indoor unit 1. Press "MODE" button, select " AUTO operates in economy mode, press again, "...
  • Page 12: Dry Operation

    3. Press "FAN SPEED" button to select 2. Press " timer " on button repeatedly to high/mid/low/auto. adjust time setting. 4. Press "ON/OFF" button, indoor unit 3. If press this button and hold on, the operation lamp on, it works in selected time will increase at 0.5h, after 10h, it mode.
  • Page 13: Change Timer

    3. Timer off time must be longer than 8. TECHNICAL INDICA- timer on time. TION AND REQUIRE- 4. 0.5 second after setting, the wire MENT controller send information.the setting is finished. EMC and EMI comply with the CE certification requirements. CHANGE TIMER If there is a need of changing timer time, press corresponding button...
  • Page 14 Version: QSXU-002AEN 2020551A6887 20130201...

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