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GooD4U Food Dehydrator Instruction Manual

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Thank you for your purchase!
Food Dehydrator
Instruction and
GooD4U Products, LLC
Recipe Book
1024 Concert Ave
Spring Hill, FL 34609



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  Summary of Contents for GooD4U Food Dehydrator

  • Page 1 Thank you for your purchase! Food Dehydrator Enjoy! Instruction and GooD4U Products, LLC Recipe Book 1024 Concert Ave Spring Hill, FL 34609 888-734-7885
  • Page 2: Important Safeguards

    This product must not have been previ- of the dehydrator cord or plug in water or other liquids ously altered or repaired by anyone other than GooD4U 4. Close supervision is advised when appliance is by or This warranty will not cover damages in transit.
  • Page 3: Temperature Guide

    This warranty is valid when this unit is purchased through an 2. Place food on the trays and load into the machine authorized GooD4U dealer. The machine must be used in 3. Plug in the power cord and turn switch to on position a manner that is in accordance with the manufacturers in- 4.
  • Page 4: Pretreatment Of Foods

    Produce with non digestible skins would be an exception Pretreatment of Foods With the GooD4U dehydrator pre-treating will not be es- sential. This machine provides fast drying times and the food does not get a chance to spoil. However, pre-treating...
  • Page 5 Color of foods by reducing oxidation Troubleshooting guidelines: Example, Apples and Potatoes. Pre-treating also helps to keep nutrient loss to a minimum Our GooD4U dehydrators are inspected for Texture—Pretreatment helps to prevent deterioration of the fibers mechanical problems.
  • Page 6 Honey Dip Timer specifications and usage This form of dipping is quite popular. The honey makes the Timer range if from 0-40 hours fruit much sweeter. It will also add calories. Take 3 cups of hot water and dissolve one cup sugar. When mixture cools There are three keys SET, UP, AND DOWN to lukewarm add 1 cup honey.
  • Page 7: Electric Steamers

    water to cool. Before drying blot with a towel to remove Dehydrating meats excess water. Electric Steamers: Cooked meats This method is thought to be the best method for blanching. This method will help retain nutrients, heighten flavors and A helpful tip is to use leaner cuts of meat and lower oil con- allow the foods most vivid colors to be brought out tent fish Follow the electric steamers operating manual for blanch-...
  • Page 8 These additives added prior to five minutes will greatly Fruit rolls and Leathers: hinder the absorption process. Methods: Leftovers , Yogurt or pureed vegeta- Electric steamer bles and fruits can be sweetened or This is one of the most effective means to rehydrate foods. spiced .
  • Page 9 Other uses for the dehydrator: Sachets and Potpourri : You can create beautiful smelling sachets and potpourri using your GooD4U dehydrator. These can remain sweet smelling for years to come Most ingredients can be found right in your own backyard You can add “fixatives”...
  • Page 10: Drying Table

    Almond Cinnamon Bread Drying Table Submitted by Elaina Love FRUIT PREPARATION TEST FOR TIME 4 1/2 cups packed almond pulp (leftover from making al- DRYNESS mond milk) APPLES CORE AND CUT IN SLICES. Dip PLIABLE 4-15 1 cup olive or coconut oil in pretreatment for 2 min dry and HOURS place on tray...
  • Page 11 Saltine Flax Crackers FRUIT PREPARATION TEST FOR TIME DRYNESS Submitted by Elaina Love PINEAPPLE REMOVE CORE, CUT IN SLICES PLIABLE 6-36 (FRESH) OR WEDGES OR CHUNKS HOURS Soak 4 cups golden flax seeds in 5 cups water PINEAPPLE DRAIN AND PAT DRY PLACE OF LEATHERY 6-36 1 head celery, chopped...
  • Page 12 10 cloves garlic VEGETABLE PREPARATION TEST FOR TIME DRYNESS 1/2 cup fresh minced herbs (dill, basil, parsley, oregano, CABBAGE TRIM CUT INTO STRIPS 1/8 INCH LEATHERY 4-12 thyme) THICK CUT CORE INTO 1/4 INCH HOURS 2 tsp. Italian seasoning or seasoning of choice (curry, STRIPS.
  • Page 13 smooth. VEGETABLE PREPARATION TEST FOR TIME DRYNESS Hand mix in the flax meal and spread about 2 cups of bat- PEPPERS CUT IN SMALL PIECES AND BAK BRITTLE TO 4-10 MIN ter per tray. These take a little longer to dry, about 36-48 OR STEAM UNTIL TENDER CUT IN LEATHERY hours, so be patient and they will come out nice and...
  • Page 14 1/4” thick. Use your hands to smooth it flat. Why our GooD4U dehydrator is 4. Flip the bread using another dehydrator tray on top, and superior for living foods remove the non-stick drying sheet. Dry at 105 degrees for about 4-8 hours.
  • Page 15 1 cup Brazil nuts (ground into a fine texture) Stuffing: 1 banana (chopped into bite size pieces) 1 cup strawberries (chopped into bite size pieces) 1 cup walnuts 1/2 cup pine nuts 1. Blend 1 cup blueberries in a food processor until 2 cups basil 1/2 cup olive oil smooth.
  • Page 16 dehydrator screen. 2 cups carrots 4. Sprinkle the sheets of potatoes with sea salt and dehy- 2 cups sprouted lentils drate for 5-10 hours or until crisp. 3/4 cup orange juice 1/4 cup onion Rye Bread 4 tablespoons olive oil Submitted by Alissa Cohen 2 tablespoons honey 1 /12 tablespoons curry...
  • Page 17 Bean-less Falafel! Start with a tablespoon at a time and add up to 1/2 cup water. Be sure not to add too much, as this dough Submitted by Alissa Cohen should remain very thick. I’m not all that crazy about eating a lot of beans, they just 4.
  • Page 18 3. Add the remaining ingredients to the bowl with the For Crepe Shells: sunflower seeds and blend well. 4. Remove from bowl and place on a non-stick sheet on 1. Place bananas in a food processor and blend until top of a mesh dehydrator screen. smooth.