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M{zd{ Mx-5 Miata
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    M{zd{ Mx-5 Miata SMART START GUIDE 1667913_15a_Mazda_MX5_SSG_032614.indd 1 3/26/14 10:39 AM...

  • Page 2: Keyless Entry System

    Door Request Switch ADVANCED KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM • This system allows you to lock/unlock the doors, open the trunk lid, and even start the engine without ever taking the key out. While Carrying the Advanced Key… Lock • Unlock the driver’s door by pushing Unlock the driver’s door request switch once.

  • Page 3: Starting The Engine STARTING THE ENGINE While Carrying the Advanced Key… • Start the engine by pushing the start knob in and turning it (like a normal key) while pushing the clutch pedal (manual transmission) or the brake pedal (automatic transmission). • Shut the engine OFF by turning the start knob to the ACC position and then pushing in and turning to the Lock position.

  • Page 4: Seat Controls

    Seats SEAT CONTROLS Height Adjustment Lever Recline Lever Raise or lower seat height by repeatedly Pull up to adjust pulling up or pushing down on the lever. seatback angle. Slide Release Lever Pull lever up to move seat backward or forward. Seat Warmers The driver and passenger seats can be warmed by rotating the applicable seat...

  • Page 5: Fuel Door Release

    Fuel FUEL DOOR RELEASE The fuel door release is in the seat side box located between the seats. Pull handle to open the seat side box. To open the fuel door, pull the fuel door release. FUEL DOOR To avoid scratching the paint during refueling, secure the fuel filler cap tether over the hook...

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  • Page 7 PASSENGER WIPER/ HAZARD AIRBAG OFF WASHER AUDIO WARNING INDICATOR (P. 10) (PP. 23-24) POWER RETRACTABLE HARDTOP (If equipped) (P. 18) CLIMATE ACCESSORY AUX JACK SEAT (P. 12) CONTROL SOCKET WARMERS (PP. 21-22) (P. 3) This indicator light illuminates to remind you that the front passenger’s front/side airbags and seat belt pretensioner will not deploy during a collision.

  • Page 8

    Instrument Cluster FUEL GAUGE TACHOMETER DASHBOARD ENGINE OIL ILLUMINATION PRESSURE GAUGE GLOSSARY OF WARNING AND INDICATOR LIGHTS NOTE: See Owner’s Manual for more details and explanations. Low Fuel Level Automatic Transmission Malfunction Dynamic Stability Control Turn Signals/Hazard (DSC)/Traction Control Warning Indicator Lights System (TCS) Off Indicator Light Key Warning...

  • Page 9: Door Ajar ODOMETER/ SPEEDOMETER INFO AMBIENT ENGINE COOLANT TEMPERATURE TRIP METER TEMPERATURE BUTTON GAUGE INFO Door Ajar Push INFO button to display the Brake Warning Light following below the odometer: Parking brake on/low brake • Trip Meter A fluid/malfunction • Trip Meter B Cruise Main Indicator •...

  • Page 10

    Lights LIGHTING CONTROL/TURN SIGNAL LEVER : Turns tail, parking, dashboard, : Turns fog lights on only and headlights on. when headlights are on. Push for High Beams Pull to Flash High Beams : Turns tail, parking, and dashboard lights on. 1667913_15a_Mazda_MX5_SSG_032614.indd 9 3/26/14 10:39 AM...

  • Page 11

    Wipers WINDSHIELD WIPER/WASHER CONTROL LEVER MIST Pull to dispense washer fluid 1667913_15a_Mazda_MX5_SSG_032614.indd 10 3/26/14 10:39 AM...

  • Page 12: Automatic Transmission

    Transmission AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION (if equipped) Lower Gear Sport A/T Manual Shift Mode The Sport A/T Manual Shift Mode gives you the feel of driving a manual transmission by allowing you to manually shift to control engine rpm and torque when more control is desired. Higher To Use Manual Shift Mode: Gear...

  • Page 13: Speed Manual Transmission

    NOTE: You will need an audio cable with an 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) mini stereo plug (available as a Genuine Mazda accessory) to connect your portable audio player into the aux jack. Refer to the Owner’s Manual for additional information.

  • Page 14

    Mirror AUTO-DIMMING MIRROR AND HOMELINK ® HomeLink Auto-Dimming Rear Auto-Dimming Auto-Dimming Light Indicator Light Sensor Auto-Dimming Mirror • Auto-Dimming will automatically darken your rearview mirror to reduce headlight glare from vehicles behind you. • Auto-Dimming is activated every time the vehicle is started. NOTE: In addition to the auto-dimming mirror’s rear light sensor, there is also a front light sensor (not shown).

  • Page 15

    PERSONALIZE YOUR MX-5 WITH GENUINE MAZDA ACCESSORIES Go to, then select “Accessories” below the MyMazda Home header for a complete listing of available accessories for your Mazda MX-5. INSTANT MOBILITY SYSTEM (IMS) The IMS emergency flat tire repair kit...

  • Page 16: Manual Convertible Top

    Convertible Top MANUAL CONVERTIBLE TOP When raising or lowering the manual convertible top, the vehicle must be stopped on level ground with parking brake set, windows lowered a minimum of 1 inch and all items in the convertible top storage area removed. NOTE: When the latch is released, the audio volume may drop to zero for one second.

  • Page 17 Fold back top and push firmly on front of top to securely lock in open position. NOTE: If manual soft top does not fold easily, then slowly lower it while pushing down on the upper part of rear glass with your hand. Raise wind blocker.

  • Page 18

    Clogged water drainage outlets may result in water intrusion into the passenger compartment. For detailed maintenance of the water drains, refer to or consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer. 1667913_15a_Mazda_MX5_SSG_032614.indd 17 3/26/14 10:39 AM...

  • Page 19 POWER RETRACTABLE HARDTOP When raising or lowering the power retractable hardtop, the vehicle must be stopped on level ground with parking brake set and ignition on. Shift manual transmission to neutral or shift automatic transmission to Park or Neutral. NOTE: When the latch is released, the audio volume may drop to zero for one second.

  • Page 20

    Convertible Top Raise wind blocker. To Raise: Lower wind blocker. Push and hold the close button. The indicator light will flash during the closing operation. Close button • Windows automatically lower, deck raises, top raises, deck closes. NOTE: A beep sounds and the indicator light turns off to confirm operation is complete, only after the hard top is locked in place.

  • Page 21 Push lever on top latch up until lock button clicks and top latch is securely latched. WARNING: If red indicator is visible on release button, top is not securely latched. NOTE: • If open/close button is released during operation, the operation will stop and a beep will sound.

  • Page 22

    Manual Climate Control Mode Selector Dial Temperature Fan Control Dial Control Dial Rotate the dial to Rotate the dial to set select airflow mode. Rotate the dial for desired fan speed. temperature control. Rotate dial to OFF to NOTE: Turn the mode Push to recirculate turn system off.

  • Page 23

    Automatic Climate Control Mode Selector Dial Temperature Fan Control Dial Control Dial Rotate the dial to select • Rotate the dial airflow mode. to set desired Rotate the dial for fan speed. temperature control. AUTO: Place the Mode Selector Dial and the Push to •...

  • Page 24

    Radio Display. dial to manually change the frequency. • Seek Tuning: Push the SEEK/ TRACK tuning buttons New Mazda vehicles equipped to seek a higher or lower with SiriusXM Satellite Radio ® frequency with a station. will receive an introductory •...

  • Page 25 TO LOAD/PLAY A CD (if equipped with 6-CD changer) 1. Push the LOAD button. 2. After “IN” is displayed on the Information Display, insert the CD. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until up to 6 CDs are loaded. To Change Music CD Push the DISC button ( or ) during playback.

  • Page 26: Pairing Your Bluetooth Phone

    Bluetooth ® PAIRING YOUR BLUETOOTH PHONE ® NOTE: • For safety reasons, you cannot pair a phone while driving. • Before pairing your cell phone, you must manually turn on the Bluetooth function on ® the device. Refer to your device’s Bluetooth for steps to turn on Bluetooth ®...

  • Page 27

    • Mazda Assist app - Provides roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Toll free number 1-800-866-1998 can also be used for roadside assistance. • MyMazda app - Keep track of your Mazda from the palm of your hand with these features: Maintenance schedule...

  • Page 28: Scheduled Maintenance

    • Toll-Free Customer Service 800-430-0153 SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE Wiper/Washer........ When replacing or topping off engine oil, use Mazda Genuine oil. For optimal engine performance, use SAE 0W-20 engine oil. Please consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer for additional information. AUX Jack ........

  • Page 29: Warranty Information

    Customer Delivery Checklist DEALERSHIP DATE SALES CONSULTANT CUSTOMER’S NAME E-MAIL PRESENTATION OF OWNER’S MATERIALS: Review the following items with the customer Smart Start Guide • Remove this checklist from • Offer to register customer on Smart Start Guide •...

  • Page 30

    We’re committed to providing expert Mazda service. You love to drive your Mazda, and we love to service your Mazda. With our Full Circle Service, we’ll give your vehicle a COMPLIMENTARY MULTI-POINT INSPECTION. Your Mazda will receive a thorough review of its most crucial components.

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