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Casio CTK-2200 Service Manual

Electronic keyboard casio
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JUL. 2011
Ver. 2 : Feb. 2012



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  • Page 1 CTK-2200 JUL. 2011 CTK-2200 ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD Ver. 2 : Feb. 2012 INDEX...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CTK-2200 CONTENTS SPECIFICATIONS ................... 1 BLOCK AND WIRING DIAGRAM ..............3 PCB INFORMATION ..................4 CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION ................5 PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS ................. 6 DISASSEMBLY ....................9 DIAGNOSTIC PROGRAM ................19 EXPLODED VIEW ..................26 PARTS LIST ....................27 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAMS ................30...
  • Page 3: Specifications

    CTK-2200 SPECIFICATIONS Keyboard 61 standard size keys Maximum Polyphony 48 notes (24 for certain tones) Tones Built-in Tones Sampling Tones 1 (Full Sampling) or 3 (Short Sampling) Sampling Time: 1 second (Full Sampling) or approximately 0.3 seconds each (Short Sampling)
  • Page 4 CTK-2200 Power Supply 2-way Batteries 6 AA-size zinc-carbon batteries or alkaline batteries Battery Life Approximately 3 hours continuous operation on alkaline batteries AC Adaptor AD-E95100L Auto Power Off Approximately 6 minutes (during battery operation) or 30 minutes (during AC adaptor operation) without any operation Speakers 10 cm ×...
  • Page 5: Block And Wiring Diagram

    CTK-2200 BLOCK AND WIRING DIAGRAM KEYBOARD PCB (M800-KYA1) KEYBOARD PCB (M800-KYA2) CN801 (13 pin) CN802 (13 pin) CN803 (16 pin) MAIN PCB (M822-MDA1) CN4 (16 pin) PEDAL (J1) FI0~FI3, SI0~SI3, KC0~KC7 CN8 (4 pin) LOUT, ROUT LSI1 Filter MA1~MA22 Flash Memory...
  • Page 6: Pcb Information

    CTK-2200 PCB INFORMATION M822-PSA1 M822-MDA1 M800-KYA1 M800-KYA2 Classifi cation Parts Name PCB Name Components MPU, Flash Memory (16 Mbit), Main PCB PCB UNIT/MAIN M822-MDA1 Power Supply Circuit, Filter, SUSTAIN Jack, USB Port Power Supply Circuit, Power Amplifi er, Filters, LCD Controller/Driver, LCD, Sub PCB PCB UNIT/POWER &...
  • Page 7: Circuit Description

  • Page 8: Printed Circuit Boards

    CTK-2200 PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS Main PCB: M822-MDA1 – 6 –...
  • Page 9 CTK-2200 Sub PCB: M822-PSA1 – 7 –...
  • Page 10 CTK-2200 Keyboard PCB: M800-KYA1 Keyboard PCB: M800-KYA2 – 8 –...
  • Page 11: Disassembly

    CTK-2200 DISASSEMBLY „ CAUTION „ z The photos show a prototype. The appearance of the instrument, such as color, may „ differ from the actual model. z To avoid damages to the instrument and the floor, lay the instrument on a mattress „...
  • Page 12 CTK-2200 „ DISASSEMBLY „ A. REMOVE THE PANEL UNITS Left panel unit Main panel unit Right panel unit A-1. Undo 17 or seven screws on the bottom surface of the main unit. NOTE: To remove only the main panel unit, undo seven screws indicated with red circles in the illustration below.
  • Page 13 CTK-2200 A-2. Place the main unit with the keys facing up. A-3. Lift the main panel unit and turn it over. NOTE: The main panel unit is connected to the lower case unit with the lead wires and FFCs. Use caution when turn over the main panel unit.
  • Page 14 CTK-2200 A-4. Disengage one hook and then remove the right panel unit. A-5. Disengage one hook and then remove the left panel unit. Hook Hook Left panel unit Right panel unit – 12 –...
  • Page 15 CTK-2200 B. REMOVE THE M822-MDA1 PCB (MAIN PCB) B-1. Unsolder one FFC. M822-MDA1 PCB FFC (M800-KYA2) B-2. Unsolder three FFCs. B-3. Undo three screws and then remove the M822-MDA1 PCB. FFC (M822-PSA1) M822-MDA1 PCB <Notes On Assembly> • The number of pins on the PCB pad differs from that on the cable. Solder in the way that No.1 pin on the cable (orange) is connected to No.1 pad on the PCB.
  • Page 16 CTK-2200 C. REMOVE THE M822-PSA1 PCB (SUB PCB) C-1. Unsolder four lead wires. Lead wire (Blue) Lead wire (White) Lead wire (Black) Lead wire (Red) C-2. Undo 23 screws. C-3. Remove the M822-PSA1 PCB from main panel and then unsolder two lead wires.
  • Page 17 CTK-2200 C-4. Remove the M822-PSA1 PCB, LCD components and rubber keys. M822-PSA1 PCB LCD components <Notes On Assembly> • To install the M822-PSA1 PCB, tighten the screws for the LCD part in the order indicated with the numbers below. If not tighten correctly, it may cause the LCD display errors.
  • Page 18 CTK-2200 E. REMOVE THE KEYBOARD E-1. Undo 21 screws and then remove the keys. – 16 –...
  • Page 19 CTK-2200 F. REMOVE THE M800-KYA1/KYA2 PCBs (KEYBOARD PCB) M800-KYA1 PCB M800-KYA2 PCB F-1. Unsolder one FFC connected to the M822-MDA1 PCB. M822-MDA1 PCB FFC (M800-KYA2) F-2. Disengage the hooks and then remove the M800-KYA1/KYA2 PCBs. – 17 –...
  • Page 20 CTK-2200 F-3. Remove five rubber contact strips. NOTE: One rubber contact strip differs in length. Rubber contact strips This rubber contact strip differs from the others in length. <How To Install Rubber Contact Strips> • Lightly insert the tip of a rubber contact strip into the PCB.
  • Page 21: Diagnostic Program

    CTK-2200 DIAGNOSTIC PROGRAM „ PREPARATION „ (1) Connect the AC adaptor. NOTE: The AC adaptor (AD-E95100L) for the CTK-2200_DI and CTK-2200_UK is sold separately and does not come with the product. If you do not have the AC adaptor, use six AA-size dry batteries with enough capacity.
  • Page 22 CTK-2200 „ TEST ITEMS „ Pressing a test button after the diagnostic program was launched or while on the main screen enables the corresponding test item to be tested. Test Items Buttons Note A. BUTTON CHECK B. AC ADAPTOR CHECK AC adaptor C.
  • Page 23 CTK-2200 A-2. Press the button in the order indicated in the illustration. NOTE: You cannot cancel this check procedure mid-way. <If the result passes> The confirmation chord sounds and “1:SW00XX” is displayed on the LCD with “XX” indicating the corresponding button number in the illustration.
  • Page 24 CTK-2200 A-3. When the “3” button is pressed at the end, a confirmation chord sounds and “SW OK!” is displayed on the LCD. A-4. Check to see if the LCD is as shown below. A-5. Press the “0” button to return to the main screen.
  • Page 25 CTK-2200 C. ROM VERSION & MODEL CHECK C-1. Press the “9” button to perform the “ROM VERSION CHECK”. The ROM version appears on the LCD. C-2. Check that the ROM version is “18376”. C-3. Press the “9” button to perform the “MODEL CHECK”.
  • Page 26 CTK-2200 D. LCD CHECK D-1. Press the “2” button to select the “LCD CHECK”. D-2. Press the “2” button and check to see if all LCDs are lit. D-3. Press the “2” button and check to see if all LCDs are turned off.
  • Page 27 CTK-2200 E. USB CHECK NOTE: The following procedures are for a PC with Windows XP. E-1. Connect the main unit to the PC with a USB cable. E-2. Open the windows “Device Manager”, and then make sure “USB Audio Devices” is listed under “Sound, video and game controllers”.
  • Page 28: Exploded View

    CTK-2200 EXPLODED VIEW 37-1 – 26 –...
  • Page 29: Parts List

    1. Prices and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. 2. Refer to the latest “Parts Price Code” at “PARTS FINDER” on the Casio Service WEB site ( 3. As for spare parts order and supply, refer to the “GUIDEBOOK for Spare parts Supply”, published separately.
  • Page 30 CTK-2200 1: CTK-2200_DI 2: CTK-2200_EU 3: CTK-2200_UK 4: CTK-2200_US Q'ty Price Item Code No. Parts Name Specification Remarks Code MAIN PCB 10401017 PCB UNIT/MAIN TK-RJM511249*001 A MDA1 10206815 JACK/PEDAL JY-6314*01-030 10236624 CONNECTOR/USB UBR24-4K5G00 10193074 COIL DLW21HN181SQ2L 10009218 DIODE 1SS400TE61 10211950...
  • Page 31 CTK-2200 1: CTK-2200_DI 2: CTK-2200_EU 3: CTK-2200_UK 4: CTK-2200_US Q'ty Price Item Code No. Parts Name Specification Remarks Code SIDE PANEL UNIT 10394575 CASE/SIDE PANEL/LEFT RJM511043-001V01 10394576 CASE/SIDE PANEL/RIGHT RJM511044-001V01 10405274 PACKING/8X200 RJM511196-002V01 10264808 SPEAKER C10J01A 10402403 WIRE/BLUE 1007TASC24300B3030 X for Speaker (+)
  • Page 32: Schematic Diagrams

    CTK-2200 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAMS Main PCB: M822-MDA1 PEDAL (J1) Not used (to PSA1/CN101) (to PSA1/ CN301) (to PSA1/ CN302) (to KYA2/ CN803) – 30 –...
  • Page 33 CTK-2200 Sub PCB: M822-PSA1 LEFT SPEAKER BATTERY RIGHT SPEAKER PHONES DC 9.5 V IN AUDIO IN (J103) (J102) (J104) (to MDA1/ CN2) (to LEFT SPEAKER) (to RIGHT SPEAKER) Not used (to MDA1/CN1) Not usd: 12 pin (to BATTERY) (to MDA1/CN6) POWER SWITCH MAIN VOL.
  • Page 34 CTK-2200 Keyboard PCB: M800-KYA1/KYA2 Not used (to KYA1/ (to MDA1/ CN801) CN4) Not used (to KYA2/ CN802) – 32 –...
  • Page 35 • Correction of the PARTS LIST (P28) Ver. 2 : Feb. 2011 • Correction of the EXPLODED VIEW (P26) • Correction of the PARTS LIST (P28 and P29) CASIO COMPUTER CO.,LTD. Overseas Service Division 6-2, Hon-machi 1-Chome Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8543, Japan...