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All you need to know to get going.


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  • Page 1 Started All you need to know to get going.
  • Page 2 This booklet introduces you to the basics of getting started with Sprint and your Samsung Galaxy S™ II, Epic™ 4G Touch. Visit for the complete User Guide, along with videos,...
  • Page 3: Using This Guide

    Using This Guide This Get Started guide is designed to help you set up and use your new Epic™ 4G Touch. It’s divided into four sections to help you find the information you need quickly and easily. Get Ready − page 1 − Find out what Use Your Device −...
  • Page 4 Your Epic™ 4G Touch Earpiece Camera Lens Volume buttons Headset Charger/Accessory Jack Jack Status Bar Icons Power Button Touchscreen Display HOME BACK Speaker Camera lens Flash MENU SEARCH...
  • Page 5: Get Your Device Ready

    Get Your Device Ready Install the Battery Turn the Device On 1. Remove the battery compartment cover on the • Press and hold the power button. back of the device. View Your Home Screen 2. Align the battery’s contacts with those inside the battery compartment and gently press down until •...
  • Page 6: Activate Your Device

    Activate Your Device Activate Your Device 1. Turn on your new phone. (Make sure the old one is turned off.) Your phone will automatically • If you purchased your device at a Sprint Store, attempt Hands-Free Activation. it is probably activated and ready to use. Note: Your phone will need to complete one •...
  • Page 7: Switch Id Packs

    Sprint ID Once your device is activated, you can install an 3. Tap an ID Pack on the Sprint ID screen. initial ID Pack. ID Packs are bundles of 4. Read the information screen for a description applications, ringtones, wallpapers, settings, and of the ID Pack and tap Install.
  • Page 8 Android Basics: Getting Around Your Device Move Around Your Device’s Menus and Screens Using Gestures Your device’s touchscreen lets you control everything through various types of touches, or gestures. Tap: When you want to type using the onscreen keyboard, select items such as application and Press and settings icons, or press onscreen buttons, Hold...
  • Page 9 Drag: Press and hold your finger with some pressure before you start to move it. Do not release your finger until you have reached the target position. Rotate: Activate the auto-rotate feature to Swipe, Slide automatically change the screen orientation or Drag from portrait to landscape by turning the device sideways.
  • Page 10: Your Home Screen

    Your Home Screen Viewing Your Home Screen Status Bar Your device’s Home screen extends horizontally The status bar at the top of the Home screen to seven full screens. This gives you room to lets you quickly see both your device status customize your device and put the things you (connections, signal strength, battery, GPS) and need front and center, just a swipe away.
  • Page 11: Notifications Panel

    Notifications Panel Customize Your Home Screen You can expand the notification area to provide 1. Press > and tap Add. more detailed information about the current 2. On the Add to Home screen, touch the item onscreen notification icons. you wish to add (Widgets, Shortcuts, 1.
  • Page 12: Buttons And Keys

    Buttons and Keys Epic™ 4G Touch Buttons and Keys • Menu Key ( ) – Press to open context- specific menus. The bottom front of your device contains a row of four static keys that let you perform specific • Home Key ( ) –...
  • Page 13: Open Applications

    Open Applications Access Recently-Used Applications Your device keeps a running list of your six • If an application is on one of your Home most recently used applications. screens, just tap it to open it. 1. Press and hold to open the recently-used •...
  • Page 14: Entering Text With The Onscreen Keyboard

    Your QWERTY Keyboards Recipient There are two versions of onscreen keyboards available on your Epic™ 4G Touch: the Samsung keypad and Swype (default), which Entry field uses a unique gliding method to let you enter Send whole words quickly. When you select a field...
  • Page 15 2. Repeat this process until the desired Swype Advanced Settings: characters have been drawn over. Select from • Word suggestion suggests words during typing. an onscreen list of possible word matches (if • Auto-spacing automatically inserts spaces prompted). This occurs if your current swype between words.
  • Page 16 1. From a screen where you can enter text, tap the input field to reveal the onscreen keyboard. Your Samsung Keypad Settings 2. With the Samsung keypad as your text entry Press and tap Settings > Language and method, select one of the following text mode keyboard >...
  • Page 17 Use Your Device: Voicemail Set Up Your Voicemail Retrieve Your Voicemail All unanswered calls are automatically transferred to • Press and tap > Voicemail. your voicemail, even if your phone is in use or turned off. You should set up your voicemail and personal From any other phone: greeting as soon as your phone is activated: 1.
  • Page 18: Make And Answer Calls

    Make and Answer Calls Make a Phone Call Send a Call Directly to Voicemail • Drag to the left. 1. Press and tap Phone. Mute the Ringer on a Call 2. Tap the digits of the number you want to call on the Phone keypad.
  • Page 19: Access Messages

    Messaging Send a Text Message 4. Tap a picture or clip to select it. (For Audio, tap OK.) 5. If you are satisfied with your message, tap Send. 1. Press and tap Messaging 2. Tap Messaging Note: For information on taking pictures and videos with your device, see "Camera &...
  • Page 20 Contacts Your device’s Contacts function lets you access and manage contacts from a variety of sources, including Google and Corporate email accounts, contacts synced from your computer, and old-fashioned contacts entered by hand. Save a Phone Number Retrieve a Phone Number 1.
  • Page 21: Edit A Contact Entry

    Edit a Contact Entry • Postal address to enter a physical address for the contact. Choose from Home, Work, 1. Press and tap Contacts > [contact you'd Other, or Custom. like to edit]. • Organization to enter business information 2. Press and tap Edit.
  • Page 22: Activesync Account

    Email Your device’s Email applications let you Set Up a POP3/IMAP Email Account access and manage multiple email 1. Press and tap > Email. accounts simultaneously in one convenient 2. Enter the Email address and Password for the location. Although there is a separate Gmail email account.
  • Page 23: Send An Email Message

    Access Email Messages 5. When prompted to provide additional detailed information, scroll down the screen and tap Next. 1. Press and tap > Email or Gmail. 6. Enter a Domain\Username, Password, and 2. From the inbox, tap the message you want Exchange Server information.
  • Page 24: Camera And Camcorder

    Camera & Camcorder Take a Picture 4. Tap to stop recording. 1. Press and tap > Camera . View videos 2. Using your display as a viewfinder, aim the 1. Press and tap > Gallery. camera lens at your subject, and tap the 2.
  • Page 25: Downloading Applications From The Web

    Find sports scores, news, and weather. Shop online. On-the-go access lets you browse full-color versions of your favorite websites. Go Online Downloading Applications From the Web 1. Press and tap > Internet. You can download applications while browsing the Web, but you must first set permissions in 2.
  • Page 26: Connect To A Wi-fi Network

    Sprint 4G Wi-Fi Take Advantage of 4G Speed Connect to a Wi-Fi Network Sprint 4G data services give you the speed When you’re in range of an available Wi-Fi you need to watch and upload high network you can use your device’s Wi-Fi feature resolution streaming videos, browse the Web, to access the Internet and other data services.
  • Page 27: Android Market

    Android Market Android Market™ gives you access to thousands applications to boost your productivity and increase your fun. Download Applications and Games 6. Tap an app or game to read a description and user reviews. 1. Press and tap > Market. 7.
  • Page 28: Google™ Mobile Services

    Google™ Mobile Services Your Samsung Epic™ 4G Touch provides easy access to a variety of Google services including Gmail™, Google Talk™, Google Maps™, Google Navigation, and YouTube™. • Gmail – The Google mail service. Your Gmail • Google Maps and Google Navigation – The...
  • Page 29 Your Epic™ 4G Touch lets you use the Qik Video by Sprint application to share live videos and have live mobile video chats with compatible mobile devices. Set Up a Qik Account 4. Select from the main Qik options: Video Chat, Record &...
  • Page 30: Capable Device

    Bluetooth Pair and Connect With a Bluetooth Share Contacts, Files, or Pictures Using ® Capable Device Bluetooth 1. Verify your Bluetooth is active. (Press > 1. Open the application containing the file you and tap Settings > Wireless and want to share (for example, press and tap networks >...
  • Page 31: Getting Music

    Music Open Your Music Player 2. On your computer, locate the new removable disk (SPH-D710), open it, and open or create • Press and tap > Music. a Music folder. • Music is stored by All, Playlists, Albums, 3. Copy music files from your computer to the and Artists.
  • Page 32: Sprint Applications

    Sprint Applications Sprint Music Plus Access additional exclusive Sprint features right from your phone. In addition to the Music application, your phone offers Sprint Zone Sprint Music Plus, an all-in-one music store and player for full songs, ringtones, and ringback tones. Enhance your Sprint experience.
  • Page 33: Sprint Hotspot

    Sprint Hotspot 3. Connect by entering the key that appears on the Sprint Hotspot screen. Set Up Your Sprint Hotspot 4. When “Connected” appears on your device, 1. Press and tap > Sprint Hotspot. launch your Web browser to confirm you 2.
  • Page 34: Sprint Radio

    Sprint Applications Sprint Radio NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile Keep up to date with your favorite drivers and all Listen to streaming music through your phone’s the news and live feeds from the world of Sprint Radio application. NASCAR. • Press and tap >...
  • Page 35: Sprint Tv And Movies

    Sprint TV and Movies GPS Navigation Live TV and video on demand. Complete TeleNav™ GPS Navigator lets you see and hear episodes and clips of your favorite primetime turn-by-turn directions to a known address, or shows and movies. Over 50 channels of news, find nearby restaurants, stores, banks, or gas entertainment, weather, sports, and streaming stations.
  • Page 36: Accessing Settings

    Tools & Resources: Settings Explore ways to customize your device, set permissions, update your phone, and more in the Settings menu. Accessing Settings • Applications • Accounts and sync 1. Press and tap > Settings. • Motion settings – or – •...
  • Page 37: Manage Your Device's Wireless Functions

    Manage the Display Brightness and • Press > and tap Settings > Wireless Screen On-Time and networks and disable any of these functions that are not in use. 1. Press > and tap Settings > Display > — or — Brightness to modify the backlight setting as desired.
  • Page 38: Manage Your Account

    Manage Your Account Online: • Press to add a new line of service, upgrade your device, purchase • make a payment, see your bills, enroll in accessories, or access other account services. online billing • check minute usage and account balance From Any Other Phone •...
  • Page 39: Sprint 411

    Helpful Sprint Information Total Equipment Protection Sprint 411 The protection you need so you can Dial 411 for nationwide listings, movie show be worry free times, restaurant reservations, driving directions and more. Spanish-speaking operators are Should anything happen to your phone, you’ll available.
  • Page 40 Samsung GALAXY S™ II Resources For Your Phone By registering your Galaxy S II device at, you are entitled to: • This Get Started Guide to get you up and running. • Web – Visit for the complete •...
  • Page 41 Drive Responsibly Survey Be a hero. Don’t drive distracted. We are interested in your initial impressions of this new Sprint phone. Within two weeks of your phone purchase, please go to the website to complete a brief survey. Your feedback will help us provide the wireless features and services you want most.
  • Page 42 Index Symbols 4G 22 Home Screen 6–7 Resources 33 Wallpaper 7 Ringtones 28 Web 21 Widgets 7 Activate 2 Internet 21 Wi-Fi 22 Android Market 23 Settings 29 Applications 9, 21 Keyboard 10-12 Screen 1 Keys 8 Shortcuts 7 YouTube 24 Battery 1 Sprint 4G 22 Battery Saving Tips 30...
  • Page 43 ©2011 Sprint. SPRINT and the logo are trademarks of Sprint. Other marks are property of their respective owners. Samsung, Galaxy S, and Epic are all trademarks of Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and/or its related entities. Other marks are property of their respective owners. Screen images simulated.
  • Page 44 Printed in Korea GH68-35312A...

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