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©2014 Seiko Epson Corporation.
All rights reserved.
Issued February 2014 Printed in Japan
Before Getting Started
Thank you very much for purchasing this M-Tracer.
Read this manual carefully to use this product correctly.
- Publication of the content of this manual in whole or in part without permission is
- The information in this manual is subject to change without notice.
Introducing the Product
This product analyzes golf swings based on extensive measurements and scientific
analysis. The analysis results, which can be easily checked on your smartphone, are useful
in helping you to improve your game.
This product is compatible with the following iPhones running iOS7 or later.
- iPhone 5
- iPhone 5s
- iPhone 5c
Checking the Contents of the Package
Check the contents of this package. If anything is missing or defective, contact the place
of purchase.
This product can be used with a grip that has a circumference within a range of 54 to 69
mm at a position 35 mm from the club head end of the grip.
Attachments (1 L size, M size, and S size)
L size
M size
Micro USB Cable
Start Here
The supplied micro USB cable is designed specifically for this product. Do not use it for
anything other than charging this product.
Using the Product Safely
Read this document carefully to use this product safely. Failure to handle the product as
instructed in this manual may result in a malfunction or accident.
- Keep this manual at hand to answer any questions you have about this product during
- This product is designed specifically for use in Japan. If this product is to be taken and used
outside of Japan, check the relevant laws and regulations of the corresponding country/
Meaning of Symbols
The following symbols are used to warn of operations and handling that may be dangerous
to prevent harm to the user or others and damage to property. Understand these symbols
before reading this manual.
This symbol indicates information that, if ignored, could possibly result in
death or serious injury due to incorrect handling.
This symbol indicates information that, if ignored, could possibly result in
personal injury or physical damage due to incorrect handling.
This symbol indicates operations (instructions and actions) you must perform.
This symbol indicates actions (prohibited actions) that must not be performed.
Precautions About this Product and Accessories
Turn the power off in public facilities and on public transport. This product communicates with your
smartphone wirelessly. The radio waves may interfere with devices around you, causing a malfunction,
accident, or injury.
If fluid leaks from the battery, do not touch it with your bare hands. If fluid comes into contact with your
body, immediately rinse it off with tap water and then contact a doctor as this could cause burns, injury,
and loss of sight.
Do not charge this product in a location that may become hot such as near a fire or heating appliance,
in a location subject to direct sunlight, or inside a car. Doing so may cause a fire, burns, the battery to
deteriorate, and so on.
Do not disassemble and repair the product yourself. Doing so may cause an electric shock or accident.
Do not leave this product within the reach of small children. This is a choking hazard and is extremely
dangerous if licked or placed in a mouth.
Make sure the attachment is attached in the correct direction.
Before using this product, check that it is secured to the golf club properly. If it is insufficiently secured,
the sensor may come off, causing an injury or malfunction.
Take care not to trap your fingers when mounting the unit to the attachment.
Be sure to remove this product from the golf club before storing or carrying the golf club.
Clean the product by gently wiping it with a soft, dry cloth.
Check that the micro USB port cover is closed securely before use.
When the product is placed in a bag and so on, make sure that it does not end up below a heavy
object. The case may crack or the battery may rupture, causing an injury or burn.
Make sure you exercise based on your physical condition. Sudden acute exercise and overexertion are
Take care not to hit any people or objects when swinging the golf club.
Do not use chemicals, detergent, and so on..
Do not use the product for anything except for its intended purpose.
Do not throw the product or subject it to strong impacts. This could result in damage or a malfunction,
or cause an injury.
Do not wet the product or insert a foreign object inside the product. This product is not waterproofed
so there is the risk of a malfunction or electric shock.
Do not leave the product in a hot or humid location or in direct sunlight.
Do not attach this product to anything other than a golf club.
Do not mount the attachment toa golf club that is scratched as this could interfere with the
Precautions Regarding Wireless Transmissions
About Wireless Equipment
This product contains wireless equipment that has been certified as a low power, data
communications wireless unit based on Radio Law.
About Frequencies
This product operates on 2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz in the 2.4 GHz band. Other wireless devices
S size
may use the same frequencies. Note the following to prevent radio waves from interfering
with other wireless devices.
Warranty Booklet
Precautions when Using this Product
The frequencies used by this product are in the 2.4 GHz band. Microwaves and other
industrial, scientific, and medical devices, other similar radio stations, in-plant radio stations
for mobile object identification requiring a license used on, for example, the production
lines of factories, specified low power radio stations not requiring a license, and amateur
radio stations (hereafter abbreviated as "other radio stations") operate in this frequency band.
1. Before using this product, make sure there are no other radio stations being used in the
2. If radio wave interference occur between this product and another radio station,
immediately change the location where this product is used or stop using this product
(stop the emission of radio waves).
3. If you have any questions or other problems occur, contact our information center.
- Use this product where there is a clear line of sight.
- If this product is used together with a wireless LAN (IEE 802.11g/b/n) that uses the same
2.4 GHz band, the communication speed may deteriorate or a connection may not be
In this case, change the location where this product is used or turn off the power of
devices not being used.
Other Precautions
About the Built-in Battery
- The battery is a consumable item that deteriorates even under normal use.
- Battery performance will decline if this product is stored for a long period of time without
being used.
- The battery duration will become shorter in an environment with a low ambient
This product uses a lithium polymer rechargeable battery for the internal
The lithium polymer rechargeable battery is a recyclable resource.
When disposing of this product, do not remove the battery yourself but
instead consult with your relevant local authority.
This wireless device uses the 2.4 GHz band. It
uses the FHSS modulation method and has an
interference distance of 10 m.
1. Part Names and Functions
Status lamp (blue and red)
The lamp flashs to indicate the status of the
product. For more details, check the Help in
the application (Epson M-Tracer for Golf ).
Charging Micro USB Port and Cover
Open the cover to charge the device.
Meaning of Status Lamp Display
Turning on
The blue lamp turns on for one second, and then flashes
once every two seconds.
The blue lamp flashes twice every two seconds.
Turning off
The blue lamp turns on and then turns off.
No battery power remaining
The red lamp flashes once every five seconds.
In pairing mode
The blue and red lamps flash alternately.
Normal error
The red lamp flashes on and off every one second.
Hardware error
The red lamp turns on for five seconds and then turns off for
0.5 seconds repeatedly.
2. Charging the Battery
Make sure you charge the battery before using the product for the first time.
Use an AC adapter for a smartphone and a micro USB cable to charge the battery
(you can also charge from a computer's USB port). If you do not have an AC
adapter for a smartphone, purchase our optional AC adapter.
Turn off the product and then connect the micro USB cable supplied with the
product to the AC adapter for the smartphone and the unit to start charging.
Micro USB Cable (Supplied
with this Product)
The charging lamp (orange) turns on. The charging lamp dims when charging is
Stop charging if it does not complete after 3 hours. Continuing to use the
product in this condition could cause it to leak, catch fire, overheat, or explode.
3. Connecting the Product to a Smartphone
To use this product, you need to pair it to a smartphone using a Bluetooth
Place the unit within 1 m of the smartphone.
With the product turned off, hold down the control button for at least five
The unit enters pairing mode and the status lamp flashes blue and red alternately.
Turn on the Bluetooth setting of the smartphone.
Example: [Settings] - [Bluetooth] - [ON]
Tap "MT + last 5 digits of the serial number" in the list of detected devices.
(Example: M12345)
When pairing is complete, a message is displayed on the smartphone. The status
lamp flashes twice every two seconds.
The serial number is printed on the sticker on the back of the unit.
Charging lamp
Bright light: Charging
Dim light: Charging
Control Button
Turns the power on/off.
Reset hole
(bottom of the unit)
Resets the unit.



Summary of Contents for Epson M-Tracer MT500G

  • Page 1 For more details, check the Help in MT500G Do not disassemble and repair the product yourself. Doing so may cause an electric shock or accident. the application (Epson M-Tracer for Golf ). Dim light: Charging complete Do not leave this product within the reach of small children. This is a choking hazard and is extremely Start Here dangerous if licked or placed in a mouth.
  • Page 2 The red status lamp turns on and the unit enters the measuring status. performance of the Bluetooth device that is the communication target. • The Epson Sensing ID allows you to use multiple services and functions provided by The operation time conditions are in compliance with our measurement conditions.