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LG LDF6920(WW,BB,ST) Service Manual

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS 1. CAUTION......................... 4 2. SPECIFICATIONS ......................5 3. WIRING DIAGRAM......................6 4. FEATURES & TECHNICAL EXPLANATION ..............7 5. PARTS NAME ........................ 11 6. PROGRAM CHART ..................... 12 7. HOW TO DISASSEMBLE .................... 13 8. TROUBLE SHOOTING METHODS ................22 A.
  • Page 3: Caution

    CAUTION ! DISCONNECT POWER CORD BEFORE SERVICING RECONNECT ALL GROUNDING DEVICES IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE ! This service information is intended for individuals possessing adequate backgrounds of electrical, electronic and mechanical experience. Any attempt to repair this appliance may result in personal injury and property damage.
  • Page 4: Specifications

    2. SPECIFICATION SPECIFICATION ITEM Rated Voltage / Frequency AC 120V/60Hz Installation Built-In Place Settings Product Dimension(in) 23 3/4 x 24 5/8 x 33 1/2 ̋ ̋ ̋ Product Weight(lbs) 90lbs Door Color White, Black, Stainless Tub Material Stainless Steel Control Electronic Rated Power(Watt) 1,350...
  • Page 5: Wiring Diagram

    3. WIRING DIAGRAM 6920 serise - 6 -...
  • Page 6: Features & Technical Explanation

    If you raise the Upper Rack, you can load large dishes in the Lower Rack. (Max. 14 in.) The tall tub provides large dishes loading as well as large capacity. LG dishwashers let you load oversized items in the Lower and Upper Rack. Slim Direct Motor ■ ■...
  • Page 7 4-2. Display Panel LDF 6920 Series ■ ■ Control panel may vary on some models. PROGRAM • Press the program that corresponds to your desired wash cycle. INDICATOR • Child lock: Lamp will turn on when Child Lock setting is on. •...
  • Page 8: Delay Start

    DELAY START • If you want to delay the start of a selected program, press the Delay Start button. • Each press of Delay Start will delay the start of the cycle by one hour. • The delay start time can be adjusted from 1 to 12 hours in one-hour increment.
  • Page 9 4-3. TEST MODE LDF 6810/6920 Series CHECK PROGRAM The number of Door open/ BUTTON Load and Checking points pushing button Display closed Upper Only + Time Delay + 1 TIME 3H/U5 All LEDs are lighting Both POWER Power Scrub 1 TIME All LEDs are lighting Both Normal...
  • Page 10: Parts Name

    5. PARTS NAME 5-3. LDF 6810 Series � Control Panel � Detergent & Rinse Aid Dispenser � Door Handle � Vapor Vent Cover � Front Cover � Upper Rack � Lower Cover � Cutlery Basket � Leveling Foot � Lower Rack �...
  • Page 11: Program Chart

    6. PROGRAM CHART(SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM) LDF 6920 Series - 12 -...
  • Page 12: How To Disassemble

    7. HOW TO DISASSEMBLE BEFORE DISASSEMBLING THE DISHWASHER ; 1) Remove the cord from electric outlet to avoid electric shock. 2) Close the Water Tap (faucet). 3) Remove all dishes and items in the dishwasher. 4) Remove the Lower Rack and the Upper Rack. 5) Remove the inlet hose and drain hose connetion to avoid the hose damages.
  • Page 13: Door Assembly

    3-1. Door Assembly 1) Front Cover Open the door. Remove 12 screws(stainless). 2) Control Panel Assembly Remove 2 screws(Stainless). Remove the wire connections. Be sure the wiring should not be Control Panel Front Cover changed in reassembling Remove the Latch assembly. Remove the Front Display.
  • Page 14 3) Fan Assembly Gasket Inner Cover Open the door. Detergent Remove 4 screws and a earth screw for Dispenser Fan Assembly Door Bracket. Remove the wire connetions. Remove the Air Duct. Air Duct Turn the Inner Cover counterclockwise. Hose 4) Detergent Dispenser Flange Close the door Remove the wire connections.
  • Page 15: Lower Frame

    4. Lower Frame 1) Press the holder hook as shown in figure. 2) Remove 4 screws. Lower Frame Lead Wire Holer Lead Wire Holer Hook 5. Put the Dishwasher upside down. 6. Drain Hose Holder 1) Press the holder hook as shown in figure. 2) Pull the Drain Hose and remove the Drain Hose Holder.
  • Page 16 7. Base Cover Base Cover 1) Remove 2 screws. 2) Pull the Base Cover out. Cabinet Base 8. Harness & Hose Assembly 1) Remove the wiring connections. 2) Remove the Hose connections from Sump Assembly. You can see the information of Wiring Diagram at the back of Lower Cover.
  • Page 17 9. Cabinet Base Cabinet Base 1) Remove 8 screws. 2) Lift it upward. 10. Foot & Nut 1) Pull the Foot twisting 2) Pull the Nut pushing the hook. Foot 11. Rear Leg Adjustment System Holder 1) Remove 2 screws. 2) Pull the Holder.
  • Page 18: Inlet Valve

    12. Inlet Valve Cabinet Base Inlet Valve 1) You can disassemble the lnlet Valve by removing the 2 screws. 13. Air Braker Assembly 1) Disconnect the 3 hoses assembly. 2) Turn the Air Braker Nut counterclockwise. Be careful the o-ring should not be lost. Gasket Air Braker Air Braker...
  • Page 19 1) Heater & Drain Motor Pull the Heater out of the Sump after Drain Pump releasing the nut. Remove 3 screws. Heater 2) Vario Motor Remove 2 screws for Vario Motor. Pull the Vario Motor and Micro S/W. Vario Motor Micro 3) Soil Sensor Pull the Soil Sensor.
  • Page 20 When you reassemble the Sump Assembly, be careful not to kink, tear and take off the seals. 15. Holder Supporter, Tub Packing and Hinge Supporter Assembly. Rotate the screwdriver, after slide it into the gap between Stopper Roller and Rail Roller. You must take off Stopper Roller(F117) by –...
  • Page 21: Trouble Shooting Methods

    8.TROUBLE SHOOTING METHODS A. TROUBLE SHOOTING ACCORDING TO DISPLAYED ERROR MESSAGE POSSIBLE CAUSE ERROR MESSAGE REMEDY FOR ERROR OCCURRENCE The Water Supply Tap is closed. Take action on Water Supply INLET ERROR The Water Supply is shut off. device. The Inlet Hose is kinked. The Water Pressure is very low.
  • Page 22 POSSIBLE CAUSE ERROR MESSAGE REMEDY FOR ERROR OCCURRENCE EXCESS ERROR The Inlet Valve is troubled. Replace the Inlet Valve. The Controller is troubled. Repair or replace the Controller. displayed Condition Excessive water is sup- plied than normal water level.(Automatically drain Pump operated.) Check the temperature.
  • Page 23: Trouble Diagnoses And Repair By Symptom

    B. TROUBLE DIAGNOSES AND REPAIR BY SYMPTOM No Power on when the power button pressed. • Re-connect the Powr connection. The Power connection is correctly connected. • Check the electricity is failed or not. The Fuse or Circuit Breaker • Replace the Fuse or Circuit Breaker of house. of house is O.K? The Power Switch or •...
  • Page 24 The Wash Pump/Motor does not run. • close the Door tightly. The Door is tightly closed? • Check the Door Switch in Latch Handle. • Re-connect the wiring connections related to the The Wiring connections is OK? Washing Motor. The Blade is not locked •...
  • Page 25 Washing Results are not Satisfactory After washing, are there still White deposits or streaks on Reduce the amount of Rinse-Aid the dishes? (for Streak) After washing, are there still food soils on the dishes? Check that : - the amount of detergent Correctly used or not - Filters clogged or not.
  • Page 26 Power Button not automatically off after operation. Check the button is blocked by foreign materials. Check the Power Switch.(Replace it, if necessary.) Check the Controller.(Replace it, if necessary.) - 27 - - 27 -...
  • Page 27: Installation Instruction

    9. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION Step 1: PREPARE CUPBOARD OPENING 1. This dishwasher is designed to fit a standard dishwasher opening as shown below. 2. Select a location as close to sink as possible for easy connections to water and drain lines. 3.
  • Page 28 Step 2: PREPARE THE ELECTRICAL WIRING WARNING For personal safety, remove house fuse or open circuit breaker before installation. Do not use an extension cord or adapter plug with this dishwasher. Electrical and grounding connections must comply with the national electrical code/provincial and municipal code and/or other local codes.
  • Page 29 Step 3: PREPARE THE WATER SUPPLY CONNECTION 1. This dishwasher may be connected to either hot or cold water. If the water can not be maintained below 149℉ ℉ (65℃), the dishwasher must be connected to cold water. 2. When connecting the dishwasher water line, sealing tape or compound should be used to avoid leaks.
  • Page 30 Step 5: INSTALL THE DISHWASHER IN CUPBOARD 1. Remove the Lower Cover and orient dishwasher as shown below. 2. Before sliding the dishwasher into the cupboard opening, make all necessary height adjustments using the legs. 3. Slide the dishwasher into the cabinet opening carefully. Make sure that the drain hose inside the cabinet is not kinked.
  • Page 31 Step 6: DRAIN LINE CONNECTION 1. If the end of the drain hose does not fit to the drain line, use an adapter (not supplied) that must be resistant to heat and detergent and may be obtained from a plumbing shop. 2.
  • Page 32 Step 7: WATER SUPPLY CONNECTION 1. When connecting, sealing tape or sealing compound should be used to avoid water leaks. 2. Before connecting, turn off the water supply. Inlet Valve 3. After fitting the Elbow into the Elbow Inlet Valve, slide the Flexible Stainless Tube or Copper Tube Water Supply Tube into the Elbow.
  • Page 33 Step 9: FINAL CHECKS 1. Turn electrical power back on at the circuit breaker. 2. Turn house water supply back on. 3. Operate the dishwasher through one cycle (Quick cycle is recommended) to check for water leaks and operating conditions. 4.
  • Page 34: Exploded View

    10. EXPLODED VIEW “The following parts are not illustrated" ACCESSORIES Description Loc No. Printed *Owner’s Manual G001 E005 materials *Energy Label G002 *Service Manual G004 - 35 - - 35 -...
  • Page 35 EXPLODED VIEW E005 F101 E010 F001 A130 M100 M210 A160 M260 M261 A040 M266 M105 A003 - 36 - - 36 -...
  • Page 36 EXPLODED VIEW - TUB ASSEMBLY M086 F040 F060 F080 F045 F050 F022 M090 F041 F042 F043 F171 F011 F013 F117 F144 F132 F110 F143 F117 M005 M006 F011 F210 F013 - 37 -...
  • Page 37 EXPLODED VIEW - RACK ASSEMBLY F192 A080 A151 F004 A101 F005 A102 A103 A152 A070 A060 A150 A073 A074 A050 F191 A142 A141 A110 A140 - 38 - - 38 -...
  • Page 38 EXPLODED VIEW - PANEL ASSEMBLY K216 K201 K215 K207 K253 K209 K260 K252 K203 K208 K251 - 39 - - 39 -...
  • Page 39 EXPLODED VIEW - DOOR ASSEMBLY K217 K005 K010 K030 K110 K121 K122 K101 K001 K100 K124 K002 K141 A120 K140 F142 F141 F174 - 40 - - 40 -...
  • Page 40 EXPLODED VIEW - SUMP ASSEMBLY M001 M038 M110 M025 M130 M035 M027 M028 M120 M031 M220 M088 M034 M026 M050 M007 M036 M087 M081 M060 - 41 - - 41 -...
  • Page 41 MEMO - 42 -...
  • Page 42 MEMO - 43 -...
  • Page 43 P/No. : MFL37554803...

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