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Before You Call For Service - RCA BJLR473ET Owner's Manual

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If Something Goes Wrong

Before you call for service

Dryer doesn't Start
Dryer doesn't Heat
Dryer Shakes or Makes
Excessive Noise
Greasy Spots on
Lint on Clothes
Possible Causes
Dryer is unplugged
Fuse is blown/circuit
breaker is tripped
Fuse is blown/circuit breaker
is tripped, the dryer may
tumble but not heat
Gas service is off
Some shaking/noise is normal.
Dryer may be sitting unevenly
Improper use of fabric softener
Drying dirty items with
clean ones
Clothes were not completely
Lint filter is full
Improper sorting
Static electricity can attract lint
Paper, tissue, etc. left in pockets
What to Do
• Make sure the dryer plug is pushed
completely into the outlet.
• Check the house fuse/circuit breaker
box and replace fuse or reset breaker.
NOTE: Most electric dryers use two breakers.
• Check the house fuse/circuit breaker box
and replace fuse or reset breaker.
• Make sure gas shutoff at dryer and main
shutoff are fully open.
• Move dryer to a flat place on the floor, or
adjust as necessary until even.
• Follow directions on fabric softener package.
• Use your dryer to dry only clean items. Dirty
items can stain clean items and the dryer.
• Sometimes stains which cannot be seen when
the clothes are wet "appear" after drying. Use
proper washing procedures before drying.
• Clean lint screen before each load.
• Sort lint producers (like chenille) from
lint collectors (like corduroy).
• See suggestions in this section under STATIC.
• Separate large loads into smaller ones.
• Empty all pockets before laundering clothes.



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