Care And Cleaning - RCA BJLR473ET Owner's Manual

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Care & Cleaning
The Interior
The Exterior
The Lint Filter
The drum is rust-resistant and
requires no special care.
Wipe off any spills or washing
compounds. Wipe or dust with
a damp cloth. Try not to strike
the surface with sharp objects.
Dryer control panel and finishes
may be damaged by some laundry
pretreatment soil and stain remover
products if such products are
sprayed on or have direct contact
with the dryer.
Before every dryer use, clean the
lint filter. Moisten your fingers and
reach into the filter opening. Run
your fingers across the filter.
To keep your dryer operating at
peak performance, be sure to have
a technician vacuum the lint from
the machine every three years.
To store your dryer for a short
period of time, disconnect the
power supply and clean the lint
Apply these pretreatment products
away from the dryer. The fabric
may then be washed and dried
normally. Damage to your dryer
caused by pretreatment products
is not covered by your warranty.



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