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RIDGID WD0625 Owner's Manual: Vacuuming Dry Materials; Vacuuming Liquids; Emptying The Drum

6 u.s. gallons/ 22.5 litres or 9 u.s. gallons/ 34.0 litres wet/dry vac.
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Operation (continued)
does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the
plug. If it still does not fit, contact a
qualified electrician to install the proper
outlet. Do not change the plug in any way.
After you plug the power cord into the outlet,
turn the unit on by pushing the switch from
position "O" to position "l". The symbols
used on the switch actuator are international
"On & Off" symbols. "O" is the symbol for
"OFF" and "l" is the symbol for "ON".
Familiarize yourself with the accessories
included with the vac. Each accessory may
be used in various ways for vacuuming and
blowing debris. Here is a list of the
accessories and their uses.
Utility Nozzle - General purpose nozzle for
most vacuuming applications.
Wet Nozzle (WD09450 Only) - Used for
wet pickup on smooth surfaces to pick up
liquid and dry the surface in one stroke.
Car Nozzle (WD09450 Only) - Dry pickup
upholstery cleaning.
Extension Wands - These wands can be
additional length for more reach.
Hose - Provides transfer of vacuum or
blowing capability to work site. Provides
the means of attaching extension wands
and nozzles.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire
or electric shock, do not run vac

Vacuuming Dry Materials

1. The filter must always be in correct
position at all times to avoid leaks and
possible damage to vac.
2. Your using your vac to pick up very fine
dust, it will be necessary for you to
empty the drum and clean the filter at
more frequent intervals to maintain peak
vac performance.
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NOTE: A dry filter is necessary to pick up
dry material. If you use your vac to pick up
material when the filter is wet, the filter will
clog quickly and be very difficult to clean.
3. If your filter is wet but you need to use
the vac to pick up dry material, you can
quickly dry the filter by running the vac
10 minutes. The clean air rushing
through the vac will help dry the filter.

Vacuuming Liquids

1. When picking up small amounts of liquid
the filter may be left in place.
2. When picking up large amounts of liquid
we recommend that the filter be
removed. If the filter is not removed, it
will become saturated and misting may
appear in the exhaust.
3. When the liquid in the drum reaches a
predetermined level, the float mechanism
will rise automatically to cut off air-flow.
You will know that the float has risen
because vac airflow ceases and the
motor noise will become higher in pitch,
due to increased motor speed. When this
happens, turn off the vac, unplug the
power cord, and empty the drum.
4. After using the vac to pick up liquids, the
filter must be dried to avoid possible
mildew and damage to the filter.
IMPORTANT: To reduce the risk of
damage to the vac, do not run motor with
float in raised position.

Emptying the Drum

WARNING: To reduce the risk of
unplug power cord before emptying
the drum.
1. Remove the lid. Pull the flexible latches
outward on each side of the lid to
release from the drum.
2. While holding the latches out, lift the top
assembly up and away from the drum.



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