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JVC HV-29JH24, HV-29JH54, HV-29JH74, HV-29VH14, HV-29JH54 Instructions Manual

Jvc colour television instructions digipure
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Remote control buttons
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  Summary of Contents for JVC HV-29JH24, HV-29JH54, HV-29JH74, HV-29VH14, HV-29JH54

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    COLOUR TELEVISION HV-29JH24 HV-29JH54 HV-29JH74 HV-29VH14 HV-29VH54 INSTRUCTIONS Contents Introduction of the functions Setting up your TV ... . . 3 TV buttons and functions Remote control buttons and functions Using the TV's menu .
  • Page 2: Introduction Of The Functions

    Thank you for buying this JVC colour television. To make sure you understand how to use your new TV, please read this manual thoroughly before you begin. WARNING: TO PREVENT FIRE OR SHOCK HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE.
  • Page 3: Setting Up Your Tv

    Setting up your TV CAUTION • Turn off all the equipment including the TV before connecting anything. 1 Connecting the aerial and VCR • Aerial cable is not supplied. Use a good quality 75-ohm coaxial cable. • Read the manual that came with the VCR before connecting.
  • Page 4: Connecting The Power Cord

    JVC logo is displayed. 1 Press the main power button on the The TV is turned on, and the JVC logo appears. • If the POWER lamp on the TV lights red and does not change to green, your TV is in the standby mode.
  • Page 5 • If you do not need to use the EDIT/ MANUAL function, press the MENU/ OK button to close the EDIT menu. Now, setting up is complete. Please enjoy your new JVC TV! Setting up your TV MUTING POWER SYSTEM...
  • Page 6: Tv Buttons And Functions

    TV buttons and functions HV-29JH24 / HV-29JH54 / HV-29JH74 POWER IN (VIDEO-4) OVER L/MONO POWER POWER IN (VIDEO-4) OVER L/MONO IN (VIDEO-4) OVER L/MONO HV-29VH14 / HV29VH54 (Behind the cover) OVER L/MONO IN (VIDEO-4) Turn the main power on Press the main power button 1. The POWER lamp 2 lights red and your TV is in the standby mode.
  • Page 8: And Functions

    Remote control buttons and functions MUTING SYSTEM CINEMA COLOUR SOUND SURROUND DISPLAY MENU TV/VIDEO PICTURE MODE Except SUB-P RETURN + HV-29JH24 HV-29VH14 CHANNEL FAVORITE CH RM-C1350 HV-29JH74 FAVORITE CH RM-C1351 HV-29JH24 FAVORITE CH RM-C1353 HV-29JH54 / HV-29VH54 FAVORITE CH HV-29VH14 Turn the TV on from standby mode Press the POWER button.
  • Page 9: Muting Button

    MUTING button Press the MUTING button to turn off the volume. Pressing the MUTING button again resumes the previous volume level. ZOOM button You can change the screen size according to the picture aspect ratio. Choose the optimum one from the following ZOOM modes.
  • Page 10 Remote control buttons and functions RETURN+ button The RETURN+ button has two functions; the RETURN+ function and the RETURN function. If a channel has been registered as the “Return Channel”, the RETURN+ function operates. If there is no setting for the “Return Channel”, the RETURN function operates.
  • Page 11: Display Button

    DISPLAY button You can display the PR LIST, programme number or VIDEO terminal number on the screen. Press the DISPLAY button. Press the DISPLAY button changes the display as follows: No indication Choose a TV channel or a VIDEO terminal 1 Press the DISPLAY button to display the PR LIST.
  • Page 12: Favorite Channel

    Remote control buttons and functions BROADCASTING SYSTEMS For sound and colour systems in your country or region, refer to the table below: COLOUR SYSTEM Area Country or Region Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, etc. Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, etc.
  • Page 13: Viewing A Teletext

    • The picture effect dedicated for the colour button applies. For details, see “Setting the picture effect” below: Setting the picture effect Each colour button has a dedicated picture effect. When you choose a favorite channel, the dedicated picture effect is used. When shipped, the factory set picture effect is used for this purpose.
  • Page 14 Remote control buttons and functions (Hold) button You can hold a teletext page on the screen for as long as you want, even while several other teletext pages are being received. Press the (Hold) button. (hold) are displayed at the top left of the screen.
  • Page 15: Using The List Mode

    Using the List mode You can store the numbers of your favorite teletext pages in memory and call them up quickly using the colour buttons. To store the page numbers: 1 Press the MODE button to engage the List mode. The stored page numbers are displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Page 16 Remote control buttons and functions • When you exit the Twin or PIP mode, the sub picture lastly displayed will be saved, and it will appear next time. • The following table shows what will happen if the same input sources are chosen for both main and sub pictures when you enter the Twin or PIP mode.
  • Page 17 Multi-display function [Except HV-29JH24/HV-29VH14] You can watch nine different TV programmes at a time. As you can display nine TV programmes successively, this function is convenient to locate the TV programme you want. Eight pictures are still pictures and the last one is the moving picture with the blue frame.
  • Page 18 Remote control buttons and functions Freeze function [Except HV-29JH24/HV-29VH14] While watching a picture, you can capture a still picture you want. The captured still picture and the moving picture are displayed at a time. (They are the pictures of the same source.) Press the (Freeze) button.
  • Page 19: Using The Tv's Menu

    Using the TV’s menu This TV has a number of functions you can operate using menus. To fully utilize all your TV’s functions, you need to understand the basic menu operating techniques fully. • The following remote control is for HV-29JH74. However, the buttons used for setting TV menus are common to all models.
  • Page 20: Picture Setting Menu

    Using the TV’s menu 4 Press the 5 buttons to choose the setting of that function. • If you want to operate a function which appears only with its name, follow the descriptions of that function on the following pages. •...
  • Page 21: Picture Features Menu

    COLOUR You can adjust the picture colour. 2 : lighter 3 : deeper TINT You can adjust the picture tint. 2 : reddish 3 : greenish • You can change the TINT setting (picture tint) only when the colour system is NTSC 3.58 or NTSC 4.43. •...
  • Page 22: Pull Down

    Using the TV’s menu DigiPure The Digipure function uses the latest in digital technology to give you a natural looking picture. The Digipure function includes the following two functions. Digipure function: This function helps to create a natural looking picture by eliminating unnecessary edges from high-contrast and crisp images.
  • Page 23: Colour System

    COLOUR SYSTEM The colour system is chosen automatically. However, if the picture is not clear or no colour appears, choose the colour system manually. 1 Choose COLOUR SYSTEM, then press the 5 buttons to choose the appropriate colour system. • You can also operate the COLOUR SYSTEM function with the COLOUR SYSTEM button on the remote control.
  • Page 24: Favorite Ch Setting

    Using the TV’s menu FAVORITE CH SETTING You can set a dedicated picture effect for the favorite channels registered to the colour buttons (Red, Green, Yellow and Blue). For favorite channel registration, see “Favorite channel registration” on page 12. 1 Choose FAVORITE CH SETTING, then press the MENU/OK button.
  • Page 25: Sound Setting Menu

    3 Set the picture effect. Press the 6 button to choose an item listed in the following table and press the 5 button to choose one of options. • As explained in the table, the PICTURE EFFECT for the video inputs is set to OFF when shipped.
  • Page 26: Features Menu

    Using the TV’s menu BALANCE You can adjust the volume balance between the left and right speakers. 2 : turn the left speaker’s volume level up. 3 : turn the right speaker’s volume level up. AI VOLUME You can prevent the sudden increase or decrease of sound that occurs when changing the channel to another channel or switching the VIDEO mode to another...
  • Page 27: Blue Back

    BLUE BACK You can set the TV to automatically change to a blue screen and mute the sound if the signal is weak or absent, or when there is no input from an external device. This function is turned on. OFF: This function is turned off.
  • Page 28: Auto Shutoff

    Using the TV’s menu 2 Press the DISPLAY button to display “ID NO.” (ID number input screen). 3 Press the number buttons to enter the ID number. The lock is temporarily released so you can view the TV channel. If you have forgotten the ID number: Perform step 1 of “To set this function:”...
  • Page 29: Install Menu

    INSTALL menu LANGUAGE You can choose the language you want to use for the on-screen display from the language list in a menu. 1 Choose LANGUAGE, then press the MENU/OK button. 2 Press the 6 buttons to choose a language. 3 Press the MENU/OK button to complete the setting.
  • Page 30 Using the TV’s menu EDIT/MANUAL The EDIT/MANUAL functions are divided into two types: editing of the current programme numbers (EDIT functions) and manual registration of a TV channel you want to view to the programme number (MANUAL function). CAUTION • Using the MOVE, DELETE or INSERT function rewrites the current programme numbers list.
  • Page 31 1 Press the 6 buttons to choose a TV channel. 2 Press the red button to start the ID function. 3 Enter a channel name (ID). Press the 6 buttons to choose a character. Press the 5buttons to move the cursor.
  • Page 32 Using the TV’s menu INSERT Preparation: • Find the CH/CC number corresponding to the channel number of the TV channel from page 33. 1 Press the 6 buttons to choose a programme number for which you will register a new TV channel. •...
  • Page 33 CH/CC number When you want to use the INSERT function on page 32, find the CH/CC number corresponding to the Channel number of the TV channel from this table. US: The US channel numbers are the channel numbers used in the United States, Philippines, etc.
  • Page 34: Teletext Language

    Using the TV’s menu TELETEXT LANGUAGE [Except HV-29JH54/HV-29VH14/ HV-29VH54] There are five types of teletext language groups. Set the teletext language group that corresponds to the language of the teletext program that you want to watch. 1 Choose TELETEXT LANGUAGE, then press the MENU/OK button.
  • Page 35: Additional Preparation

    Additional preparation Connecting the external devices Connect the devices to the TV, paying attention to the following connection diagram. Before connecting anything: • Read the manuals provided with the devices. Depending on the devices, the connection method may differ from the figure.
  • Page 36: Connecting Headphones

    Additional preparation Connecting methods 1 Connect the TV’s VIDEO jack and the device’s VIDEO OUT (video output) jack with a video cable. If connecting a device to the TV with an S-VIDEO cable: Connect the VCR’s S-VIDEO OUT (S- VIDEO output) connector and the TV’s S connector with an S-VIDEO cable, instead of connecting with a video cable.
  • Page 37: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If a problem arises while you are using the TV, please read this “Troubleshooting” well before you request having the TV repaired. You may be able to fix it easily by yourself. For example, if the AC plug is disconnected from the AC outlet, or the TV aerial has problems, you may think there is a problem with the TV itself.
  • Page 38: Poor Sound

    Troubleshooting • When a white and bright still image (such as a white dress) is displayed on the screen, the white part may look as if it were coloured. It is a phenomenon unavoidable due to the nature of the picture tube itself, and not due to a TV failure.
  • Page 39 phenomena, use the magnetic- shielded speaker instead. • A picture may be tilted due to the influence of the earth’s magnetism. In this case, use the “PICTURE TILT” on page 23 to complete the tilt. • It takes a short period of time from the time an operation such as changing channels is performed until an image is displayed.
  • Page 40: Specification

    Specifications Broadcasting systems Colour systems Channels and frequencies Sound-multiplex systems Teletext systems Languages displayed by teletext Power requirements Audio output VIDEO-1 terminal VIDEO-2 terminal VIDEO-3/COMPONENT VIDEO-4 terminal OUTPUT terminal Headphone jack Accessories Speakers Design and specifications subject to change without notice. Pictures displayed on the screen using this TV’s ZOOM functions should not be shown for any commercial or demonstration purpose in public places (cafes, hotels, etc.) without the consent of the owners of copyright of the original picture sources, as this constitutes an infringement of copyright.

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