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Operating with the onset buttons

Volume setting and programme selection can be made using
the buttons on the front panel.
Volume Setting
• Press "-
" button to decrease volume or "
increase volume, so a volume level scale will be displayed
on the screen.
Programme Selecting
• Press "P/CH+" button to select next programme or "-P/CH"
button to select the previous programme.
Entering Main Menu
• Press "MENU" button to enter main menu. In the main
menu select submenu using "P/CH+" or "-P/CH" button and
enter the submenu using "
the usage of the menus, refer to "Menu System" on page

Operating with Remote Control

The remote control handset of your TV is designed to control
all the functions of the model you selected. The functions will
be described in accordance with the menu system of your
Functions which you can use out of menu system are de-
scribed below.
Volume Setting
Press "
" button to increase volume.
Press "
" button to decrease volume.
Programme Selecting (Previous or next programme)
• Press "
" button to select the previous programme.
• Press "
" button to select the next programme.
+" button to
+" or "-
" button. To learn
Programme Selecting (direct access):
Press digit buttons on the remote control handset to select
programmes between 0 and 9. TV will switch to the selected
program after a short delay.
When you press first digit, second digit will be displayed with
'-' symbol for 3 seconds. To select programmes between 10
and 99 press corresponding digit buttons consecutively be-
fore '-' symbol on the second digit disappears. (e.g. for pro-
gramme 27, first press 2 and then 7 while program number
displayed as '2-' )

Menu System

Your TV has been designed with a menu system. Display
"MENU" (main menu) and enter one of four menus (PIC-
1- Press "MENU" button to display "MENU" (main menu).
The menu titles will be displayed in the main menu.
2- Press "
" or "
press " " or " " button to enter the menu.
• To exit a menu, press "STANDARD" button.
• To go to the previous menu, press "MENU" button.

Picture Menu

To change picture settings:
• Press "MENU" button, now you are in main menu. In the
main menu, select PICTURE using "
then enter the picture menu pressing " " or " " button.
• Enter the Picture Menu directly, pressing the GREEN but-
Setting Brightness:
• As you enter the picture menu, BRIGHTNESS will be the
first selected option.
• Press " " button to increase BRIGHTNESS.
• Press " " button to decrease BRIGHTNESS.
Setting Contrast:
• Using "
" or "
" button select CONTRAST. .
• Press " " button to increase CONTRAST level.
• Press " " button to decrease CONTRAST level.
Setting Colour:
• Using "
" or "
" button select COLOUR.
• Press " " button to increase COLOUR level.
" button to select a menu title, then
" or "
" button,


Table of Contents

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