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Maytag RV Use And Care Manual

Rv cooking appliance
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1. Open windows and evacuate all persons
from the vehicle.
2. Shut off the gas supply at the gas
container or source.
3. Extinguish any open flame.
4. Do not touch electrical switches or use any
phone or radio in the vehicle.
5. Do not start the vehicle's engine or electric
6. Immediately call your gas supplier or
qualified service technician for repairs.
7. Do not turn on the gas supply until the gas
leak(s) has been repaired.
RV Cooking Appliance
Please leave this manual with the appliance.
To save you time, energy and money, read and keep this manual for future

Use and Care

(Appliance is not approved for marine use)
S Using the cooktop
S Using the oven
S Maintenance
S Care
S Service
Do not store or use gasoline or
other flammable vapors and liquids
in the vicinity of this or any other
Improper installation, adjustment, alteration,
service, or maintenance can cause injury or
property damage. Refer to this manual. For
assistance or additional information consult
a qualified installer, service agency, manu-
facturer (dealer), or the gas supplier.
1-800-688-2002 Canada
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  Summary of Contents for Maytag RV

  • Page 1: Use And Care

    RV Cooking Appliance Use and Care (Appliance is not approved for marine use) CONTENTS ..3 to 5 S SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ....
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ABOUT YOUR RV APPLIANCE Thank You TABLE OF CONTENTS for purchasing our cooking . . . appliance. To help you obtain the maximum in cooking ..IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS satisfaction, we offer these suggestions: .
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using this appliance. following instructions based safety considerations and must be strictly followed to eliminate the potential risks of fire, electric shock, or personal injury. Have your appliance installed and properly grounded by a qualified installer according to the installation instructions.
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT YOUR APPLIANCE COOKING SAFETY Always place a pan on a surface burner before turning it on. To prevent potential hazard to the user and damage to the Be sure you know which knob controls which surface burner. appliance, never use ap- Make sure the correct burner is turned on and that the burner pliance as a space heater...
  • Page 5: Save These Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS UTENSIL SAFETY CLEANING SAFETY Turn off all controls and wait for appliance parts to cool before Use pans with flat bottoms and handles that are easily touching or cleaning them. Do not touch the burner grates or grasped and stay cool.
  • Page 6: Using The Cooktop

    USING THE COOKTOP IGNITION SYSTEM The surface burners will feature either matchlit ignition or To light surface burner with Piezo ignition: Piezo pilotless ignition. Be sure all control knobs are in the OFF position before supplying gas to the appliance. Be sure 1.
  • Page 7: Selecting The Flame Size

    USING THE COOKTOP SELECTING FLAME SIZE ADJUSTING THE FLAME Adjust the flame size so it Use a HIGH flame setting to quickly bring liquids to a boil or does not extend beyond to begin a cooking operation. Then reduce to a lower setting the edge of the cooking to continue cooking.
  • Page 8: Using The Oven

    USING THE OVEN IGNITION SYSTEM OVEN CHARACTERISTICS The oven features pilot ignition. Be sure all control knobs are Because each oven has its own personal baking in the OFF position before supplying gas to the appliance. characteristics, do not expect that your new oven will Be sure gas supply to appliance is on before lighting pilot or perform exactly like your previous oven.
  • Page 9: How To Set Oven

    USING THE OVEN HOW TO SET OVEN BAKING TIPS Use a reliable recipe and accurately measure fresh 1. When cool, position the rack in the oven. ingredients. oven Carefully follow directions temperature and cooking time. Preheat oven if recom- 2. Push in and turn the OVEN knob to the desired mended.
  • Page 10: Common Baking Problems Chart

    USING THE OVEN COMMON BAKING PROBLEMS AND WHY THEY HAPPEN PROBLEM CAUSE · Pans too close or touching each other or oven walls. · Batter uneven in pans. Cakes are uneven. · Temperature set too low or baking time too short. · Oven not level. · Undermixing. ·...
  • Page 11: Roasting Tips

    Meat Board, 444 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611. NOTE: To purchase a two-piece broiler pan for your RV range, fill out the purchase order form that came with your RV range. If you did not receive the form call...
  • Page 12: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE COOKTOP BURNER GRATES CAUTION: To prevent damage to the cooktop, do not use CAUTION: Do not operate a surface burner without a canners or oversized cookware. The pan should not be pan on the grate. The porcelain finish on the grate may more than one inch larger than the burner grate.
  • Page 13: Sealed Surface Burners

    The porcelain on the burner is durable but over time and with Your RV range or cooktop will feature three surface burners. use may gradually lose its shine. Each burner is secured in place with a screw. When burner is cool, remove the screw before removing the burner.
  • Page 14: Maintenance

    This will release the oven bottom from the two tabs on the oven walls. Your RV range features one oven rack with a choice of two or three rack positions. The oven rack is designed with a safety 2. Then lift the oven bottom up and out of the oven.
  • Page 15: Care And Cleaning Chart

    CARE AND CLEANING CHART CARE AND CLEANING CHART PARTS CLEANING AGENTS DIRECTIONS · Soap and water Use a dry towel or cloth to wipe up spills, especially acid (milk, lemon Baked enamel · Oven door · Mild liquid cleaner juice, fruit, mustard, tomato sauce) or sugary spills. Surface may ·...
  • Page 16 CARE AND CLEANING CHART CARE AND CLEANING CHART PARTS CLEANING AGENTS DIRECTIONS · Soap and water Grates are made of porcelain-coated steel. They can be cleaned at the Grates · Non-abrasive plastic pad sink with soap and water or in the dishwasher. To clean baked on soil, place a damp soapy paper towel over the grate and let stand for 30 minutes.
  • Page 17 CARE AND CLEANING CHART CARE AND CLEANING CHART PARTS CLEANING AGENTS DIRECTIONS · Soap and water Wash with soap and water, rinse and dry. Do not remove door gasket. Silicone rubber · Door gasket · Soap and water DO NOT USE ANY CLEANING PRODUCT CONTAINING Stainless steel, ·...
  • Page 18: Service

    SERVICE INFORMATION CHECK THESE POINTS BEFORE YOU CALL FOR SERVICE PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION a. clogged burner port(s). a. clean ports with straight pin. Surface burner fails to light. b. surface control not completely turned b. turn control to the LITE position until to the LITE position or turned too the burner ignites, then turn control to quickly from the LITE position.
  • Page 19: Service

    SERVICE INFORMATION CHECK THESE POINTS BEFORE YOU CALL FOR SERVICE PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION a. gas pressure regulator. a. have gas dealer test regulator. Oven slow to heat, poor baking results, poor ignition of burner, pilot won’t stay lit, popping sound from surface burner, carbon on pilot shield, burner flame too low/high.
  • Page 20: If You Need Service

    DAMAGES. SOME STATES AND PROVINCES further information on owner’s responsibilities for warranty service. DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR • If the dealer or service company cannot resolve the problem, write to Maytag Services, LIMITATION OF INCIDENTAL OR LLC, Attn: CAIR ®...