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Ductwork Requirements; Electrical Requirements; Installation Instructions; Inspect Shipment - Whirlpool WGPH45 AM Installation Instructions Manual

Package heat pump or package cooling unit
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Minimum Clearances
(91.4 cm)
(91.4 cm)

Ductwork Requirements

Install all conditioned air plenums, ducts and air filters in
accordance with NFPA 90B Standard for the Installation of
Warm Air Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems (latest
The heat pump or air conditioning unit is provided with
flanges for the connection of the plenum and ducts.
All air filters must be listed as Class 2 air filters.
All ductwork must be made of materials and insulated to
meet local, state and national codes. Ductwork installed
outdoors must be sealed, weatherproof and sheltered against
physical damage. Caulking, flashing or other means of
adequately providing a permanent weather seal should be
used where duct penetrates a building or structure opening.
Airflow Conversion
Units can easily be converted from horizontal to downflow airflow
delivery. In downflow or high static installations, the installer
should measure the total external static and review the blower
performance charts before performing the installation. In some
installations it will be necessary to change the blower speed to
provide proper airflow.
Horizontal Airflow
Single phase models are shipped without horizontal duct covers.
If needed, these kits may be ordered through your local supplier.

Inspect Shipment

This heat pump or air conditioning unit is shipped in one
package, completely assembled and wired. The indoor
thermostat and accessories are shipped in a separate carton
when ordered.
Check the heat pump or air conditioning unit rating plate to
confirm specifications are as ordered.
Upon receipt of heat pump or air conditioning unit, inspect it
for possible shipping damage.
(25.4 cm)
(91.4 cm)
A. Wall
B. Unit
C. Curb


Down Discharge Applications
Cut insulation around bottom openings and remove panels from
the bottom of the unit, saving the screws holding the panels in
NOTE: Single phase models require installation of horizontal duct
kit #20464501PDGK (medium chassis) and #20464502PDGK
(large chassis).
Panel Removal
A. Supply air panel
B. Return air panel

Electrical Requirements

Disconnect ALL power before servicing.
Goodman 6
Multiple power sources may be present.
Failure to do so may cause property damage,
personal injury or death.
NOTE: All outdoor wiring must be suitable for outdoor use. Use
copper conductors only.
All field wiring must be done in accordance with National
Electrical Code requirements, applicable requirements of UL,
or local codes, where applicable.
Electrical wiring, disconnect means and over-current
protection are to be supplied by the installer. Refer to the
rating plate for the maximum over-current protection,
minimum service ampacity, and operating voltage. See the
wiring connection diagrams in "Troubleshooting."
This heat pump or air conditioning unit must be electrically
grounded in accordance with National Electric Code (ANSI/
NFPA 70) requirements, applicable requirements of UL, or local
codes, where applicable.
Be sure to examine the heat pump or air conditioning unit
inside the carton if the carton is damaged.
If damage is found, it should be noted on the carrier's freight
bill. Damage claims should be filed with the carrier
immediately. Claims of shortages should be filed with the
seller within 5 days.
NOTE: If any damages are discovered and reported to the carrier,
do not install the heat pump or air conditioning unit, since your
claim may be denied.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents