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Tanita TBF-551 Instruction Manual

Tanita body fat monitor/scale
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Instruction Manual
Read this Instruction Manual carefully
and keep it for future reference.



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  Summary of Contents for Tanita TBF-551

  • Page 1 TBF-551BODYFAT MONITOR/SCALE Instruction Manual Read this Instruction Manual carefully and keep it for future reference.
  • Page 2: Operating Instructions

    TBF-551. Important notes for users There are three modes on the TBF-551: 1) Standard Adult mode, 2) Child mode and 3) Athlete adult mode. Adults (age 18 or older) who are inactive to moderately active should use the Standard Adult mode. Very physically active and fit individuals should use the Athlete adult mode.
  • Page 3: Principles Of Body Fat Percentage Measurement

    Currently, the gold standard methods of fat percentage measurement are the underwater weighing method and DEXA (dual energy x-ray absorbsiometry). Based on data from DEXA, Tanita established a formula for estimating the body fat per- centage. There is a high correlation between measurements taken with the TBF-551 and...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio or television technician for help. Modifications The FCC requires the user to be notified that any changes or modifications made to this device that are not expressly approved by Tanita Corporation may void the user’ s authority to operate the equipment.
  • Page 5: Components

    Tanita TBF-551 Body Fat Monitor/Scale Components Measuring platform Support feet Batteries (6) This Instruction Manual Educational booklet: “What You Shoud Know About Body Fat” “Let’s Get Started” workbook Features and functions of components: Measuring platform Display screen Blue set button...
  • Page 6: Useful Features Of The Tbf-551

    The TBF-551 allows you to measure both weight and body fat percentage simultane- ously and easily, simply by stepping on a scale. The TBF-551 can be set for Adults, Children, or Athlete, Male or Female, increasing the accuracy of the measurements.
  • Page 7: Preparations Before Use

    • Never submerge in water. To clean, use a dampened cloth and mild detergent. Use alcohol to clean the electrodes. • When you change the batteries, exchange all six batteries at the same time with new batteries. If you need assistance, please call our toll-free customer service number at 1-800-TANITA-8.
  • Page 8: How To Measure Body Fat Percentage

    Setting and storing data in memory The TBF-551 can be operated only if data has been pre-programmed into one of the four Personal keys. 1. Turn on the power Use the Blue Set button to turn the unit on.
  • Page 9: Taking Weight Measurement Only

    Release the key within 3 seconds. Note: Do not hold the switch down or the display will show “error.” The TBF-551 is activated, and the display shows the programmed data (see illustration, left). After 2 or 3 seconds, the display will show “0.0.”...
  • Page 10: Replacing The Batteries

    Replacing the batteries When the batteries run low, the “Lo” message will appear on the display window. When this message appears, be sure to replace the batteries immediately, since weak batteries will affect the accuracy of your measurements. Your settings will not be erased from the memory when you remove the batteries. Fresh batteries can last for about one year if a family of four uses the unit once every day.
  • Page 11 Not Valid Without Proof of Purchase Your Tanita product is warranted to the original consumer only, for three (3) years, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. This product is designed for personal use only. Tanita Corporation of America reserves the right to nullify the warranty agreement should the product be used in a commercial environment.
  • Page 12 Or call 1-800-TANITA-8 (USA and certains ennuis, ou encore pour obtenir des un pedido de piezas o productos. O llame al Canada only).