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Instruction Manual
Manuel d'utilisation
Manual de instrucciones
LCD Monitor
Moniteur d'affichage à cristaux liquides
Monitor de LCD
Please read this Instruction book before using your LCD monitor. We wish you many
hours of pleasure from your new LCD monitor.
Veuillez lire attentivement ce mode d'emploi avant d'utiliser votre moniteur. Nous
espérons que votre nouveau dispositif d'affichage vous procurera de nombreux instants
de bonheur.
Lea este manual de instrucciones antes de usar su nuevo monitor. Deseamos que disfrute
de él muchas horas.
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   Summary of Contents for Sanyo CE42LM4WPN-NA

  • Page 1 Instruction Manual 42LM4WPN- Manuel d'utilisation Manual de instrucciones English Page 2~12 LCD Monitor Français Page 13~22 Moniteur d'affichage à cristaux liquides 23- 34 Español Página Monitor de LCD Please read this Instruction book before using your LCD monitor. We wish you many hours of pleasure from your new LCD monitor.
  • Page 2 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS & SERVICING SAFETY PRECAUTIONS & SERVICING CAUTION: Please read and retain for your safety. This unit has been engineered and manufactured to assure your personal safety, but improper use can result in potential electric shock or fire hazards. In order not to defeat the safeguards incorporated in this receiver observe the following basic rules for its installation, use and servicing.
  • Page 3: Ac Power Cord Requirement

    Software; ● applications, utilities and modules embedded within the Product) which is owned by Sanyo or its licensors. Before using the product, ● make the Software (or any part of it) available, or permit its please read the End-User License Conditions detailed below.
  • Page 4 INST ALLA TION INST ALLA TION 1.■ HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) Step : 1 Connections (Essential) This monitor has an HDMI connector. When connected to the HDMI source and HDMI is selected using the remote control, there is a short ■...
  • Page 5: Picture Menu

    INST ALLA TION INST ALLA TION Terminals During menu operation, the bottom of the screen will show which controls can be used. Press the u button to enter the main menu. Main Menu Picture Setting : Select : Adjust : Exit MENU A sub menu is selected using the e or d button and pressing the 8 button when the required sub menu is highlighted.
  • Page 6 REMOTE CONTROL REMOTE CONTROL TV/AV switch To switch from TV, AV1, RGB, AV2, AV3, PC or HDMI mode press repeatedly. Press and hold in a few seconds, an AV selection Standby bar appears. Select the mode you require using the keys To switch the TV on and off.
  • Page 7: Setting Menu

    MENU OPERA TION/ PC OPERA TION MENU OPERA TION/ PC OPERA TION PC menu settings Setting menu Connect your PC to the connector on the left side terminal of the set. Once connected, select PC mode via the v button on your Setting remote control.
  • Page 8: Other Functions

    RS232 OPERATION & OTHER FEA TURES OTHER FEA TURES Other functions RS232C settings ■ Switching into/from standby mode The TV control commands are used to control a TV through RS- 232C from a computer. The Standby mode is used for switching the LCD monitor off for ITEM SPECIFICATION short periods of time.
  • Page 9: Selecting Of Picture Size

    OPERA TION OPERA TION Selecting of picture size ■ Zoom 16:9 ■ Screen options Today there are various transmission formats with different size 14:9 16:9 Letterbox Video ratios, eg. 4:3 , 14:9, 16:9 and video formats such as letterbox. ■ Auto It automatically switches to the optimum screen mode according to the WSS signal provided in the receiving signal source.
  • Page 10: Hotel Mode

    Interference may be caused by electrical appliances, car ignition sales dealer. systems, etc. This should normally be a temporary condition, but should this interference persist, contact your dealer. CE42LM4WPN-NA Hotel Mode Contrast Ratio 800:1 This LCD monitor set allows you to set up the following: Screen(inches/ cm) 42”/ 107cm...
  • Page 11 HDMI / COMPONENT SIGNAL SUPPORT TIMING LIST HD MI si gna l supp ort timing HD MI si gna l supp ort timing Aspect Aspect Vertical Vertical W here W here Format Timing Format Timing Remark Remark ratio ratio Freq (Hz) Freq (Hz) defined defined...
  • Page 12 RS-232C COMMAND TABLES...

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