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Important Note To The Owner Regarding Product Warranty; Shipping Inspection; Codes And Regulations; Installation Clearances - Whirlpool WHP43 Installation Instructions Manual

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Important Note to the Owner Regarding
Product Warranty
Your warranty certificate is supplied as a separate document with
the unit installed by your contractor. Read the limited warranty
certificate carefully to determine what is and is not covered. Keep
the warranty certificate in a safe place. If you are unable to locate
the warranty certificate, please contact your installing contractor,
or contact customer service at 1-866-944-7575 to obtain a copy.
To receive the 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty, online registration
must be completed within 60 days of installation. Online
registration is not required in California or Quebec.
Product limited warranty certificates for models currently in
production can be viewed at If your
model is not currently in production or does not appear on the
website, please contact your installing contractor or contact
customer service at 1-866-944-7575 to obtain a copy of your
warranty certificate.
To register your unit, go to Click on the
manufacturer's Comfort Commitment
the bottom center of the home page. Next, click on the Click
Here to Register Your Product link located at the top center of the
page, and complete the forms in the manner indicated.

Shipping Inspection

Always keep the unit upright; laying the unit on its side or top
may cause equipment damage. Shipping damage and
subsequent investigation is the responsibility of the carrier. Verify
the model number, specifications, electrical characteristics and
accessories are correct prior to installation. The distributor or
manufacturer will not accept claims from dealers for
transportation damage or installation of incorrectly shipped units.

Codes and Regulations

This product is designed and manufactured to comply with
national codes. Installation in accordance with such codes and/
or prevailing local codes/regulations is the responsibility of the
installer. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for
equipment installed in violation of any codes or regulations.
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has
issued various regulations regarding the introduction and
disposal of refrigerants. Failure to follow these regulations may
harm the environment and can lead to the imposition of
substantial fines. Should you have any questions please contact
the local office of the EPA.
If replacing a condensing unit or air handler, the system must be
manufacturer-approved and Air Conditioning, Heating and
Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) matched.
NOTE: Installation of unmatched systems is not allowed.
Operating the unit in a structure that is not complete (either as
part of new construction or renovation) will void the warranty.
Warranty link located at

Installation Clearances

Special consideration must be given to the location of the heat
pump(s) in regard to structures, obstructions, other units and any/
all other factors that may interfere with air circulation. Where
possible, the top of the unit should be completely unobstructed;
however, if vertical conditions require placement beneath an
obstruction, there should be a minimum of 60" (152 cm) between
the top of the unit and the obstruction(s). The specified dimensions
meet requirements for air circulation only. Consult all appropriate
regulatory codes prior to determining final clearances.
Another important consideration in selecting a location for the
unit(s) is the angle to obstructions. Either side adjacent the valves
can be placed toward the structure provided the side away from
the structure maintains minimum service clearance.
NOTE: Corner installations are strongly discouraged.
Not Recommended
Minimum Airflow Clearance—in. (cm)
Model Type
10 (25)
Light Commercial
12 (31)
This unit can be located at the ground floor level or on flat roofs.
At ground floor level, the unit must be on a solid, level foundation
that will not shift or settle. To reduce the possibility of sound
transmission, the foundation slab should not be in contact with or
be an integral part of the building foundation. Ensure the
foundation is sufficient to support the unit. A concrete slab raised
above ground level provides a suitable base.
10 (25)
18 (46)
20 (51)
12 (31)
18 (46)
24 (61)



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