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No Cooling/Heating
High head pressure.
Units with reciprocating or rotary compressors and non-bleed TXV's require a Hard Start Kit.
Cause/Test Method and/or Solution
Faulty evaporator fan motor (heating only). Repair or replace.
Shorted or grounded fan motor. Test motor windings.
Restricted liquid line. Replace restricted part.
Dirty air filter (heating only). Inspect filter; clean or replace as needed.
Dirty indoor coil (heating only). Inspect coil and clean, if needed.
Not enough air across indoor coil (heating only). Check blower speed. Check duct
static pressure and filter.
Overcharge of refrigerant. Recover part of charge.
Dirty outdoor coil. Inspect coil and clean, if needed.
Noncondensibles. Recover charge. Evacuate and recharge.
Recirculation of condensing air. Remove obstruction to airflow.
Wrong type of expansion valve (heating only). Replace valve.
Expansion valve restricted. Remove restriction or replace valve.
Oversized expansion valve. Replace valve.
Faulty reversing valve (heating only). Replace valve or solenoid.
Faulty defrost control (heating only). Test control.
Faulty defrost thermostat (heating only). Test defrost thermostat.
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents