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Yamaha AIC128-D Operation Manual

Yamaha AIC128-D Operation Manual

Dante accelerator audio interface card
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  • Page 1 DANTE ACCELERATOR AUDIO INTERFACE CARD AIC128-D Operation Manual Benutzerhandbuch Fonctions Détaillées Manual de Operaciones Manuale Operativo Руководство пользователя 使用说明书...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Connecting to a Network ........... 4 Before You Set Up Your Network - Important Notes......4 Gigabit Ethernet Support............4 Choosing a Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch ......4 Choosing Ethernet Cabling ............4 Network Configuration..............5 Connection via a Redundant Network........6 Unsupported Dante Network Configurations........7 Straight-through connection to another Dante-enabled device ...............7 Connecting Primary and Secondary redundant networks...
  • Page 3 Troubleshooting ............... 13 Introduction...................13 Network Configuration..............13 Gigabit Ethernet ..............13 Computer Configuration ...............13 Network Switch Configuration and Cabling......14 System Checklist................14 Checking Driver Version ............14 Dante Configuration ..............15 Sample Rate ................15 Index .................. 16 Information • The illustrations and LCD screens as shown in this manual are for instructional purposes only, and may appear somewhat different from those on your device.
  • Page 4: Connecting To A Network

    Connecting to a Network Connecting to a Network In order to use your Dante Accelerator, you will need to set up an Ethernet network connecting: • The computer on which the Dante Accelerator is installed • The computer running Dante Controller (if it’s not the same computer), and •...
  • Page 5: Network Configuration

    Connecting to a Network Network Configuration The Dante Accelerator is a dedicated Dante audio interface, and cannot be used by the Dante Controller as a port for network control (configuring Dante devices, and routing audio). Network control must be performed via the standard network adapter on the computer on which Dante Controller is installed.
  • Page 6: Connection Via A Redundant Network

    Connecting to a Network Connection via a Redundant Network Dante redundancy works by using two completely independent and separate networks, the Primary Network and the Secondary Network. To set up and use Dante Redundancy, connect your redundant Dante-enabled device using duplicate network switches and Ethernet cables as shown below.
  • Page 7: Unsupported Dante Network Configurations

    Connecting to a Network Connect your Secondary Ethernet cables from each device that supports redundancy to the Gigabit ports of the Secondary network network switch. You may need to reboot the computers if they have active previous IP network configurations. All devices will automatically be assigned IP network configurations.
  • Page 8: Dante Audio Data Over Wireless Networks

    Connecting to a Network Dante Audio Data over Wireless Networks Wireless Ethernet networks should not be used to carry Dante audio data, and Dante Controller installed on a PC or Mac will not allow selection of Wireless Ethernet interface or any other non-standard wired Ethernet interface.
  • Page 9: Dante Accelerator Basic Operation

    Dante Accelerator Basic Operation Dante Accelerator Basic Operation Setting Up Audio Routing The Dante Controller can be used to configure audio routing Once you have installed a Dante Accelerator in your computer between Dante devices. and connected it to a network, you are in a position to start In the expanded view, wherever there is a blue cell at the using Dante networking in earnest to set up audio routing intersection of a transmitting channel column and an receiving...
  • Page 10: Identifying Individual Dante Accelerator

    Dante Accelerator Basic Operation Identifying Individual DANTE ACCELERATOR Changing the Sample Rate When there are multiple computers with Dante Accelerator Audio routing can only be set up between devices that are cards in your network, you can use the Identify feature to know operating at the same sample rate.
  • Page 11: Using The Card With An Audio Application

    "Yamaha AIC128-D" from the list of available sound in an Apple Mac computer, and like an ASIO sound device in a cards for both input and output. Note that if "Yamaha AIC128-D" PC running Windows. does not appear in the list of available sound cards, the Dante Accelerator is either not installed properly or not operating correctly.
  • Page 12 Using the Card with an Audio Application Configuring Sound on Mac OS X – Output The system sound effects should be sent to the built-in speakers, rather than Dante, so that they don’t interfere with the audio traveling over the network: Configuring Sound on Mac OS X –...
  • Page 13: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Introduction Problems or issues related to Dante and setting up your Dante Accelerator tend to fall in one of three main areas: • Network Configuration (Page 13) • Computer configuration (Page 13) • Dante configuration (Page 15) Network Configuration Configure Dante Interfaces dialog •...
  • Page 14: Network Switch Configuration And Cabling

    Troubleshooting Network Switch Configuration and Cabling System Checklist Cables are the most vulnerable part of a network system, and Before installing, a PC or Mac needs to have: “home-made” manually terminated cables can be error-prone. • The user logged in with administrator privileges If you suspect cabling issues, check for: A PC or Mac for use on the Dante network should have: •...
  • Page 15: Dante Configuration

    Troubleshooting Mac OS X In Mac OS X, an installed Dante Accelerator will appear in the System Profiler. The System Profiler is in the Utilities folder within your Applications folder. The card will appear in the Hardware section under PCI Cards, but to see the driver version, navigate to Software >...
  • Page 16: Index

    Index Index Number 100Mbit/s Ethernet 100Mbps ASIO Audio Interface Audio routing Basic Operation Cabling Channel Labels Choosing a network switch Choosing an Audio Application Choosing Dante as your Audio Interface Computer Configuration Configuring the Card Connecting to a Network Core Audio Dante Controller Device Name Device View...
  • Page 17 Yamaha Pro Audio global web site Yamaha Manual Library C.S.G., Pro Audio Division © 2012 Yamaha Corporation 211AB-A0...

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