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Adjustment Instructions - LG 29FS2RMB-TP Service Manual

Color tv
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1. Application scope
These instruction are applied to color television MC-035E
2. Notes
1) Because this is not a hot chassis, it is not necessary to use
an isolation transformer However, the use of an isolation
transformer will help protect test instruments.
2) Adjustments must be done in the correct order
3) Surrounding adjustment condition : Adjustment is done in the
following condition unless specially designated.
Temperature : 25°C ± 5°C
Relative humidity : 65% ± 10%
4) The AC input voltage of the receiver must remain at rated
voltage 220V ± 10% while adjusting.
5) The receiver must be operated for about 15 minutes prior to
the adjustment.
3. DVCO Adjustment
1) This adjustment applies to the frame assembly unit
2) This adjustment is to adjust the crystal oscillator frequency of
VPC9407 and is done after receiving the digital pattern
3) If you press the IN-START key to enter the adjustment mode,
DVCO adjustment is automatically done.
(T/X may not operate properly during DVCO adjustment.)
4. Temporary screen voltage adjustment
1) This adjustment applies to the frame assembly unit
2) Press the ADJ key on the remote controller to make a
horizontal line. Turn the screen volume not to see one
horizontal line and turn oppositely until it starts to display.
5. HOLD down operation check
1) This check step is implemented during the frame assembly
2) Check method : Short circuit the R1471, P418 of Main2 JP
display part and check if it switches to ST-BY.
(Install 30K resistances in parallel to the R1471 on jig.)
6. Focus Adjustment
6-1. Preliminary steps
Receive the PAL-B/G 07ch(Cross hatch pattern, <Fig 6>) and
Set the picture mode to "STANDARD".
6-2. Adjustment
1) Adjust the lower Focus volume of FBT for the best focus of
vertical line B.


2) Adjust the upper Focus volume of FBT for the best focus of
area A.
3) Repeat above step 1) and 2) for the best overall focus.
7. Purity & convergence Adjustment
Adjustment should be operated when using the CPT(without
ITC from CPT manufacturing place)
This adjustment must be done in the order of the following
Assemble CPT
Connect DY and
Magnet to CPT
Temporary STC
Purity Adjustment
DY Fixing
Screen voltage
W/B Fixing
FOCUS not yet ADJ.
STC not yet ADJ.
DYC not yet ADJ.
<Fig. 6>
As preparatory process before
assembling the CPT, wrap surface
protection tape on CPT neck, DY and
CPT connection parts. The tape should
be over-lapped at the end and must be
straight form against the neck.
Fix the Magnet in the location shown
in below figure. There should not be
any CPT neck shadow during
temporary DY adjustment.
6pole 4
15 ~ 20mm
Set the screen to STANDARD.
Heat fun for at least 15 minutes.
When fixing the DY, the torque
should be within 9 to 11 Kg



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