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Pix-Star Wireless Digital Picture Frame User Manual

Wifi photo frame
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Wireless Digital Picture
User Guide / Livret Utilisateur
Manuale del Utilisator / Benutzerhandbuch
Guia do Utilizador / Guía del Usuario



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  Summary of Contents for Pix-Star Wireless Digital Picture Frame

  • Page 1 Wireless Digital Picture Frame User Guide / Livret Utilisateur Manuale del Utilisator / Benutzerhandbuch Guia do Utilizador / Guía del Usuario...
  • Page 2 Welcome You have just acquired a Pix-Star WiFi Photo Frame and we would like to thank you very much for your trust in our product and solution. This Digital Photo Frame is a totally new generation of product with wireless capabilities and innovative features that we believe will delight you.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    1. Overview of the device 2. Installation 3. Introduction to the main interface 4. WiFi and Internet setup 4.1 Connect the device to the WiFi wireless network 4.2 Register and manage the device on the WEB 5. Receive pictures by email directly on the device 6.
  • Page 4 (EN 300328). So the manufacturer declines all responsibility in case of non compliance with the current regulations in the country of installation. The declaration of conformity can be consulted on our web site at or may be obtained by sending an email to
  • Page 5: Overview Of The Device

    Switch On/Off the LCD (Standby mode) 1 x remote control 1 x user manual To move back to previous menu in menu mode 1 x Pix-Star photo frame 1 x frame stand Display slide show menu 1 x power adaper AC 100/220V...
  • Page 6 How to change the battery of the remote control When the remote control has stopped working, please change its lithium battery (CR2025) by a new one. 1 Pull the battery draw out At the back of the remote control press the small button on the side of the battery draw and pull it out at the same time.
  • Page 7: Installation

    2. Installation First, plug the AC adapter in the DEVICE. Its plug is located on the side of the device. Then, plug the AC adapter to a power line. To power on the device, move the switch button located on the side of the device, on the left. After that, the device should display a logo on its screen.
  • Page 8: Wifi And Internet Setup

    4. WiFi and internet setup 4.1 Connect the device to the WiFi wireless network Each device has a dedicated email address which makes it possible for the device to receive pictures directly from the Internet. To be able to receive pictures the device must be connected to the Internet through a WiFi gateway.
  • Page 9: Register And Manage The Device On The Web

    Go to the Pix-Star webpage and click on “I want to register and choose an email address for my Pix-Star”. Fill the form and your device will be ready to use! You can find the device ID in the Basic Information menu of the Settings menu of your device. Choose a password and the email address you want to be assigned to your device.
  • Page 10: How To Use The Web Site

    LCD of your frame shall be turned on or turned off. Select “Activate daily auto switch on/off mode on my Pix-Star”, and decide at what the time your device will be automatically daily switched on and off.
  • Page 11: Overview Of Other Functionalities

    9. Overview of other functionalities The device includes the following useful functionalities: - Pause The device usually displays the pictures as an automatic slideshow. However, if you want to display a single static picture, you can interrupt the slideshow by choosing the Pause button of the main menu.
  • Page 12: Signification Of Menu Icons

    Pix-Star platform not reachable (This usually happen when WiFi Internet connection is down) Connected to the Pix-Star platform (Ready to receive or send Email and synchronize web albums) Bluetooth dongle detected and ready to use Notification that new Photo emails arrived in the Pix-Star photoframe...
  • Page 13: Frame Map

    12. Frame Map Display the photos of your friends sent My local albums My Pix-Star frame by email or transferred via SD card or (Inbox) USB stick. My web albums +WEATHER+ Pix-Star Facebook Flickr Picasa Manage your web albums displayed on...
  • Page 14: Files Manager

    You are suggested to return PXT08W002 / PXT08G002 at the end of its live to the public collecting points set up for recycling, reusing electrical and electronic devices. The following symbol on the product, the instruction manual or the package indicates that PXT08W002 / PXT08G002 is subject to the European Directive 2002/96/EU. Spheris Digital Ltd.