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McIntosh MR-55 Instruction Manual


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(Serial No. 1KOOO and up)
2 Chambers St.
Binghamton, N. Y.



Summary of Contents for McIntosh MR-55

  • Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL MclNTOSH MODEL MR-55 AM-FM TUNER (Serial No. 1KOOO and up) MclNTOSH LABORATORY, INC. 2 Chambers St. Binghamton, N. Y. U.S.A.
  • Page 2: Specifications

    The Mclntosh MR-55 is a superior quality AM-FM Tuner for, use in home music systems and profes- sional applications where distortion free reception is needed. Typical professional uses are "off the air" re- cording, broadcast monitor, rebroadcasting, etc. A thorough perusal of this instruction manual will give greater enjoyment and better listening. The MR-55 is the finest tuner available and complete familiarity with its functions and operation will result in the out- standing performance you expect from a Mclntosh product.
  • Page 3 MclNTOSH MR-55 AM-FM TUNER The MR-55 may be mounted in its own cabinet or shelf mounted in a custom cabinet. The tuner has been designed to mount on a shelf rather than hang from the cast tuner panel. Rubber shock mounting feet have been provided to offer the optimum in mechanical isolation from extraneous vibrations.
  • Page 4 REMOVE 4-6/32 SCREWS TWO EACH SIDE" REMOVE 4 - 6 / 3 2 SCREWS "ONE EACH CORNER" In the parts bag are six 6/32 x 1 1/4 inches threaded rods. Install these in the six drilled and tapped holes in the back of the tuner panel. —4—...
  • Page 5: Connecting Procedure

    PUT IN 6 - 6 / 3 2 THREADED RODS The tuner panel is now ready to he attached to the cabinet. The six threaded rods are inserted through the two 5/32 inch and the four 3/16 inch holes in the cabinet panel. Secure the tuner panel to the cabinet panel by installing on the rods the 6/32 "KEP"...
  • Page 6 TO 300ohm FM ANT. A substitute for the folded dipole can be an existing VHF T. V. antenna. The MR-55 is supplied with an internal switching arrangement that eliminates the need for two set couplers. The VHF T. V. antenna lead-in is connected to the antenna terminals marked "FM.
  • Page 7 75 OHM UNBALANCED ANTENNA INPUT 75 OHM ANTENNA: The MR-55 has provision for the connection of a 75 ohm unbalanced antenna. The 75 ohm terminal screws are next to the chassis on the back of the brown bakelite balun card located approximately 2 inches behind the tuning knob flywheel.
  • Page 8 OUTPUT OUTPUTS A. M. ANTENNA: Facilities are supplied on the MR-55 for the use of a low impedance loop antenna or a high impedance long wire antenna. AM reception will generally be improved through the use of a properly installed long wire outside antenna.
  • Page 9 An outside AM antenna is a wire as long as practical, mounted as high as possible above the ground, at right angles to power lines. The lead in should be carefully positioned away from all A. C. lines, The "ANTENNA" terminating switch must be in "ANT" position when using outside or long wire antenna.
  • Page 10 TO LONG WIRE ANTENNA. A N T . SWITCH IN THIS POSITION. LOOP MULTIPLEX PHONO INPUT OUTPUT OUTPUTS OUTPUT: Two pin jacks are supplied on the back panel marked "Output." These jacks are in parallel. The output is unbalanced low impedance. Interconnect between either of these jacks and the tuner input of your preamplifier by means of the 6 foot shielded cable supplied with your tuner.
  • Page 11 The A. C. cable from the amplifier can be plugged into the auxiliary A. C. outlet supplied on the back of the MR-55. This outlet is controlled by the A. C. switch on the front of the tuner. SEE ANTENNA INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS —11—...
  • Page 12: Operation

    Multiplex Output The output on the back of the MR-55 marked "MULTIPLEX OUTPUT" is an unfiltered output for feeding a multiplex adapter. OPERATION The selector switch is a six position switch that has the following identifications: ( 1 ) F. M. LISTEN, (2) F.
  • Page 13: Service Information

    Equipment will not be accepted at the factory unless factory return authorization is first received. Complete step by step alignment procedures are outlined in this manual. The MR-55 is a professional de- vice dependent for its superior performance on critical and proper adjustment. Adjustments should be made only by thoroughly qualified personnel, and with the proper equipment.
  • Page 18 043-409...