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User Menu; Catalog Menu (catlg) - HP Prime Graphing Calculator Quick Start Manual

Graphing calculator.
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User Menu

menu lists user-defined functions and programs. For example, using the Define feature
Sd ) you can define your own functions. The name you give to a function will appear on the
menu. You could, for instance, create the function SIN(X)+COS(Y) and name it SINCOS.
SINCOS will then appear on the
menu. If you choose it, SINCOS() will appear at the
position of the cursor. You then enter the arguments you specified when creating the function. Thus
SINCOS(0.5,0.75) will yield 1.2111... (if your angle measure setting is radians).
Programs you create using the calculator's programming language are also listed on the
menu if you have made them global (by using the
command). Just as you can evaluate a
user-defined function by first selecting it from the
menu, you can also run a program by selecting it from the

Catalog Menu (Catlg)

The Toolbox key also gives you access to a menu of every command and function available on the
HP Prime. Tap
and tap the command or function you want. It is copied to the location of
the cursor.
There are over 400 commands and functions on this menu. You may find it easier to select an item
by entering the first few letters of its name. The menu automatically scrolls to the first command
whose name matches the letters you entered. For example, suppose you want to find the number
of positive integers not greater than and coprime to 200. Euler's totient function is a quick way of
finding that number, and the function is available on the
1. Press
D (and tap
if necessary).
2. Enter eu. Notice that the menu immediately scrolls to euler.
3. Select euler, enter 200 between the parentheses, and press
E . The result is 80.


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