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   Summary of Contents for Philips 5150

  • Page 2: Using Gap Standard Compliance

    : take the line, receive a call and dial. Using Philips base stations If you register the additional handset to a Philips DECT 511 or DECT 515 base station, the handset will have all the features described in the corresponding complete set user guide.
  • Page 3 Line key - Press to take the line, Pilot key answer a call or hang up. Press to enter the carousel or Clear/Recall select a menu or an option - To correct a digit when Scroll to move through the predialling or a character menus &...
  • Page 4: The Handset Display

    The handset is registered and in range of the base. When blinking, this symbol indicates that the handset is not registered to the base. Philips screen saver After 2 minutes of inactivity, the screen saver is displayed: You can deactivate it (see p. 7) In idle mode, the DECT 511/515 display shows various information: the date &...
  • Page 5: Installing And Replacing The Batteries In The Handset

    Installing and replacing the batteries in the handset To insert the batteries, open the battery cover, place the batteries as indicated and put the battery cover back.When the handset is placed on the base station the 3 battery bars scroll (if charge is needed).
  • Page 6: To Register A Handset

    Handset Registration The additional handset will get full capability when it is registered to the base station (see p. 1). You can register up to 6 handsets to the DECT 511 or DECT 515 base station. To register a handset Unplug and plug back in the mains supply to put the base in registration mode With the additional handset, press to start the registration...
  • Page 7: Rename Handset

    Rename handset To rename a handset Press to enter the carousel menu Scroll to Handset and select Scroll to Rename handset and select Long press to delete the current name Enter the name and press Language To change the language Press to enter the carousel menu Scroll to Handset and select Scroll to Language and select...
  • Page 8: Display Contrast

    Display contrast To set the display contrast Press to enter the carousel menu Scroll to Handset and select Scroll to Display contrast and select Browse through the levels and select the appropriate one Backlight To set the display backlight duration or deactivate it Press to enter the carousel menu Scroll to Handset and select Scroll to Backlight and select...
  • Page 9: Internal Call

    Internal call Press to call the selected handset + handset number (for example Hang up Note: if the handset does not belong to the Philips DECT 511/515 range, this function may not be available. Fast call transfer when on line During a call you can transfer the call without waiting for the other handset to pick up.
  • Page 10 The called handset rings.The external call is put on hold. If there is no answer from the called handset you can resume the call on the first handset. Take the line on the called handset, both internal callers can talk Press to select Transfer (with handset 1) Scroll to Switch and come back to the external caller Note: to answer the call on the second handset you can press...
  • Page 11 Sounds Setting the handset sounds The ringers can be set for: - the external standard ringer for callers whose number is not stored in the phonebook or stored with no group settings. - the internal ringer for the intercom (if there are at least 2 handsets). To set the 3 group ring tones see manual DECT 511 / DECT 515.
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problem Cause Solution The handset is out of range, Move closer to the base station and try again ( is not displayed). The handset has not been Register the handset to the registered to the base station base station (page 5) ( is not displayed).
  • Page 13: Declaration Of Conformity

    Declaration of conformity PHILIPS Consumer, Electronics Route d’Angers 72081 Le Mans Cedex 9 France Declare that the products DECT 511xx and DECT 515xx are in compliance with the Annex III of the R&TTE-Directive 1999/5/EC and then with the following essential requirements : Article 3.1.a (protection of the health &...

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