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Infinity HTS-20 Owner's Manual

Infinity systems owner's manual home theater system hts-20.
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HTS - 20
Home-Theater System
Owner's Manual


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    HTS - 20 Home-Theater System Owner’s Manual ®...

  • Page 2: Risk Of Electric Shock

    NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED PERSONNEL THIS INFINITY PRODUCT IS DESIGNED FOR 120-VOLT USE ONLY! FOR DETAILED SAFETY PRECAUTIONS, PLEASE SEE FOLLOWING PAGE IN THIS OWNER'S MANUAL FOR “IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.” L’éclair avec le symbole de la flèche, placé dans les limites d’un triangel équilatéral est prévu pour avertir l’utilisateur de la présence de “tension dangereuse”...

  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    24) Heat – The product should be situated away from heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other products (including amplifiers) that produce heat. HTS-20 Home-Theater System – Owner’ s Manual 3 ANTENNA LEAD-IN WIRE...

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    The powered subwoofer delivers tremendous bass performance from a compact, easy-to-place design. To start enjoying your new HTS-20 Home-Theater System, read and then follow all instructions listed in this manual, as well as those found in the owner’ s manuals of associated components in your audio system.

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    Figure 1. SATELLITE SPEAKER CENTER-CHANNEL For Left Channel On Top of Television SATELLITE SPEAKER For Left Surround HTS-20 Home-Theater System – Owner’ s Manual 5 POWERED SUBWOOFER TELEVISION SATELLITE SPEAKER SPEAKER For Right Channel...

  • Page 6

    Should you have questions relating to your installation, it is advisable to call either your dealer or Infinity’ s Customer Service Department for advice. The performance of the subwoofer is directly related to its placement in the listening room and how you align the subwoofer with its satellite speakers.

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    (to the side) may be advantageous because this may create a better blend of bass within the listening room. heavy, try turning the subwoofer with the port facing away from the wall. This will tend to diminish bass output. HTS-20 Home-Theater System – Owner’ s Manual 7 SUBWOOFER RIGHT-CHANNEL SATELLITE...

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    Figure 4. This illustration shows how to horizontally position the speakers three ways. 8 HTS-20 Home-Theater System – Owner’ s Manual HELF LACEMENT OF THE The satellite speakers can be positioned vertically in two positions on a shelf or stand, as shown in Figure 3.

  • Page 9

    Slide Speaker Down Onto Wood Screws Positions (top view) 20 From Wall 45 From Wall (Bracket Closed) (Bracket Open, Position #1) HTS-20 Home-Theater System – Owner’ s Manual 9 ATELLITES Loosen Screw 3/16" Rotate Bracket wall wood Tighten Screw screw...

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    10 HTS-20 Home-Theater System – Owner’ s Manual For horizontal mounting, fasten the #6 wood screws (not included) to a wall stud, leaving a 3⁄16" clearance between the base of the screw head and the wall. If desired, loosen the bracket screw, adjust the bracket angle, and tighten the bracket screw.

  • Page 11

    After you finish connecting your system, return the door to the desired angle and tighten the bracket screw. (rear view) Route Speaker Wire Through Either Hole HTS-20 Home-Theater System – Owner’ s Manual 11 (rear view) – red terminal = + Bracket Not Shown black terminal = –...

  • Page 12

    (as shown here). 12 HTS-20 Home-Theater System – Owner’ s Manual Observe polarities when making speaker connections, as shown in Figure 9 (below). Connect each + terminal on the back of the amplifier or receiver to the respective + (red) terminal on the speaker.

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    “Y”-connector as shown. 14 HTS-20 Home-Theater System – Owner’ s Manual There are several ways to connect your subwoofer. Read this section carefully to determine which method is best suited for your installation.

  • Page 15

    AMPLIFIER OUTPUTS LEFT RIGHT – – SUBWOOFER – – Crossover Low-Level In Power SPKR Bypass Phase SPKR – – L. SATELLITE R. SATELLITE Rear View Rear View HTS-20 Home-Theater System – Owner’ s Manual 15 on the Volume...

  • Page 16

    In Case of Trouble for more help. When using the HTS-20 System in a Dolby* Pro Logic* home-theater system, make sure the receiver’ s center-channel mode is set to “Normal”. When using the HTS-20 system in a Dolby Digital or DTS ®...

  • Page 17

    • If only one channel is distorted, switch the left and right speaker leads at the receiver. • If the distortion moves to the other speaker, the problem is not in the speaker. • If you need further assistance, contact your local Infinity retail dealer. the subwoofer’ s Volume control (Fig.

  • Page 18

    PECIFICATIONS ERFORMANCE RIVE NITS IMENSIONS EIGHT ERFORMANCE RIVE NITS IMENSIONS EIGHT 18 HTS-20 Home-Theater System – Owner’ s Manual ATELLITES Frequency Range: 70 ~ 20,000Hz Sensitivity: 86dB spl @ 1m/2.83V Impedance: nominal Recommended Amplifier 10 ~ 100W Power Range: Mid Frequency: one 4"...

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    ATELLITE OUNTING EMPLATE Bracket Crosshole 2.52" (64 mm) Bracket Crosshole HTS-20 Home-Theater System – Owner’ s Manual 19...

  • Page 20

    Infinity continually strives to update and improve existing products, as well as create new ones. The specifications and construction details in this and related Infinity publications are therefore subject to change without notice. ©1999 Infinity Systems, Inc., 250 Crossways Park Drive, Woodbury, NY 11797 USA (800) 553-3332

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