Beko GNE 60520 DX User Manual

Beko GNE 60520 DX User Manual

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GNE 60520 DX


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  • Page 1 GNE 60520 DX Refrigerator...
  • Page 2 For further information, please contact your local or regional authorities. Electronic products not included in the selective sorting process are potentially dangerous for the environment and human health due to the presence of hazardous substances. This product was manufactured using the latest technology in environmentally friendly conditions.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Connection of the Water Pipe to the Cold Water Mains Line ....13 7 Recommended solutions for the problems Prior to first use of Water Dispenser . 15 Using the water spring ..... 16 8 Beko Customer Care Spillage Tray ........16...
  • Page 4: The Refrigerator

    The refrigerator A- Fridge compartment B- Freezer compartment 1- Butter & Cheese shelf 2- Fridge compartment door shelves 3- Fridge compartment glass shelves 4- Diffuser cover 5- Illumination lens 6- Movable middle section 7- Fresh Store compartment 8- Bottle shelf 9- Crisper 10- icebox 11- Movable separators...
  • Page 5: Important Safety Warnings

    Important Safety Warnings Please review the following informa- • Pressure or spray cleaning materials tion. Failure to observe this information should never be used in cleaning and may cause injuries or material damage. defrosting processes of your refriger- Otherwise, all warranty and reliability ator.
  • Page 6 • Never place containers filled with • Exposing the product to rain, snow, water on top of the refrigerator, other- sun and wind is dangerous with wise this may cause electric shock or respect to electrical safety. fire. • Contact your authorised service •...
  • Page 7: For Products With A Water Dispenser

    For products with a water Things to be done for energy dispenser; saving For a mains connected system the • Do not leave the doors of your refrig- minimum pressure should be 100 erator open for a long time. kpa and the maximum pressure •...
  • Page 8: Installation

    Installation 2. You can install the 2 plastic wedges C Please remember that the as illustrated in the figure. Plastic manufacturer shall not be held liable if wedges will provide the required the information given in the instruction distance between your refrigerator manual is not observed.
  • Page 9: Electric Connection

    Electric connection Disposing of your old refrigerator Connect your refrigerator to a grounded socket which is being Dispose of your old machine without protected by a fuse with the giving any harm to the environment. appropriate capacity. A You may consult your authorized Important: dealer or waste collection center of B The connection must be in...
  • Page 10: Placing And Installation

    Placing and Installation Floor balance adjustment A Caution: Never plug the refrigerator into the wall outlet during installation. A If your refrigerator is unbalanced; Otherwise, risk of death or serious 1- Ventilation cover is removed by injury may arise. unscrewing its screws as illustrated in the figure before the procedure.
  • Page 11: Adjusting The Gap Between The Upper Door

    Adjusting the gap between the upper door C Adjust the door appropriately as you desire by loosing the screws. C Fix the door you have adjusted by tightening the screws without changing the position of the door. C You can adjust the gap between the fridge compartment doors as illustrated in the figures.
  • Page 12: Installing Water Filter

    Installing Water Filter Water filter must be hold upright as shown in the figure. It is important to (in some models) properly attach the filter to water inlet Two different water sources may and water outlet points. be connected to the refrigerator for After attaching the filter, do not use first water supply: the mains cold water 3-4 glasses of water.
  • Page 13: Connection Of Water Hose To The Bottle

    Connection of Water Hose to 3. After completing the connection, plug in and run the pump. the Bottle To provide an efficient operation of the (in some models) pump, wait for 2-3 minutes after To connect water to the refrigerator starting the pump.
  • Page 14: Connection Of The Water Pipe To The Cold Water Mains Line

    Connection of the Water Pipe to the Cold Water Mains Line (in some models) If you want to use your refrigerator by connecting it to the cold water mains line, you will have to connect a standard 1/2" valve connection fitting to the cold water supply in your house.
  • Page 15 1. Press ice cancel button on the display. 2. Remove the filter cover in the fridge compartment by pulling it forward. 3. Take out the water filter by-pass cover by rotating it downwards. Caution: Make sure that the “Ice off” mode is active before taking out the by-pass cover.
  • Page 16: Prior To First Use Of Water Dispenser

    Prior to first use of Water The water filter must be removed as shown in the figure when it is going to Dispenser be replaced or when it will no longer Water mains pressure must not be be used and by-pass cover must be below 100 kpa.
  • Page 17: Using The Water Spring

    Using the water spring Spillage Tray Warnings Water drops that drip during use, It is normal for the first few glasses of accumulates in the spillage tray. You water taken from the dispenser to be can remove spillage tray by pulling warm.
  • Page 18: Preparation

    Preparation Your refrigerator should be installed at least 30 cm away from heat sources such as hobs, ovens, central heater and stoves and at least 5 cm away from electrical ovens and should not be located under direct sunlight. The ambient temperature of the room where you install your refrigerator should at least be 10°C.
  • Page 19: Using Your Refrigerator

    Using your refrigerator Indicator Panel This touch-control indicator panel allows you to set the temperature without opening the door of your refrigerator. Just touch the relevant button with your finger to set the temperature. 8 17 1. Fridge Compartment Temperature 11.
  • Page 20 1- Fridge Compartment will be active while energy-efficient cooling is performed. Temperature Setting Button Press this button to set the 9- Freezer Compartment temperature of the fridge compartment Temperature Indicator to 8, 6, 4, 2, 8... respectively. It indicates the temperature set for Press this button to set the Freezer Compartment.
  • Page 21: Door Open Alarm

    14- Error Status Indicator 19-Ice Machine ON/OFF Button If your refrigerator does not cool To stop ice formation, ice machine ON/ adequately or if there is a sensor OFF button is pressed for 3 seconds. failure, this indicator will be activated. When ice cancel is selected, no water When this indicator is active, will be sent to the ice box.
  • Page 22: Things To Do To Have The Filter Usage Time Calculated Automatically

    Things to do to have the filter usage time calculated automatically (For products connected to the mains water line and equipped with filter) 1- After plugging the refrigerator in, press A and B buttons together to activate the key lock. 2- Then press Eco-Extra (1), Fridge Compartment Temperature Setting (2), Quick Cool (3) and Freezer Compartment Temperature Setting (4) buttons respectively.
  • Page 23: Egg Tray

    Egg tray You can install the egg holder to the desired door or body shelf. Never store the egg holder in the freezer compartment Sliding Body Shelves Sliding body shelves can be pulled by slightly lifting up from the front and moved back and forth.
  • Page 24: Crisper

    Crisper Crisper of your refrigerator is designed specially to keep your vegetables freshly without loosing their humidity. For this purpose, cool air circulation occurs around the crisper in general. Remove the door shelves that align with the crisper before removing the crispers.
  • Page 25: Movable Middle Section

    Movable Middle Section Movable middle section is intended to prevent the cold air inside your refrigerator from escaping outside. 1- Sealing is provided when the gaskets on the door presses on the surface of the movable middle section while the fridge compartment doors are closed.
  • Page 26: Telescopic Drawer

    Telescopic Drawer Dual cooling system: Your refrigerator is equipped with two separate cooling systems to Pay attention not to squeeze any parts cool the fresh food compartment and of your body such as hands, feet and freezer compartment. Thus, air in the etc.
  • Page 27: Ice Maker

    Ice box Ice maker The ice machine is nonremovable. Please read the warnings carefully on There must be ice container at the the ice container. The ice container bottom of the ice machine. is used for ice collection poured ice machine.
  • Page 28: Freezing Fresh Food

    Fridge Freezer Compartment Compartment Explanations Adjustment Adjustment -15°C 4°C This is the normal recommended setting. These settings are recommended when the ambient -18,-21 or -24°C 4°C temperature exceeds 30°C. Use when you wish to freeze your food in a short Quick Freeze 4°C time.
  • Page 29: Placing The Food

    Placing the food Deep-freeze information Food must be frozen as rapidly as Various frozen food possible when they are put in a Freezer such as meat, fish, refrigerator in order to keep them in compartment ice cream, vegetables good quality. shelves and etc.
  • Page 30: Maintenance And Cleaning

    Maintenance and cleaning Protection of plastic A Never use gasoline, benzene or surfaces similar substances for cleaning purposes. C Do not put the liquid oils or oil-cooked B We recommend that you unplug the meals in your refrigerator in unsealed appliance before cleaning.
  • Page 31: Recommended Solutions For The Problems

    Recommended solutions for the problems Please review this list before calling the service. It might save you time and money. This list includes frequent complaints that are not arising from defective workmanship or material usage. Some of the features described here may not exist in your product.
  • Page 32 • The ambient room temperature may be high.This is quite normal. • The refrigerator may have just been switched on. Allow sufficient cooling time. • Large amounts of hot food might have been put in the refrigerator recently. Hot food causes longer running of the refrigerator until they reach the safe storage temperature.
  • Page 33 • This noise is coming from the solenoid valve of the refrigerator. Solenoid valve functions for the purpose of ensuring coolant passage through the compartment which can be adjusted to cooling or freezing temperatures, and performing cooling functions. This is normal and is not fault cause. The operation noise increases when the refrigerator is running.
  • Page 34: Beko Customer Care

    You are familiar with its normal mode of operation You have read the ‘Recommended solutions for the problems’ If after checking the points above, the problem still exists, please call our Beko Customer Care hotline as listed below:- If calling from Australia..
  • Page 35 57 0528 0000/AG...

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