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IBM THINKPAD T61 Frequently Asked Questions Manual

Ibm laptop user manual.
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1. What is the hardware configuration of the IBM Think Pad T61?
2. Do I need to keep the box, user manuals and packaging materials that I received
Do I need to
along with my laptop?
keep the
NO! We no longer need to return the ThinkPad in its original box and packaging materials
in three years as we have in the past.
3. What are the first things that I should do in order to use my new laptop computer?
What do I
• Charge the battery completely before using. (See FAQ #14 for Battery information)
do first?
• Browse through the Setup Guide and read this FAQ.
4. Where do I save my files?
You must store all of your files (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) in the
Where do I
"My Documents" folder, which is located on the D: drive. By saving all of your personal
save my
files on the D: drive, you will safely prevent your files from being erased during any future
5. What is re-imaging?
Re-imaging is the process of using your laptop's
What is re-
system and university licensed software. As we provide updates and solve problems, the
method of re-imaging simply wipes out what you currently have on your laptop's C: drive
and replaces it with the updated software installation on your laptop. The actual re-imaging
takes only ten minutes to be completed by a computer center staff member.
BIOS Setup
6. Should I setup a password in the BIOS?
NO! DO NOT GO INTO THE BIOS SETUP! We cannot change, erase or reset any
password that you may create in the BIOS. If you put a password in the BIOS setup,
only IBM can fix it and they will charge FDU to do so.
7. When should I return my laptop?
You will be returning your laptop when either the lease is up or if you are leaving the
the laptop
University. If you are leaving the University, please return the laptop computer to the Center for Teaching
and Learning with Technology. You will be notified when the lease has expired.
How do I set
8. How do I set the time and date?
the date and
Your computer's internal clock may not be set on the correct time when you first turn the
laptop on. Check the time box (clock) at the bottom right of the screen (on the taskbar). If
you need to change the time, click on Start=>Settings=>Control Panel. Then double click
on the icon Date/Time and set the correct time, date and time zone.
IBM ThinkPad T61
FDU ThinkPad T61 Widescreen
Genuine Windows® XP Professional
Intel® Core™2 Duo 2.0GHz
14.1" Display
802.11 a/b/g
Integrated Gigabit Ethernet
100GB Hard Drive
Multiburner drive
128MB nVIDIA Quadro NVS
Embedded Security Subsystem 2.0
C: drive for
Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology
installation of an operating


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    3. What are the first things that I should do in order to use my new laptop computer? What do I • Charge the battery completely before using. (See FAQ #14 for Battery information) do first? •...

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    Page 2 9. How do I turn the laptop on? Before you turn the laptop on for the first time, make sure that the battery is fully charged How do I (see FAQ#16). Then either with the laptop still plugged in or running on battery power,...

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    17. How can I check how much battery power I have left? When the laptop is open and on, there is a battery symbol on the taskbar that indicates the percentage of battery power available. A pop-up will display the approximate amount of time of battery power that is left when you hover over the battery symbol with your mouse.

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    USB port. The USB ports are located on the left side of your laptop. laptop (see diagram below). Contact Computing Services if you own an older printer that takes a serial port connection.

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    27. Do I need to access the campus network or have a network account to use these basic applications? No. You can work on most of the computer applications on your laptop without ever entering the campus network or having network accounts. The programs that you do need to access through the campus network and need network accounts to use are explained later in this FAQ.

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    Fn key on the keyboard and press the F4 key. Then to exit from suspend mode, just open up the laptop’s cover. If you were on the network, you will have to reenter your username and password.

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    IBM ThinkPad T61 FAQ’s USB - The Universal Serial Bus connectors are used for connecting USB interface-compatible devices, such as a printer or digital camera.

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