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Product Description; Installation Requirements - IBM 10K0001 User Manual

16x max dvd-rom drive
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Installation and user's guide
This section contains the product description, hardware and software
installation instructions, and operating information for the IBM
16X Max
DVD-ROM Drive.

Product description

This option package is intended for multimedia applications. The drive comes
with a CD containing MPEG-2 decoder software for Microsoft
Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows NT
4.0 Workstation, and Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me).
In addition to this guide, your option package includes the following:
v IBM 16X Max DVD-ROM Drive
v Four mounting screws (M3 x 5-mm, slotted)
v IDE cable for connecting two IDE devices
v One black or two white bezels, depending on your option, for use on
specific IBM systems
v Internal audio "Y" cable
v MPEG-2 software CD
v Safety information manual
v Laser safety guide
Contact your place of purchase if an item is missing or damaged. Be sure to
retain your proof of purchase; it might be required to receive warranty service.
See "Appendix B. Help and service information" on page B-1 for technical
support information.
Your drive can read many DVD and CD formats, including DVD video, video
CD, and audio CD formats. However, you must install the included MPEG-2
software to play video files. The drive also reads multiple-session, extended
architecture (XA) discs, such as the Kodak Photo CD. This drive delivers data
at up to 40 times the standard CD-ROM drive speed (40X), and is designed for
installation in a personal computer that uses integrated drive electronics (IDE)
or enhanced IDE (EIDE) architecture.

Installation requirements

Be sure that your computer meets the following system requirements before
installing the drive:
v Minimum microprocessor: Intel
II 233MHz
v Minimum RAM: 32 MB
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