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Frigidaire FPIB10B7NS Use & Care Manual page 5

Frigidaire fpib10b7ns immersion blender use & care guide
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Blades are very sharp. Avoid handling the
power blades with your fingers.
1. Insert the immersion blender deep into the beaker.
Begin mixing at normal speed. Make sure the beaker is
no more than 2/3 full. If you aren't using the beaker,
do not immerse the mixing foot more than 2/3 of its
length. Move the blender around to insure best results
with the food. Release the switch to stop blending.
2. To use the mini-chopper, place the chopper bowl on a
clean and level surface. Put the stainless steel blade
into place.
3. Place food into the chopper bowl. (The chopper works
well for herbs, nuts, and some vegetables). The
maximum amount of food to be chopped cannot
exceed ½ pound. Close the lid.
4. Insert the handheld part into the chopper's lid
and lock it into position. Plug the cord into the
power outlet, select the speed, and press the
power button to start. Remove the handheld part
by pressing the release button. The blender can
be used continuously for up to 30 seconds.
Afterwards, allow the blender to cool down for 1
5. To work with the double whisk, attach the whisk
to the handheld part and lock into place. To
disassemble, press the release button and pull
the whisks off. The appliance can be used
continuously for 30 seconds, then cool for one
minute. (The whisk attachment works well for
whipping egg whites and whipping cream).
6. To store your blender, use the wall mounting
device. Drill two holes into the wall, insert the
two plastic tubes, then secure the device with
two screws.



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