HUSTLER Z4 Owner's Manual

Hustler turf lawn mower user manual.
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   Summary of Contents for HUSTLER Z4

  • Page 2: General Information, To The New Owner, Warranty Registration, Model And Serial Number, Parts And Service

    To the new owner The purpose of this manual is to assist owners and operators in maintaining and operating the Z4 tractor and deck. Please read it carefully; information and instructions furnished can help you achieve years of dependable performance.

  • Page 3

    WARNING: The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. NOTICE OF REQUIREMENT OF SPARK ARRESTER MUFFLER This equipment may create sparks that can start fires around dry vegetation. California Public Resources Code Sec- tion 4442.6 provides that it is unlawful to use or operate an internal combustion engine on any forest-covered, brush-covered, or grass-covered land unless the engine is equipped with a spark arrester maintained in effective working order.

  • Page 4

    FOUR YEAR (500 HOURS) LIMITED WARRANTY FOR TRACTORS AND DECKS 90 DAYS LIMITED WARRANTY IN RENTAL APPLICATIONS WHAT IS COVERED BY THIS WARRANTY Hustler Turf Equipment, makes the following warranty to the original purchaser only: Two (2) Year Limited Warranty: Three (3) Year Limited Warranty (Deck Spindle &...

  • Page 5

    LIMITATION OF REMEDIES In no case shall Hustler Turf Equipment, be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages based upon breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence, strict liability in tort, or any other legal theory.

  • Page 6: Safety Precautions

    warning log.eps This safety alert symbol is used to call attention to a message intended to provide a reasonable degree of PERSONAL SAFETY for operators and other persons during the normal operation and servicing of this equipment. DANGER – denotes immediate hazards which WILL result in severe personal injury or death.

  • Page 7

    Read Owner’s Manual and decals before attempting to operate this machine. Read OM decal.eps • Do not smoke while refueling. • Do not remove the fuel tank cap or fill with engine running or while the engine is hot. • Allow engine to cool before storing machine inside a building.

  • Page 8

    Part Number 601968 601968 • WARNING: Fluid • •Avoid hydraulic fluid escaping under pressure under pressure! • •Hydraulic fluid escaping under pressure can pene- trate skin. • •Hydraulic fluid escaping under pressure may have sufficient force to penetrate skin and cause serious injury.

  • Page 9

    Part Number 601981 WARNING: Read Owner’s Manual and decals before attempting to operate this machine. WARNING: Roll over! •Mow a safe distance (minimum of 10 feet) away from drop-offs, retaining walls, drainage ditches, embankments, water, and other types of hazards to avoid a wheel dropping over the edge or to avoid the ground from breaking away.

  • Page 10

    Part Number 602233 Part Number 601815 601815 FA.eps • • Avoid skin contact Do not overfill battery. with battery acid. • Electrolyte may overflow and damage paint, wiring or struc- ture. When cleaning the battery, use soap and water into the bat- tery.

  • Page 11: International Symbols

    As a guide to the operation of your tractor, various international symbols have been used on instruments and controls. These symbols are depicted and described below. internation symbols.jpg Hours Recorded Engine Water Temperature Air Filter Engine Oil Pressure Full Time AWD Auto AWD Continously Variable...

  • Page 12: Slope Guide

    SLOPE GUIDE Use this diagram when determining the degree of slope to be mowed. E (15 Slope Guide Lines D (10 C (5 Line A 1. Hold this sheet of paper in front of you. Make sure that Line A is horizontal. 2.

  • Page 13


  • Page 14: Safe Operating Practices

    Safe Operating Practices Some of the following safety instructions are from ANSI Standard B-71.4-2004 while others are specific to the Hustler Mid Mount Z line. This product is capable of amputating hands and feet and throwing objects. Always follow all safety instructions to avoid serious injury or death.

  • Page 15: Using A Ramp, Slope Operation

    Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for wheel weights or counterweights. If any attachment or additional weight is mounted on the rear of the unit, any rapid movement of the control levers in either direction could result in a reaction of the tractor that can cause serious injury.

  • Page 16: Control Panel, Safety Start Interlock System

    5. Rocks These are just a few examples of situations when caution must be used when operating on a slope. There are many other possibilities too numerous to mention. Just remem- ber to always exercise extreme caution when operating on any slope. The ROPS will minimize chance of injury or death from rollover.

  • Page 17: Engine Starting

    Control levers shown in neutral position Figure 3-2 Control lever shown in park brake position Figure 3-3 Deck lift pedal Figure 3-4 clutch switch. Check tractor safety start interlock system daily, prior to operation. This system is an important tractor safety feature. It should be repaired immediately if it malfunctions.

  • Page 18: Stopping The Engine, Moving Tractor With Stalled Engine

    Torque values are given below: Hustler Z4 ROPS mounting bolts ..73..99 Seat belt mounting hardware ..48..65...

  • Page 19: Driving The Tractor

    other obstructions. Do not wear the seat belt when the ROPS is in the lowered position. Use the ROPS in the “folded” position only when it is absolutely necessary. Figure 3-6 Figure 3-7 WARNING: Do not operate the mower with the ROPS folded (lowered position) as a standard operat- ing mode.

  • Page 20: Operating Suggestions

    FRONT OF TRACTOR FACES THIS DIRECTION FORWARD TRAVEL ZERO DEGREE N= NEUTRAL POSITION Direction of arrows indicate direction of tractor movement For emergency stop, when traveling forward or rearward, place the steering control levers in the park brake position immediately. DANGER: When moving in the rearward direction push forward gently on steering control levers and avoid sudden movement.

  • Page 21

    forward or backward. Pivoting on one stopped wheel can damage turf. This is especially important when mowing. Tractor performance is maximum when the throttle is set at full rpm. This gives maximum power to the drive wheels and deck when needed. Use the control levers to control ground speed rather than engine rpm.

  • Page 22: Mower Deck Operation, Deck Cutting Height Adjustment, Anti-scalp Wheels

    If the machine’s forward motion must be stopped while mowing, a clump of grass clippings may drop onto your lawn. To avoid this, move onto a previously cut area with the blades engaged. WARNING: Never direct discharge of material from mower deck towards bystanders.

  • Page 23

    3-10 602223_0609...

  • Page 24: Safe Servicing Practices

    MAINTENANCE & ADJUSTMENTS Safe Servicing Practices This product is capable of amputating hands and feet and throwing objects. Always follow all safety instructions to avoid serious injury or death. Service Unless specifically required, DO NOT have engine run- ning when servicing or making adjustments to tractor. Park the machine on level ground.

  • Page 25: Torque Values, Electrical System

    Drive wheels ....8-12 psi (55-83 KPa) Gauge wheels....8-12 psi (55-83 KPa) Solid fill tires are not recommended for Hustler turf equipment. On any machine, with solid filled tires, the warranty claim will be denied.

  • Page 26: Hydraulic System, Fuel System

    Hydraulic system IMPORTANT: Never use hydraulic or automatic transmis- sion fluid in this system; use only motor oil as specified. Remember, dirt is the primary enemy of any hydraulic system. WARNING: Hydraulic fluid escaping under pressure may have sufficient force to penetrate skin and cause serious injury.

  • Page 27: Engine Oil And Filter, Engine Air Filter

    Left fuel tank Fuel shutoff valve (shown in closed position) Figure 9-3 Engine oil and filter Check engine oil daily and after every 4 hours of operation. Tractor must be setting level when checking oil. Refer to engine manual maintenance recommendation and capacities.

  • Page 28: Mower Blade Maintenance, General Engine Maintenance

    service life of an engine to cause a dusted engine. Do not clean element, replace with a new element only. Cleaning used air filter elements, through improper cleaning procedures, can get dust on the inside of the filter causing dirt ingestion and engine failure.

  • Page 29: Seat Adjustment, Mower Blade Removal, Control Lever Adjustment

    Warped Blade (Replace) Straight Blade Comparison of Warped and Straight Blades Figure 9-8 Cutting edge Twisted Blade Edge (replace) Cutting Plane Cutting edge Straight Blade Edge End view of blades, comparing twisted and straightened blades Figure 9-9 Mower blade removal Use a 15/16"...

  • Page 30

    Upper Weight adjusting control control Forward/rearward travel lever Figure 9-12 Cap screws Lumbar control Lower lever Figure 9-13 Figure 9-14 602223_0609...

  • Page 31

    Hustler Z4 48/54/60 Maintenance Schedule Refer to Fig. 4-15 WEEKLY SERVICE AT OR 50 INTERVALS INDICATED HOURS Verify safety start interlock system Visually inspect unit for loose hardware and/or damaged parts Visually inspect tires Check oil level, engine (1) Clean air intake screen (8) Check fuel level Blades - sharpen &...

  • Page 32: Maintenance Locator Chart

    Hustler Z4 48/54/60 Maintenance Locator Chart 602223_0609 Maintenance Locator Chart Figure 9-14 1. Engine Oil Fill & Dipstick 2. Fuel Filter 3. Engine Air Cleaner 4. Engine Oil Drain Plug 5. Battery 6. Fuel Tanks 7. Hydraulic Oil Expansion Tank 8.

  • Page 33

    9-10 602223_0609...

  • Page 34

    HUSTLER Z4 TROUBLESHOOTING SYMPTOMS PROBABLE CAUSES Steering control levers not in park brake position or switch not adjusted Deck clutch switch engaged Weak or dead battery Starting motor does not crank Electrical connections are corroded or loose 20 amp fuse is blown...

  • Page 35: Product Literature

    7. Check oil filler cap and fuel tank cap to make certain they are securely in place. If you would like to view or print a copy of the Hustler Z4 product manuals go online to and click on the MANUALS button.

  • Page 36: Table Of Contents

    INDEX Anti-scalp wheels ......3-9 Belts ........4-5 Children .

  • Page 37


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