HUSTLER 927053 Owner's Manual

Hustler lawn mower owner's manual.
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  • Page 2: General Information, Warranty Registration, To The New Owner, Model And Serial Number, Parts And Service

    Photographs and illustrations used were current at the time of printing, but subsequent production changes may cause your machine to vary slightly in detail. Hustler Turf Equipment reserves the right to redesign and change the machine as deemed necessary, without notification. If a change has been made to your machine which is not reflected in this operator’s...

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  • Page 4

    ● Such repair, including parts and labor shall be at the expense of Hustler Turf Equipment, and, e. Hustler Turf Equipment provides a limited warranty for the entire length of ownership by the original purchaser for the following items: ●...

  • Page 5

    LIMITATION OF REMEDIES In no case shall Hustler Turf Equipment, be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages based upon breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence, strict liability in tort, or any other legal theory.

  • Page 6: Safety Precautions, Safety And Instruction Decals

    This safety alert symbol is used to call attention to a message intended to provide a reasonable degree of PERSONAL SAFETY for operators and other persons during the normal operation and servicing of this equipment. DANGER – denotes immediate hazards which WILL result in severe personal injury or death.

  • Page 7

    Avoid skin contact with battery acid. Always wear eye protection when checking the battery, acid can cause serious injury to skin and eyes. If contact occurs, flush area with clean water and call physician immediately. Acid will also damage clothing. Do not allow open flame near the battery when charging.

  • Page 8

    601967 WARNING: Fire! • Clean flammable material from machine. Prevent fires by keeping engine compartment, top of deck, exhaust area, battery, hydraulic lines, fuel line, fuel tank and operator’s station clean of accumulated trash, grass clippings, and other debris. Always clean up spilled fuel and oil.

  • Page 9

    601791 601791 ATZ Only Part Number 601791 WARNING: Read Owner’s Manual and decals before attempting to operate this machine. WARNING: Roll over! • Mow a safe distance (minimum of 10 feet) away from drop-offs, retaining walls, drainage ditches, embankments, water, and other types of hazards to avoid a wheel dropping over the edge or to avoid the ground from breaking away.

  • Page 10

    Hustler Z/Super Z/ Hustler Z Shibaura Diesel Only ROPS Part Number 601635 601656_1108 WARNING: This structure’s protective capability may be impaired by structural damage, overturn, or alteration. If any of these conditions occur, this structure must be replaced. WARNING: Rollover •...

  • Page 11

    Hustler Z/Super Z/ATZ Only Part Number 601980 Hustler Z Shibaura Diesel Only Part Number 601790 A - Fast B - Slow C - Choke D - Mower blade engage/disengage switch E - Ignition switch - insert key F - OFF G - ON or ON/GLO Plug H - If warning light comes on, check engine oil I - Before starting the engine:...

  • Page 12: Slope Guide

    Use this diagram when determining the degree of slope to be mowed. F (25 ) - Hustler ATZ only E (15 D (10 C (5 1. Hold this sheet of paper in front of you. Make sure that line A is horizontal. 2.

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  • Page 14: Safe Operating Practices, Slope Operation, Using A Ramp

    Safe Operating Practices Some of the following safety instructions are from ANSI Standard B- 71.4-2004 while others are specific to the Hustler Mid Mount Z line. This product is capable of amputating hands and feet and throwing objects. Always follow all safety instructions to avoid serious injury or death.

  • Page 15

    ▲ Keep all movement on slopes slow and gradual. Do not make sudden changes in speed or direction. ▲ Avoid starting and stopping on a slope. If tires lose traction, disengage the blades and proceed slowly straight down the slope. ▲...

  • Page 16: Control Panel, Control Panels

    (run) position. When the lever is pulled up, the choke is in the on (start) position. Do not operate the machine in the on (start) position. NOTE: The choke control is not used on Models 927053 & 927061 or any diesel powered models.

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    temperature. If the coolant reaches an unsafe level during operation, shut down the machine as soon as possible. Never risk continued operation when the gauge needle is in the high range; high temperatures can severely damage the engine. Never risk continued operation when light remains on: high temperatures can severely damage the engine.

  • Page 18: Safety Start Interlock System, Stopping The Engine

    Safety start interlock system The tractor is equipped with a safety start interlock system consisting of the park brake switches, seat switch, and deck clutch switch. Check tractor safety start interlock system daily, prior to operation. This system is an important tractor safety feature. It should be repaired immediately if it malfunctions.

  • Page 19: Moving Tractor With Stalled Engine

    Hustler Z shown Bypass valve Figure 3-7 Bypass valve Super Z shown Figure 3-8 Shibaura Diesel shown Bypass valve Figure 3-9 Moving tractor with stalled engine If it becomes necessary to move the tractor when the engine is inoperative, the hydraulic pumps are equipped with bypass valves. Before moving the unit, turn bypass valves counter clockwise one-half to one revolution.

  • Page 20

    ROPS post Hustler Z Shibaura Diesel shown Figure 3-11 WARNING: Always wear your seat belt unless the tractor is not equipped with a ROPS or if the ROPS is folded down. In this case, the seat belt should never be worn. WARNING: To minimize chance of injury or death from rollover: keep ROPS in the raised and locked position and use the seat belt.

  • Page 21: Operating Suggestions, Driving The Tractor

    FRONT OF TRACTOR FACES THIS DIRECTION FORWARD TRAVEL ZERO DEGREE TURN N = Neutral Position Direction of arrows indicate direction of tractor movement. WARNING: The ROPS structure’s protective capability may be impaired by structural damage, overturn or alteration. Do not remove or alter any of the ROPS parts. Do not attempt to weld or straighten ROPS.

  • Page 22

    Three point turn Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Neutral Right control lever Left control lever Figure 3-15 601656_1108 Figure 3-16 Use the control levers to control ground speed rather than engine rpm. Keep blades sharp. Many professional mowing companies have additional sets of blades and change blades twice a day: once in the morning and again at noon.

  • Page 23: Anti-scalp Wheels

    Stop handle Figure 3-17 Anti-scalp wheel Figure 3-18 If the machine’s forward motion must be stopped while mowing, a clump of grass clippings may drop onto your lawn. To avoid this, move onto a previously cut area with the blades engaged. WARNING: Never direct discharge of material from mower deck towards bystanders.

  • Page 24

    Tilt seat switch Figure 3-20 601656_1108...

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  • Page 26: Torque Values, Safe Servicing Practices

    Safe Servicing Practices This product is capable of amputating hands and feet and throwing objects. Always follow all safety instructions to avoid serious injury or death. Service ▲ Unless specifically required, DO NOT have engine running when servicing or making adjustments to tractor. Park the machine on level ground.

  • Page 27: Electrical System, Hydraulic System

    The recommended pressure are: Drive wheels...8-12 psi (55-83 Gauge wheels ...8-12 psi (55-83 Solid fill tires are not recommended for Hustler turf equipment. On any machine, with solid filled tires, the warranty claim will be denied. Lubrication Use SAE multi-purpose grease.

  • Page 28: Fuel System, Engine Oil And Filter

    Change hydraulic system filter element after first 50 hours of tractor operation, then replace filter and oil in reservoir every 500 hours thereafter. Fig. 4-2 The system filter is located in front of the hydraulic reservoir. A standard oil filter wrench is used to change filter, threads are right handed. Use a Hustler approved filter element only.

  • Page 29: Engine Air Filter

    Priming bulb Figure 4-5 hours on a Hustler Z Shibaura diesel unit), per the engine manufacturer’s recommendations after that. If tractor is being operated in extremely dirty conditions, then it is recommended oil be changed more frequently. Engine air filter Perform engine air filter maintenance per the Service Interval chart shown elsewhere in this manual.

  • Page 30: General Engine Maintenance

    Reset button Figure 4-9 air to pass. The mowing conditions will determine the frequency of air filter element changing. Air restriction indicator Some Hustler units have an air restriction indicator installed in the air cleaner. Fig. 4-9 Replace the element whenever the restriction indicator reaches the change filter red line.

  • Page 31: Mower Blade Maintenance, Control Lever Adjustment, Mower Blade Removal

    Use a 15/16" wrench to remove the 5/8" cap screw holding the blade to the spindle shaft from underneath. NOTE: A blade holding tool (part number 381442) is available from Hustler Turf Equipment. It is designed to prevent the blades from rotating when they are being removed or installed on the spindle.

  • Page 32

    Upper control lever Cap screw Lower control lever Figure 4-15 601656_1108...

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  • Page 34

    Hustler Z/Super Z/Hustler ATZ Maintenance Schedule Refer to Fig. 4-16, 4-18, 4-19, 4-20 & 4-21 WEEKLY MONTHLY ANNUALLY OR SERVICE AT OR 50 INTERVALS INDICATED HOURS Verify safety start interlock system Check coolant level Visually inspect unit for loose hardware and/or damaged parts Visually inspect tires Check oil level, engine (1) Clean air intake screen (8)

  • Page 35

    1a. Engine Oil Fill & Dipstick (Kawasaki & Honda) 1b. Engine Oil Fill & Dipstick (Kohler) 2a. Fuel Filter 2b. Fuel Filter (927053 & 927061) 2c. Fuel Filter (Kawasaki liquid cooled) 3. Engine Air Cleaner 4. Engine Oil Drain Plug 5.

  • Page 36

    Viewed from right side of tractor Viewed from bottom of tractor 601656_1108 1. Engine Oil Dipstick 2. Fuel Filter 3. Engine Air Cleaner 4. Engine Oil Drain Plug 5. Battery 6. Fuel Tanks 7. Hydraulic Oil Reservoir 8. Hydraulic Oil Filter 9.

  • Page 37

    Hustler Z/Super Z/ATZ Rear Discharge Deck Maintenance Locator Chart Rear discharge deck Hustler Z/Super Z/ATZ/Hustler Z Shibaura Diesel Rear Discharge Deck Maintenance Locator Chart 1. Deck Pusher Arm Zerks (2) 2. Deck Belt 3. Spindle Housing Zerk (3) 4. Blades Figure 4-18 Figure 4-19 1.

  • Page 38

    XR7 Deck Maintenance Locator Chart 54”/66”/72” XR7 deck 1. Deck Pusher Arm Zerks (2) 2. Deck Belt 3. Spindle Housing Zerk (3) 4. Blades 60” XR7 deck Figure 4-20 601656_1108...

  • Page 39

    Hustler ATZ Maintenance Locator Chart ROPS not shown for clarity 10. Engine Oil Filter 11. Deck Height Pivot Zerks (4) 12. Park Brake Switch 13. Drive Tire 14. Pump Idler Zerk (1) 15. Pump Belt 16. Hydraulic Oil Heat Exchanger Viewed from bottom of tractor Figure 4-21 1.

  • Page 40: Troubleshooting

    Hustler Z/Super Z/Hustler Z Shibaura Diesel/Hustler ATZ The majority of operating problems that occur with a system can be traced to improper adjustments or delayed service. A consistently applied preventative maintenance program, as outlined in the maintenance section of this manual, will prevent many problems. The following chart is designed to help you locate a problem by suggesting probable causes and the recommended solutions.

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  • Page 42: New Season Preparation, Preparation Of Engine For Storage, Product Literature

    When storing the unit at the the end of the mowing season, the following steps should be taken to ensure readiness for the next mowing season. 1. Remove all grass, dirt, and trash from tractor and mower. Clean tractor and mower and touch up all scrapes with Hustler spray paint. 2.

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  • Page 44: Table Of Contents

    INDEX Anti-scalp wheels ...22 ATZ tilt seat ...22 BAC-VAC mounting ...22 Belts ...29 Children...14 Control lever adjustment ...30 Control panels ...15 Controls ...16 Cooling system...29 Deck cutting height adjustment...22 Driving the tractor ...20 Electrical system ...26 Engine air filter ...28 Engine oil and filter...27 Engine (diesel) starting ...17 Engine (gasoline) starting ...17...

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