Mincer; To Assemble; To Use The Mincer - Kenwood MG700 series User Manual

Mg700 series
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power unit
locking lever
attachment outlet
on/off speed control
ring nut
mincer screens: fine, medium,
mincer body
feed tube
storage unit for kebbe and
sausage adaptors

to assemble

1 Fit the scroll inside the mincer body.
2 Fit the cutter – cutting side
. Ensure it's seated
properly – otherwise you
could damage your mincer.
3 Fit a mincer screen
over the pin.
Use the fine screen for raw meat;
fish; small nuts; or cooked meat for
shepherd's pie or meat loaves.
Use the medium and coarse screens
for raw meat; fish and nuts.
4 Loosely fit the ring nut.

to use the mincer

1 With the mincer attachment in the
position shown
outlet. Rotate the mincer body so
that the feed tube is upright.
2 Tighten the ring nut firmly by hand.
If you experience poor results when
mincing meat, switch off and unplug
the machine. Dismantle and clean
the attachment, then re-assemble
the attachment and refit to the
power unit. Tighten the ring nut
using the spanner provided
. Put the notch
, locate in the
3 Fit the tray. Put the dish/cover under
the mincer to catch the food.
4 Thaw frozen food thoroughly
before mincing. Cut meat into
2.5cm (1") -wide strips.
5 Switch to speed 2. Using the pusher,
gently push the food down the feed
tube, one piece at a time. Don't
push hard – you could damage
your mincer.
Speed 1 is for extruding sausages,
kebbe and for use with the optional
If the machine stalls or overheats
during use, it will stop mincing and
emit a quiet humming noise. In the
case of a stall, switch the machine
off, then turn the control to R (reverse)
for a few seconds to release the
clogged food. Switch off and unplug
the machine and remove any clogged
material. However, if the machine
overheats, switch the machine off and
allow it to cool down for 1 hour
before continuing the mincing
When selecting reverse, always wait
until the machine stops operating
before turning the speed control to
the reverse (R) position.
6 Switch off and unplug after use.
7 Loosen the ring nut. If necessay use
the spanner provided.
8 Move the locking lever towards the
back of the unit, then rotate the feed
tube towards the front of the
machine, then pull free.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents