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Hunter 33222 User Manual: Important Safety Instructions

Evaporative humidifier.
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rEad and saVE THEsE insTruCTions

important safety instructions:

read all instructions before
using this humidifier.
1. This humidifier may not work properly on an
uneven surface. alWaYs place this humidifier
on a firm, level, and water resistant surface.
alWaYs place the humidifier at least six (6)
inches away from walls and heat sources such
as stoves, radiators, or heaters.
2. alWaYs place the humidifier in an area that
is out of the reach of children.
3. Before using the humidifier, extend the cord
and inspect for any signs of damage. do noT
use the product if the cord has been dam-
4. This product has a polarized plug (one blade
is wider than the other) as a safety feature.
This plug will fit into a polarized outlet only
one way. if the plug does not fit fully into the
outlet, reverse the plug. if it still does not
fit, contact a qualified electrician. do noT
attempt to defeat or override this safety
How The Care Free
The Care Free
Humidifier plus Evaporative
Humidifier has a unique patented design with
several innovative features:
• Low Maintenance – other humidifiers have
paper filters that need to be replaced every
few months. our exclusive permaWick™ filter
saves time and money. it's designed to last
season after season, saving up to $45 a year.
no wet paper odors either.
• Regulated Release™ System – By dispersing
water from the top of the permaWick™ filter,
stagnant water around the permaWick™ filter
is eliminated, and the buildup of mineral
residue that can clog the filter and impede
performance is eliminated. noTE: The filter
has a coating on the wick which may make it
appear old or used, but is actually new.
41553-01 01/03/2008
Evaporative Humidifier Works
5. alWaYs unpluG and EMpTY the humidifier
when it is not in operation or while it is being
6. do noT tilt or move the humidifier while it is
in operation. never move the humidifier while
there is water in the tank. Empty the water
tank, turn off, and unplug the unit before
7. in addition to routine maintenance which
may be required, this humidifier requires
seasonal cleaning. refer to and follow ClEan-
inG THE HuMidiFiEr and THE WaTEr TanK
8. This unit is designed to be used with distilled
and/or tap water. do noT add scented oils,
perfumes, or fragrance additives to the wa-
Thank you for purchasing The Care Free
Humidifier plus Evaporative Humidifier by
Hunter Fan Company. please read and save
these instructions to receive the maximum
benefit and performance from your humidi-
Humidifier plus
• Built-in Antimicrobial Properties – The plastic
parts and the permaWick™ filter have built-in
antimicrobial properties to inhibit the growth
of bacteria, mold and fungi that may affect
these parts.
noTE: This product contains antimicrobial
properties which are built-in to inhibit the
growth of bacteria which may affect the plas-
tic and permaWick™ filter in the humidifier.
These properties do not extend to the water,
humidified air or users. Conduct routine
cleaning and maintenance based upon use
and individual conditions.
• No White Dust – The Care Free
fier plus Evaporative Humidifier produces no
white dust that can settle on furniture or be
© 2008 Hunter Fan Company

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