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Setting The Readout High Limit; Controller Display Messages; Draining The Unit; Controller Default Settings - HP Refrigerated Recirculating Chillers Operator's Manual

Refrigerated recirculating chillers powerful cooling microprocessor controller digital set & read with high flow centrifugal pump, positive displacement pump or turbine pump
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3.4 Setting the Readout High Limit

This feature limits the readout setability so the operating temperature setting cannot easily be set
above the High Limit you select. It is not an over temperature feature which shuts off the chiller.
To set the readout High Limit:
Press and hold the Set/Menu button until the display reads "UNITS".
Turn the Setting Adjustment knob until the display reads "HI-L".
Press the Set/Menu button, enter the desired value using the Setting Adjustment knob.
Press Set/Menu and the display will again read "HI-L". The Setting Adjustment knob can be
turned to access another menu option or you can wait until the entered value has been
accepted. When the value is accepted, the degree light will stop flashing and the fluid
temperature will be displayed.

3.5 Controller Display Messages


3.6 Draining the Unit

Press the Power Off button and unplug the chiller. Remove drain plug and reservoir cap and allow
unit to drain. Syphon or use a small manual pump to remove all fluid from the reservoir.
Run the unit intermittently (5 to 10 seconds each time) to pump the water from the system. Stop
pumping when the fluid is reduced to a trickle. Running for a longer period will cause damage to the
positive displacement pump. Open the reservoir and use suction or a hand pump to remove any
remaining water.
Prior to storage or shipping: Water MUST be removed from ALL parts of the chiller system, or
an ANTIFREEZE must be added to insure that internal damage does not occur.

3.7 Controller Default Settings

To return to the factory default values:
Press and hold the Power On button, then turn off at the circuit breaker.
Still holding Power On, hold the Set/Menu button while turning the unit on by the circuit breaker.
The controller will display "DEF" and go to the standby mode.
Your set temperature and other settings will have to be reset.
--Normal Screens--
Standby mode. Unit plugged in. Power switch OFF, rear circuit breaker on
Power up self test displayed when power button initially pressed on
--Menu Screen--
Change to °F or °C
Limits operating temperature setability
--Error Screens--
Triac (alternistor) failure
Displayed when chiller is reset to factory default settings
--Optional Equipment (Flow or Float Switch)--
No Flow
Low Level Fluid



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