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Loading The Top Rack; Loading The Silverware Basket; Loading The Bottom Rack - Frigidaire Frididaire Use & Care Manual

Tower wash system


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Preparing and Loading Dishes

Loading the Top Rack

The top rack is designed for cups, glasses, small
plates, saucers and bowls.
Load glasses in top rack. Damage may occur if
placed in bottom rack.
Load plastic items in top rack only. Melting may
occur if placed in bottom rack.
Load items with open ends facing down for better
cleaning and draining.
Damage may occur if delicate items touch each
other during dishwasher operation.
Long-handled knives and utensils can be placed in
top rack.

Loading the Bottom Rack

Place plates and platters so that they do not
Place bowls, casseroles and sauce pans with the
soiled surface facing down or toward the center.
Tilt slightly for better drainage.
Be sure pan handles do not protrude through the
bottom of the rack and block the spray arm
Do not block
tower protector.

Loading the Silverware Basket

Mix spoons, forks and knives to prevent nesting.
Mixing items gives better cleaning and drying.
For safety, load sharp knives and forks with
handles up.
Be sure nothing protrudes through bottom of
basket or rack to block the spray arm.
Do not mix silver and stainless to avoid damaging
the silver finish.
Note: Silverware basket may vary by model.

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