Fujitsu Modular Floppy Disk Drive Installation And User Manual


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F u j i t s u
C o m p u t e r
S y s t e m s
Modular Floppy Disk Drive
Installation and User's Guide
This guide contains information on installing,
removing, and using your Modular Floppy Disk
Drive with your Fujitsu computer.
We recommend that you read this document
before using the floppy disk drive, even if you are
already familiar with portable computers and


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Summary of Contents for Fujitsu Modular Floppy Disk Drive

  • Page 1 F u j i t s u C o m p u t e r S y s t e m s Modular Floppy Disk Drive Installation and User’s Guide I N S T R U C T I O N S...
  • Page 2 INTRODUCTION Your modular floppy disk drive installs in the system’s Flexible Bay. The proper connection of your modular floppy disk drive is determined by the computer’s power state when you connect the floppy disk drive (system suspended, running, or off).
  • Page 3 Cold-swapping To cold-swap modular devices in your Flexible Bay follow these easy steps: (Figure 1) 1. Close any open files. 2. Shut down your LifeBook notebook. 3. Pull out the Flexible Bay eject lever. This will push your device out slightly, allowing you to remove the device. 4.
  • Page 4: Hot Swapping

    Be careful when aligning and seating devices in the bay. If the fit is incorrect, you may damage the bay or the device. If the device does not move easily in the bay, remove it, and check for dirt or foreign objects. It will require a firm push to latch the device in place.
  • Page 5: Using The Floppy Disk Drive

    USING THE FLOPPY DISK DRIVE Loading a Disk To load a disk into your disk drive, follow these steps: 1. Orient the disk so that its label is facing upwards and the shutter side is pointing towards the drive (see Figure 2). Eject Button Floppy Disk Drive Access...
  • Page 6: Preparing A Disk For Use

    2. Press the Eject button. This will push your disk partially out of the drive. 3. Remove the disk. If you eject the disk while the Floppy Disk Drive Access indicator is on, there is a risk of damaging the data on the disk, the disk itself, or even the disk drive.
  • Page 7 Write Enabled Rear View of Disk Write Protected Figure 4. Floppy Disk Write Protected Formatting a floppy disk that already con- tains data will erase all of the information on the disk.
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Table of Contents