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GE GSD5200 Owner's Manual page 9

Ge dishwashers owner's manual
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Silverware Basket
Put flatware in the removable basket with knife handles up to protect your
hands. Place spoons in the basket with handles down. Mix knives, forks and
spoons so they don't nest together. Distribute evenly. Small plastic items,
such as measuring spoons and lids from small containers, should go in the
bottom of the silverware basket with silverware on top.
Lids can be assembled to either end of the silverware basket to contain small
Don't let any
items. To assemble an end lid, place the outer lid stud into the hole on the
item extend
outside of the silverware basket. Then place the inside lid stud into the inner
through bottom.
hole in the silverware basket. Repeat for other side if desired.
The silverware basket can be placed in the front, right side or back of the
lower rack.
The accessory basket (on some models) can hold small items such as baby
bottle nipples, plastic lids and corn cob holders. It can hang from the top hoop
of the upper rack along the right side or it can also hang on the right or left side of
the lower rack. When hanging the accessory basket on the right side in the upper
rack, make sure the top is closed and nothing is sticking out.

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