Don't Forget To Register; Getting Help; Pixel Policy - HP Pavilion SLC3200N Warranty And Support Manual

37 inch / 32 inch & 26 inch lcd high-definition television with digital media receiver
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Available languages

Available languages

Don't Forget to Register!

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Getting Help

HP provides expert advice on using your HP TV or solving
problems whether your product is in or out of warranty.
Support options and availability vary by product,
country/region, and language.
The following resources are available to help answer
questions or resolve issues:
1 Reference your product Start Here Guide or the User's
Guide for information on setup and general
2 HP e-Support offers instant access to support
information and helpful tips, 24 hours a day, seven days
a week. You can also send e-mail to our online support
technicians to help resolve any issues. These services
require access to the Internet. To learn more, visit our
Customer Care Web site at:
3 HP Total Care is available toll-free by phone 24 hours
a day, seven days a week. HP can diagnose product
issues and coordinate a repair if necessary. A repair
covered by the limited warranty is free during the limited
warranty period. After the warranty period, you will be
quoted a repair cost. HP Total Care can be contacted at:
1-(800) 474-6836 [1-(800) HP invent].
When you call, please have your TV model number,
product number, serial number, and date of purchase
available. Telephone support is free during your limited
warranty period.
Write Down Important
Information About Your TV
Please take a moment to write down your product
information for future reference. You will need this
information if it is necessary to contact HP for support. A
sticker on your TV has the first three items printed on it.
Model Number: ______________________________________
Product Number: _____________________________________
Serial Number:_______________________________________
Product Name: _______________________________________
Purchase Date: _______________________________________

Pixel Policy

The LCD display panel is manufactured using highly precise
technology; however, occasionally some of the tiny pixels of
the panel may stop working properly. This is common with
LCD displays used in any television and is not specific to this
Pixels not operating properly are categorized into two types.
Dark pixel: when a pixel appears as a dark spot against
a bright background.
Bright pixel: when a pixel appears as a bright spot
against a dark background.
A very small number of malfunctioning pixels are allowed
under product warranty.
HP recommends using a qualified installer for wall-mounting
your TV. Damage resulting from a custom installation is not
covered by this product warranty. The warranty may not
cover uninstalling or reinstalling a wall-mounted or custom-
installed TV for warranty service. The TV must be removed
from the wall or recessed area before a warranty service
technician arrives to repair or replace your TV.
Visit HPshopping at for
information on HP installation services.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents