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NEC MULTEOS Series Brochure & Specs

Multeos series; multisync 20 series


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Nec MULTeOS Series
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Technical characteristics and innovations


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  • Page 1 Guide Tech LCd Public displays Nec MULTeOS Series Nec MultiSync 20 Series ® Technical characteristics and innovations...
  • Page 2 With their high resilience, robust construction and technical characteristics they beat conventional flat-screen TVs hands down. NeC’s public displays in the MuLTeOS series as well as in the MultiSync ® NeC’s visual display solutions are more than mere hardware. excellent product...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Public displays in everyday use NeC public displays compared to flat-screen TVs Numerous options CAT 5 receiver, Built-in PC, (Hd)Sdi card, dVi daisy chain board Panel technologies innovative technologies for the best image reproduction Variety of connectors HdMi, Scart signals, Windows Vista , interface variants ®...
  • Page 4: Public Displays In Everyday Use

    The maximum continuous stress these devices have been the temperature of the display at a constant level so that even in extreme designed to operate under is only ten to twelve hours. However, NeC’s public operational environments longevity is assured. Alternatively, the innovative displays have been designed for reliable operation over long periods of time.
  • Page 5 – whether as an eyecatcher in a “stand-alone“ solution or integrated within a bespoke installation. The higher initial investment cost of NEC’s public displays, as compared with commercial flat-screen TVs, rapidly pays for itself. A maximum degree of flexibility NeC’s public displays are genuinely multi-functional monitors and almost...
  • Page 6: Numerous Options

    PC, a CAT 5 receiver, an Hd Sdi board or a A fully integrated modular solution without any cabling has been developed dVi daisy chain board. for NeC’s public displays with an option slot. Removing the need for external power supplies and external equipment has both aesthetic and practical advantages.
  • Page 7 NeC display Solutions‘ built-in PC, NeC’s public displays with an option slot can be equipped with a fully functional PC – all fully integrated An expressCard slot for the use of, for into the display without cabling or an external power supply.
  • Page 8 The card contains a stereo audio function, as well as a loop-through function with reclocking & equalising at up to 1.485 Gbits/seconds. using the option slot it can be completely integrated into the NeC public display – without any cabling or external power supply.
  • Page 9: Panel Technologies

    The design and construction of the public display needs to be as professional as possible in order to achieve the best possible panel operation. NeC The special structure of the public display panel guarantees problem-free display Solutions therefore places the greatest importance on, for example, operation of the display in portrait-mode installations –...
  • Page 10: Hdmi Port

    Variety of connectors HdMi port interface variants HdMi = High definition Multimedia interfaces (1.0). A digital The connection variants of NeC’s public displays in the MultiSync 20 series ® audio and video port, best known in the AV world, based and the MuLTeOS models are as variable as the range of their applications: on TdMS and compatible with dVi.
  • Page 11: Security / Reliability

    20 series and the ® MuLTeOS series contain respectively two or three fans which can be adjusted to switch on at a user-defined temperature limit. As soon as the selected temperature limit is reached within the monitor, the fans automatically switch on to cool the display back down to the user-defined desired temperature.
  • Page 12 Free choice of id Many LCd panels on the market have a more-or-less open design. This allows dust to penetrate into the panel which can lead to imperfections. The NeC MultiSync ® every display can be assigned its own freely-selectable id. With multi-screen...
  • Page 13 The public displays can be secured against theft with the help of a PiN code bination so that unauthorised users can’t change the settings. accessed via the On Screen display. using the OSd function diSPLAY PROTeCTiON – CHANGe SeCuRiTY PASSWORd an individually chosen NeC’s public display models MultiSync LCd4020, MultiSync LCd4620 and ®...
  • Page 14: Colour Management / Colour Accuracy

    ® of the monitor Gamma selection • NeC GammaComp Md Software – for the specialised calibration of the display to reproduce screen content in the medical standard (more accurate than the pre-installed diCOM mode). NeC’s public displays already have pre-set gamma values (native, gamma 2.2, gamma 2.4 and S-gamma) to guarantee excellent screen image repro-...
  • Page 15: Medical Applications

    ® diCOM standard enables the exchange and viewing of the same image infor- 20 series and MuLTeOS series public displays will be able reproduce image mation on different output devices with the same inherent image content and content calibrated to the diCOM standard, which is even more exact than the quality.
  • Page 16: Multifunctionality / Flexibility

    Multifunctionality / Flexibility Perfect integration possibilities Various forms of image reproduction NeC’s public displays can be perfectly integrated into every kind of Parallel forms of image reproduction offer many possibilities for additional environment. information or data, e.g. the simultaneous playing of advertising spots and •...
  • Page 17: Video Walls

    This ensures an excellent and uniform distribution of colour and brightness, even over long time periods. Slim bezel design The NeC MultiSync 20 series comes with ® an extremely narrow bezel. This really puts...
  • Page 18: User Friendliness

    All the main categories have been assigned to individual, The remote control for the MultiSync 20 series as well as the MuLTeOS series easily-recognised menu icons. ® included in this are the main- is distinguished by its elegant, silver-coloured design and comprehensive menu entry and the sub-menu.
  • Page 19: Digital Noise Reduction

    Picture modes The equipment supports movement-independent de-interlacing on a pixel Various picture modes are available for NeC’s public displays to optimise the basis for formats ranging from 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i as well quality of the picture reproduction with respect to the image content.
  • Page 20: Product Specifications

    Product specifications NeC MultiSync 20 Series ® Technical specifications LcD4020 LcD4620 LcD5220 LcD6520L LcD6520P Panel Technology S-PVA TFT S-PVA TFT S-PVA TFT ASV TFT ASV TFT Active Screen Area (W x h) [mm] 885.2 x 497.6 1018.4 x 572.5 1152 x 648 1428.4 x 803.5...
  • Page 21 Product specifications NeC MuLTeOS Series Technical specifications MULTeOS M40 MULTeOS M46 Panel Technology S-PVA LCd S-PVA LCd Active Screen Area (W x h) [mm] 885.6 x 498.15 1018.1 x 572.7 Screen Size [inch/cm] / Aspect Ratio 40.0 / 102.0 / 16:9 46.0 / 117.0 / 16:9...
  • Page 22: Accessories

    Built-in PC solutions in different versions (mid version with 800 MHz Celeron Pedastal CPu / high version with 1.66 GHz Core duo CPu) suitable for NeC display‘s option slot. interfaces: 3 x uSB, dVi-i output, RJ45, expressCard slot. For excellent support of the display in booth installations.
  • Page 24: Technical Support

    Tel. +49 (0)89 99699-0, Fax +49 (0)89 99699-500 Errors and omissions excepted. Copyright NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH. June 2008. All rights are reserved in favour of thier respective owners. Information was deemed correct at the time of printing, but ist subject to change without notice.

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