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Pair And Connect Your Speaker Using Nfc; Clear The Pairings - Nokia MD-12 User Manual

Portable wireless speaker
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2. Switch Bluetooth on in your device, search for Bluetooth devices, and select the speaker from the
3. If necessary, type in the passcode 0000.
When the speaker is connected, the Bluetooth indicator light flashes slowly.
The next time you switch the speaker on, it automatically connects to the last connected device. To
switch to another previously paired device, first close the active connection in your connected device.
If the connection is lost, the Bluetooth indicator light flashes twice repeatedly.

Pair and connect your speaker using NFC

If your device supports Near Field Communication (NFC), it's easy to pair your speaker.
Before pairing, unlock the phone screen and make sure NFC is switched on in your compatible device.
Tap the NFC areas of the speaker and the device together. The device connects to the speaker
automatically. If the speaker is switched off, it switches on before connecting.
Tip: To reconnect a previously paired device, tap the NFC areas of the device and the speaker
together. The speaker closes the active connection before reconnecting.
To close the connection, tap the NFC areas together again.
For more info on NFC, see the user guide of your device.

Clear the pairings

If you want to clear all the pairings and settings, restore your speaker to the factory settings.
Make sure the speaker is switched off.
Press and hold the multifunction key for more than 8 seconds.
The battery indicator light flashes green and red and the speaker goes back into pairing mode.
After you've cleared the pairings, you must pair the speaker before you can use it again.
If you want to pair with the same device after clearing the pairings, also clear that pairing in the other
device before pairing again.
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