Sony HVR-MRC1K Brochure & Specs

Sony HVR-MRC1K Brochure & Specs

Memory/hard disk recording unit
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  Summary of Contents for Sony HVR-MRC1K

  • Page 1 HVR-MRC1K Memory Recording Unit HVR-DR60 Hard Disk Recording Unit click:
  • Page 2 *1 i.LINK is a trademark of Sony used only to designate that a product contains an IEEE 1394 connector. Not all products with an i.LINK connector speed fi le transfer to a computer. It is possible to record will necessarily communicate with each other.
  • Page 3 HYBRID Recording The HVR-MRC1K and HVR-DR60 provide a HYBRID recording capability by which images are recorded to tape and non-linear media simultaneously. HYBRID Format HYBRID Media It is possible to record video in HD and SD formats HYBRID recording allows you to use two different types of simultaneously.
  • Page 4: Product Outline

    HVR-MRC1K File Type Memory Recording Unit For HDV1080i recording The HVR-MRC1K is a memory recording unit kit which consists of the HVR-MRC1 memory recording M2T file unit, HVRA-CR1 cradle, cold-shoe adaptors and an This is a file created by the HVR-MRC1 or i.LINK (IEEE1394) cable.
  • Page 5 HVR-MRCK and HVR-DR60 Common Features ✜ ✜ ✜ Versatile Recording Modes Control Buttons Three recording modes can be selected to support The HVR-MRC1 and HVR-DR60 are equipped with various camcorder models and operational needs. buttons that provide control for functions such as record, play, stop, next and previous.
  • Page 6 72 min. 16 GB *8 At least 133x speed and 2-GB capacity is required. The Sony NCFD8GP and NCFD16GP CompactFlash cards are recommended. With other commonly-used CompactFlash Attached on the HVR-Z5U cards, there may be rare occasions when data will not be recorded correctly depending on the products.
  • Page 7 HVR-MRC1K Features ✜ Independent Use With xx_nnnn_YYYY-MM-DD_HHMMSS.extension the Supplied Cradle (e.g., 01_0001_2007-10-01_134510.M2T) The HVR-MRC1 can be used as an external This is a two-digit number (00 - 99) that you can recording unit, just like the HVR-DR60, by attaching set via the “CAM No.” menu of the HVR-MRC1. This the supplied cradle that has an i.LINK connector,...
  • Page 8 HVR-DR60 should continue to record stably even camcorder batteries HDV operators already have when dropped from as high as 39 3/8 inches at hand. (100 cm) (based on Sony's testing). ✜ User-free Area The HVR-DR60 has a user-free area of...
  • Page 9 HVR-DR60 Features ✜ File Name and Folder Structure The HVR-DR60 creates a folder (e.g., “100HDVF”) HDVF 100HDVF when recording begins, and stores recorded video • HDV10001.M2T (2GB) within it as a movie file (e.g., “HDV10001.M2T”). • HDV10101.M2T (4GB) Any subsequent files divided FAT32, are 101HDVF •...
  • Page 10: Overview Of The Functions

    Sony Recording Unit Utility This software can be downloaded from Sony’s website free of charge. It allows you to transfer the files on your HVR-DR60 and CF card to your Windows-based PC with ease. It can connect M2T files, that were divided by FAT32, back together, and it will rename HVR-DR60 files to the same style as those from a CF card during transfer.
  • Page 11 ® Sony Recording Unit RAD Plug in For Final Cut Pro 6 (Macintosh) Preview area Thumbnails Transfer Queue area Log and Transfer window For Quick File Import to Final Cut Pro M2T and DVCAM/DV files stored on the HVR-DR60 To Use the Log and Transfer window and the CompactFlash card of the HVR-MRC1 can 1 Choose Final Cut Pro >...
  • Page 12: Specifications

    VCT-1BP HVR-MRC1K HVR-DR60 © 2008 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. All non-metric weights and measurements are approximate. Sony, DVCAM, i.LINK, InfoLITHIUM and Vegas are trademarks of Sony.

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