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Emission Control System
Source of Emissions
The combustion process produces carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, and
hydrocarbons. Control of hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen is very imppr-
tant because, under certain conditions, they react to form photochemical
smog when subjected to sunlight. Carbon monoxide does not react in the
same way, but it is toxic.
Honda utilizes lean carburetor settings and other systems to reduce the
emissions of carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, and hydrocarbons.
The U.S. and California Clean Air Acts
EPA and California regulations require all manufacturers to furnish written
instructions describing the operation and maintenance of emission control
The following instructions and procedures must be followed in order to keep
the emissions from your Honda engine within the emission standards.
Tampering and Altering
Tampering with or altering the emission control system may increase emis-
sions beyond the legal limit. Among those acts that constitute tampering are:
Removal or alteration of any part of the intake, fuel, or exhaust systems.
Altering or defeating the governor linkage or speed-adjusting mechanism
to cause the engine to operate outside its design parameters.



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